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Yakitori Kintori

We really enjoyed our dinner at Yakitori Kintori on their opening night. The food and atmosphere was casual and fun. Personal favourites were Sasame with Wasabi, the Beef with Scallion sauce and both the Negi (Scallion) and Brussels Sprouts veggie skewers. I recommend this place!

Looking for good recommendations in Yorkdale/Downsview/Keele area...

^exactly as food tourist describes. They are pretty inexpensive and filling. Our favourite in the city for both taste and fun service is @ Tita La Guanaca on St Clair between Oakwood and Dufferin (at Glenholme just east of Boom Breakfast).

Looking for good recommendations in Yorkdale/Downsview/Keele area...

Pupusa Loka on Wilson east of Keele.

Windsor, Ontario Restaurants

Hi there,

Nothing fancy but when I used to spend time in Windsor I was very find of the Shawarma Palace. Also a fan of Bubi's for burgers and the Penalty Box for their chicken delight sandwich.


Bday dinner in Thornhill

Hi there,

You could try Mezza Notte at Disera and Centre. It's a safe yet unspectacular choice. Personally I love the food at Abruzzo's, and they recently expanded but I don't think I would call the ambiance and decor very special occasion friendly. It's more geared to the lunch crowd by design.

The only sushi places we eat at up here are the AYCE joints but I wouldn't really say any one in particular is special or noteworthy.

Lunch in Romford

I'm partial to Robin's Pie & Mash in the Quadrant Arcade. The fishmonger next door sells really fresh cockles. I find the chicken shish skewers at Express Kebab near the station to be decent. Morris' Pasties on Western Road is a decent little cafe. I used to be partial to Bekash Tandoori on Victoria Road until I discovered Cranham Tandoori in nearby Upminster. Other than that nothing else jumps out at me in terms of local suggestions.

Oct 16, 2013
jeremyh1 in U.K./Ireland

Lunch Options (Airport Area)

Lots of decent choices around the airport. When I used to work there I frequented the following places.

Zets (Airport Rd)
Fantastic souvlaki and greasy spoon food.

California Sandwiches (Dixie N of 401)

Asian Wok N Roll (Airport and Derry)

3 great choices in the plaza at Goreway and Derry

Mr Jerk
Simmas (has a new name, right next to Mr Jerk)
The Kebob (Great Pakistani Kebobs)

Switzers Deli (Torbram N of Derry)

That's all I can think of for now.

Birchmount & Sheppard

I enjoy the beef shawarma on whole wheat with everything on it from Johnny's Shawarma NW corner of Kennedy and Ellesmere. It's a decent price at just over 5 bucks.

3 days in Toronto for a late 20 s couple. Looking for local favorites!

Try the Queen and Beaver Pub on Elm St, it's within walking distance of your hotel.

Also recommend spending a night in Little Italy which is a short streetcar ride along College St west of Bathurst. Little Italy has lots of neat little bars and restaurants. Sidecar and Kalendar are two personal recommendations for a nice meal in that area.

Enjoy your visit.

Hamilton to Oakville late night

Montfort on Brant St south of the QEW is open late. Very tasty shawarmas and their signature Montfort Chicken. Highly recommended.

Shoom Shoom = Tasteless

Hey there,

I haven't been to Shoom Shoom in a while but I have noticed that they started off very strong in their first couple of years and were always packed and now it seems they have gone downhill and are not quite busy (hence the need for constant 2 for 1 email and group buying offers).

Also just to clarify they are NOT an Iranian restaurant. They are attempting to be an Israeli restaurant (not sure if the owners are from Israel but I'm pretty sure they are Jewish) in the mold of Me Va Me.


Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

This thread is useless without referrals to Duff's... "Chicken Wings" can and do mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. However, if you want a taste of "Buffalo Wings" then I would suggest Duff's. I've been to a few various Buffalo wing joints (Anchor, Duffs @ Sheridan & Millersport, Cobblestone Bar) and I can verify that the GTA Duff's are spot on. I do like Anchor for the flavour however I personally enjoy the Duff's (Millersport & Sherdan) flavour a tad more due to the increase in heat. In terms of proper chicken wings in the GTA there is only one place that prides itself on the original idea of half Franks and half butter and that place happens to be Duff's. That said I do enjoy the Anchor Bar flavours a tad more than Duff's however the closest one is now apparently in the Hammer. Long live the original Buffalo Wing :-)

Day Trip to Buffalo - Review


I fail to see in my post where I indicated that we had less than an amazing time?!

My friend I went with had never been to Buffalo and he wanted to try the ORIGINAL restaurants where the local specialties were first sold.

As I said in the original post we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Perhaps next time I will try Charlie the Butcher and Gabriel's Gate but the purpose of this trip was to hit the original restaurants.

Thanks for reading anyhow.


Any great sandwiches or takeaway lunch bites in Burlington?

I am a fan of Montfort, a middle eastern place on Brant St. south of the 403. Their Montfort Chicken sandwich is fantastic. Chicken breast, pineapple and creamy garlic sauce.

Moe Pancer's Reno

New spot is good. Same food as pre-sale Moe Pancers. Same waitress even. The location is in a new strip plaza and the restaurant has somewhat of a warehouse feel to it. But you don't go there for fine dining you go for awesome deli and they have it up there on Dufferin.

Moe Pancer's Reno

Another dingy deli in the area is Wolfie's on Sheppard west of Bathurst. Can't say I've been there in the last 10 years but from what I remember it wasn't awful.

And for the record I haven't been to Pancer's since the ownership change. I go to the new spot up at Dufferin and Major Mack.

Day Trip to Buffalo - Review

Did a day trip to Buffalo from Toronto with a good chef pal who owns a restaurant here in Toronto. He had never been to Buffalo before and the idea came about during a recent wing night.

Aside from quite the border crossing ordeal we had a fantastic day out in Buffalo and I figured I'd recap our day on here.

First stop was Schwabl's to get their Beef on Weck. It was my second time there. Started with a plate of anchovies which seemed pretty good although I am not expert. The lemon juice we squeezed on top cut the saltiness very nicely.

As for the sandwich itself it was very good. Bun was a bit salty at times especially around the edges were there was less beef. Horseradish was intense and really brought the sandwich together. The beef itself was quite nice, colour, juice and flavour were all there.

We decided to go do the typical Torontonian thing and walk around the Walden Galleria Mall. We stopped in to the Cheesecake Factory as neither of us had ever been there. We shared a slice of cherry cheesecake which was fantastic. Very creamy and rich. The slight sour note of the cherry topping helped cut the rich, creamy and sweet notes.

After that we browsed the Tops grocery store nearby just to see the different products that you don't find up here in Toronto.

Dinner was at Anchor Bar. This was my 4th or 5th time there. The Genesee Cream drafts (only $3) went really well with the food.

We ordered and shared 20 medium wings, an order of onion rings and a small pepperoni pizza which we ordered well done.

Wings were good, never tried their mediums before as I had always ordered hot. The flavour was fantastic. I have been to Duff's in Amherst and all 3 Toronto locations and can't really say which I prefer as they are both different. I like Anchor Bar for what it is, not as saucy but fried just right and the flavour in the sauce is just fantastic. I imagine Anchor uses more butter in their preparation as the sauce isn't as thick or hot as Duff's.

Onion Rings were perfect, fried crispy and juicy inside and quite sweet. No ketchup required.

Pizza was phenomenal, my 2nd time having a pizza from Anchor Bar. We ordered it well done and the small pepperonis came out perfect and crisp. The pizza really stands out as it's not reminiscent of a typical Toronto pizza at all.

To finish we went and had a cone each at Anderson's Frozen Custard on Sheridan. Vanilla Frozen Custard very rich and thick, way better than your typical fast food soft serve.

So in all it was a nice day out in a cool city well worth a day trip if you want to eat some distinct regional food.

Thanks for having us Buffalo!