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Robert Irvine's Second Restaurant Closes

Just poking my head in to say I figured you were goofing with the Ooze and Schmooze names until I looked at the link. I think I could go into marketing now -- "Stay at Super8 after your meal at Ooze!"

Lemon thief

Those roof rats are the damnedest things. We had 'em a couple of years ago and were baffled by the "bald" Meyers. A few minutes with Google solved the mystery. The rats then went elsewhere as quickly as they'd arrived and haven't been back.

Jan 20, 2015
monfrancisco in Gardening

increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?

I'll take them over the tummy-sketty-sammie contingent any day.

Side dish ideas for fried chicken and waffles as the main

You should hear it around here when I bring out my fluted removable tart bottom (Julia voice optional).

Washing Chicken Correctly Very Important

Maybe we could use the discussions on the chicken-ick!

Jan 17, 2015
monfrancisco in General Topics

Pat peeves as a guest at a dinner party?

Not exclusive to dinner parties, I realize, but I really don't like buffet service. The awkward shuffling in line when you can't really converse, the not knowing if the flatware is at the end of the line or you just didn't see it at the beginning, the people ahead of you who debate and fuss and pick and marvel, the platter with something you want that's missing a serving spoon next to the one with stuff you avoid that has two, the all-but empty platters (I usually try to be toward the end of the line), on and on. I'm not a brat (really) and it certainly doesn't ruin my evening, but it's not my preference.

Mandatory municipal composting: how do you handle your food scraps?

"Counterintuitive" is letting them off easy! I've been saying "mind-boggling." We have two tenants in our building, one ancient guy and one couple from out-of-state. I'm sure all of them thought I was losing my mind when I explained all of this the first time, and the diagram from the scavenger company didn't help much (although it let me off the crazy-hook).

Jan 04, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Mandatory municipal composting: how do you handle your food scraps?

I hear ya. Some years ago, I finally came up with storing the scraps in a waxed milk or orange juice carton. These are both okay for the "green" can in San Francisco. It still takes up real estate (as do the three carts outside, up from one in the olden days), and obviously won't work for people who get their milk or juice in other kinds of jugs but I'm happy with it. I keep it on the floor next to the "garbage" (not recyclable, not compostable) garbage can. It's kind of unsightly I guess, but at least I've had no problems with smells or leaks.

Jan 04, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Tell me about your first time making something

Oh oh oh -- Julia's Creme Caramel. The caramel just had me all twisted, due to completely misunderpating the instructions. I was about 12. Then when I went to unmold it (after, say, four hours of chilling when she says, I think, six and I now leave it in the fridge overnight) it all kind of fell apart. My father, for whom I'd made it since it was one of his favorites, was nice enough to say that most people probably ended up with a mess on the plate on their first try. Me, tearfully: "But that's what I have..."

It tasted fine, and before too long I could make it in my sleep.

TV cooking show pet peeves

I can't grab the remote fast enough when that starts up!

Accommodating a Party Guest-What is Reasonable?

It seems to me that the only win-win option is to tell him the party starts later than it does, but since you've already issued the invitation I don't really know how you'd manage that.

If a well-meaning conversation would fix it, he'd be fixed. And how does encouraging him to eat before-hand or giving him his own sandwich take care of a guy who can plow through a pan of lasagne?

Difficult situation all the way around, especially since he seems to be an otherwise great person. Hope it somehow works out!

Dec 31, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Cocktail party eats -- a report

Extraordinary! Wow! I've been thinking you're pretty much top-drawer after making and eating (and making and eating!) your chocolate cake, but this is just remarkable. And thanks so much for the recipes and when-to/how-to notes. I probably would have embarrassed myself (like the big-eater guy on another thread) had I been there. Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

May I vent? (living with a reasonably Chowish person who isn't quite a Chowhound..)

All of this sounds very familiar! I would opt for the Silent Sigh & Settle option, for a number of reasons too dull to go into here. I'll just add that I have been sent back to the hardware store forthwith when I didn't grok a spec in all its glory and utility.

Dec 28, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Accused of shoplifting!

My local Whole Foods (San Francisco) has a prominent sign at the entry that reads "Please Don't Shop in Your Bag, Use Our Carts." Or something similar. It took me the longest time to figure out what they were getting at.

Dec 23, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Accused of shoplifting!

That's why we shoplift so successfully!

How to deal with Queen of the Boards?

