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My own private North End -- a report

great! i'm sorry to be slow in reply. contact me here: I look forward to it.

My own private North End -- a report

this is _amazing_. can we talk? i'm a writer and i would like to do a piece on you and this report.
617 616 5112. thanks!

tapas near copley/park street

any cheap joints in this area?

wanted: dark cozy irish pub

last night we wanted one but, being new to boston, couldn't find one. i would like suggestions for all over town -- cambridge and somerville too, so that when the urge strikes, we can be prepared. last night, fyi, the meltdown of pub radar resulted in a burger at chinatown's only gleaming german beer hall.

dark and cozy are musts. please be explicit in describing the darkness and coziness.

thank you chowhounders!

whereart thou, poached eggs?

tell me of some great poached eggs 'round boston.

thanks chowhounders!

Help: Central Square & cheap & ethnic

I'm newish to the area and I want something good, cheap & ethnic in Central Square tonight. I heard something about a Tibetan restaurant there. But I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks chowhounders!