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Pronunciation-checked at Penzey’s

And I'm pretty sure that in many parts of the English-speaking world, it's "come-in." I'm a "coo-min" myself, although I hear it both ways. Similar to see-lahn-tro vs sill-aan-tro, maybe. Although I won't be eating that in any case.

about 20 hours ago
monfrancisco in Not About Food

How to invite friends for dinner, where everyone pays for their own food?

I agree with everything you say, with maybe a couple of provisos: Mentioning general prices can be a way of managing expectations (if the place is higher than usual for a specific type of food, say) or pointing at the fact that you don't intend to pick up the check.

Apr 21, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Who owns the leftovers?

Unmarked, it's first-guy-in. Marked with painters' tape and a skull-and-cross-bones (leftovers for MY breakfast, ingredients for a future meal, mise-en-place, and so on), look out. And there're just two of us!

Lemon Glaze

My perennial best is Thanksgiving (not your holiday, I would guess, but anyway) cranberry sauce made, stuffed in the icebox, and forgotten about until the next day when the leftover raid begins. Years into it, someone usually pipes up during dinner. Somewhere along the line, the words Damn It are heard.

Apr 20, 2015
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

Wedding reception food/questions. Professional input welcome....

Sounds like a great bash! As to the caterer vs fast-food-guy question, I have zero experience here (not that that'll stop me), but two opinions: 1) It's a family celebration, and I would think any caterer should be open to the idea that particular long-time favorites would be featured; and 2) there's a recent post around here that mentions a coconut-loving gal getting served a (sliced, plated, and sauced) Sno-Ball at a Rawther Fancy restaurant because there was nothing coconutty on the menu. All of which is to say, bring on the sandwiches.

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

But what if it's mined by Francisco d'Anconia? Does that make it better or worse? Need to know before the plane leaves.

Japanese restaurant salad dressing

This is the one that scratches my itch:

I've only made the dressing (love it!), can't speak to the rest of the recipe.

Apr 13, 2015
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

What's your ??????????

In the olden days, you could call the Time Lady at SOS-TIME. So I think I'll give 707-8463 as my phone number next time I'm asked.

In the slightly-less olden days, the guy at my local store reflexively asked for my phone number when I wrote a check. I would say "You always ask but you never call!" Hilarity ensued.

lasagne vs ziti

Not rude at all. Sensible. Especially since if there's no oven room, the LASAGNE might have to be 86'd for something that's served at room temp. I'd frame it as, "My X is really better than my Y, so how about that instead?" or "I just got through a freezer full of Y, mind if I bring X?" but that, obviously, is just me.

I think it's maybe not rude but certainly kind of demanding to micro-manage a contribution that far. Pasta dish? Fine. Five-cheese ziti with kale not spinach? Yer pushin' it.

Manners Manifesto

Are you double-jointed? Damn good 'point', though. You just made me chuckle amidst my dinner preps, thanks!

Manners Manifesto

Here are my theories, based on never understanding and never having had an explanation:
--It looks "hoggish" or is possibly unpleasant to people near you
--It's yet another example of parental sovereignty
Neither of these make complete sense to me, but that's the best I have.

Mar 15, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

How to eat frugally?

Off topic, but big fan of the McCourt brothers here.

Mar 15, 2015
monfrancisco in General Topics

Manners Manifesto

I enjoyed the essay, especially since Tamar Adler generally strikes me as someone who makes Alice Waters look like a slacker. A bit high on the ethereal scale. The list of behaviors not tolerated at her childhood table is almost identical to the one I was raised with (although with less dire consequences in my case). It has served me well, and the reminder made me smile.

Mar 15, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Do You Bother With Q&A Posts?

A: No.

(Okay, I think I did once when it was new and I didn't quite get it and its limitations.)

Mar 13, 2015
monfrancisco in Site Talk

In Bakery Break-in, Only Recipes Are Taken

I'm not wild about pointing fingers (because so very often I am wrong!), but the photo of the binders full of empty plastic sleeves struck me as off. Wouldn't a burglar just grab the binders and go? When I embark on my life of recipe crime, that'll be my approach.

recipe help: almond cake/bar cookie?

This has got to be the most-bang-for-your-buck recipe in history. So good and so simple! They just disappear around here.

Mar 04, 2015
monfrancisco in Home Cooking

32 Hungry Boys

Take a look at this thread:

Lots of ideas, and a great read. I do miss mamachef around here.

Is dessert optional?

Seems to me that inasmuch as many people ask about dietary needs and preferences when issuing an invitation, right there is the opportunity for the No Dessert for Me crowd to pipe up. But I guess the Needs and Preferences people reserve the right to sound off before, during, and for all I know after.

Feb 28, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

dinner host responsibilities

If your host follows the convention of ordering last, how do you know if her choice will be the chicken breast or the Spend-O-Matic steak? Or the iced tea as opposed to the double Pappy? I order mid-menu both because that's usually where my preferences lie anyway and because it's the polite thing to do. I guess the pre-ordering chatter might give a clue, but it all seems pretty nebulous to me.

Feb 23, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

For Musician Jack White, Any Old Guacamole Just Won't Do

Good job! Didn't know if I had a syntax-stickler around or not. Great, and funny, advice in any case.

For Musician Jack White, Any Old Guacamole Just Won't Do

Hah! Poor composition on my part -- I meant the band.

For Musician Jack White, Any Old Guacamole Just Won't Do

Here's my sort-of off-topic question: Many of the comments suggest that the rider is a canary-in-coal-mine-type indicator, that following it (or not) indicates overall attention to detail. So, when your mashed guac with tons of cumin and zero tomatoes arrives at 5:00, a few hours before show time, what exactly are you supposed to do?

Not liking small plates, tapas trend.

And sometimes hipness is what it ain't! Never enough opportunities to throw in a Tower of Power reference.

Feb 09, 2015
monfrancisco in General Topics

Health care surcharge...what do you think?

Picking a nit here -- you do not have to collect it. You do, however, have to pay it.

Feb 09, 2015
monfrancisco in Not About Food

Inexpensive and small wedding desserts

Thanks. Napkins do solve a number of my table-related problems!

Inexpensive and small wedding desserts

Seriously (not being a jerk) -- how do you eat those neatly? I'm kind of a sloppy eater and in my wedding-going duds, I wouldn't go near those.

Robert Irvine's Second Restaurant Closes

Just poking my head in to say I figured you were goofing with the Ooze and Schmooze names until I looked at the link. I think I could go into marketing now -- "Stay at Super8 after your meal at Ooze!"

Lemon thief

Those roof rats are the damnedest things. We had 'em a couple of years ago and were baffled by the "bald" Meyers. A few minutes with Google solved the mystery. The rats then went elsewhere as quickly as they'd arrived and haven't been back.

Jan 20, 2015
monfrancisco in Gardening

increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?

I'll take them over the tummy-sketty-sammie contingent any day.

Side dish ideas for fried chicken and waffles as the main

You should hear it around here when I bring out my fluted removable tart bottom (Julia voice optional).