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Thai Cooking Classes in DC/Silver Spring?

Sawatdee. Just got back from Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok). I like Thai food even more after the vacation (and I liked it a lot before I went). I would appreciate any recommendations for a good Thai cooking class in the DC area. I live in Silver Spring.

Where can I buy lard near Silver Spring, Maryland?

I am trying to make something using someone's grandmother's pie crust recipe, which calls for lard. But I am having trouble finding any. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to get good quality lard. Thanks.

Silver Spring, MD

Where can I get some good scones and crumpets (for Royal Wedding party)?

I will be hosting an evening Royal Wedding viewing party and would like to find a good place to get scones, crumpets, or any other Bri'ish foods. I live in Silver Spring. Thanks.