I can only say that refusing to post back as a personal-discipline-thing kind of works for me (especially since I always get 'schooled' if I do), but I'm definitely with you on the BP spike. How one person can be from any number of states, speak numerous languages, be proficient in most cuisines, have done note-worthy work in a variety of fields (including but not limited to economics, child psychology, geo-politics, direct sales, and world history), and have children of all sorts of ages while managing to constantly post on Chowhound is beyond me. You'd think the UN or the MacArthur pople would be on the trail. But I'm a lazy fuck, and generally end up chuckling once I get over my mad. Thanks so much for your post!

Pear desserts

Pear clafoutis! Easy, easy, and delicious! I like Patricia Wells' recipe, but it's a pretty simple formula so you could probably find any number of takes on it. I used to work with a guy who had a prolific tree and I made numerous clafoutis from the bounty. My sweetheart and I would just stand in the kitchen and finish it off out of the pan. These days, I make it occasionally and eat it like a civilized person.

Whoops! Cross-posting, but all to the good!

Dec 21, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Let's ban the word GUYS!!!

And S Epatha Merkerson was the mail guy. (Sorry, couldn't help it. Too tempting.)

Dec 04, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

So Far I've Made (from Thanksgiving leftovers):

A bit of lemon juice or white wine or vermouth, or I guess, some mild vinegar. Makes a huge difference!

Nov 29, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Need a better bechamel (and/or mornay), not gloppy

Another thought is to make a veloute instead -- stock or broth instead of milk. Still nice and lush, but not so heavy. I do this for Tetrazzini, a pan of which I see in my near (post-TG) future.

prune cookbook

I read an excerpt from the "Blood" book, have been following Tipsy Baker's (really enjoyable blog) Hamilton posts, and read the interview with her in yesterday's NY Times. I gotta say she sounds like an unpleasant piece of work, but at the same time I admire what she's accomplished. Maybe it's time I took a look at the cookbook for myself!

Nov 24, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Water conscious methods for hand washing dishes

Okay, he's a bitter individual with a twisted sense of, well, everything, but have you read Paul Theroux's Kingdom by the Sea? I know it's twenty-plus years old, but his bewilderment-cum-nastiness toward wallpaper on the ceiling still makes me chuckle. An outsider's perspective, I guess. But you're the expert.

Nov 22, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Class A Cottage Operations - any advice?

...never mind...

Nov 18, 2014
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Whoops! Beat two eggs instead of yolks only in my cookie dough.

They're now out of the oven and cooled. I just went ahead with what I had (lazy), and what I ended up with is "cakies" (as you all anticipated) more than cookies but they taste fine and they're just for us chickens, not intended to be brought anywhere, so no harm. Once again, thanks for cluing me in.

Now, of course, I have an even bigger yen for the real deal!

Whoops! Beat two eggs instead of yolks only in my cookie dough.

Yes, you are both correct. Given these two responses, I'm going to flip a coin, head to the kitchen, and report back. I really appreciate the help, thank you.

Nov 07, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Whoops! Beat two eggs instead of yolks only in my cookie dough.

They're going to be raspberry bars (I hope) made by spreading a layer of shortbread-y-dough, topping with jam and then spreading with another layer of dough. I thought it seemed a little loose, and then it occurred to me why. Nuts! Is there a fix, or do I just cross my fingers and proceed? I've made them a million times, correctly, and really like 'em. Many thanks!

Nov 07, 2014
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Top Chef Boston - Ep. #3 - 10/29/14 (spoilers)

As long as we're off-topic, I have many fond memories of Gladden as a terrific lead-off hitter for my Giants, and was bummed when he went to the Twins and the Series. So I would have recognized him on TC!

Cocktail Party for Charity Etiquette

Maybe I'm more prickly than most, but I think there's an implicit suggestion that others don't give on their own and that your cause is the bestiest-of-the-best. I'd find it a bit sanctimonious, myself.

Top Chef Boston - Ep. #3 - 10/29/14 (spoilers)

All the way around, an outstanding post. Just wanted to add something more than a Hello Kitty Heart (to cop from another poster). Oh, and, I learned in fourth-grade US history about the origins of the origins of the taste for coffee vs tea here, so it's hardly obscure.

Guest Calling the Shots

I started to write something similar a while ago, but PattiCakes ended up saying it better. Thanks! The only thing I would add is that if he's a "straw that stirs the drink" type person, who gets others to lighten up and engage more, then maybe it's not a bad thing. If not, if he's kind of an overbearing jerk, then not.