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One delicious night in Austin

My husband and i are heading to Austin for a night to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We were married in Austin and it's one of our favorite cities. We will have a breakfast, lunch and dinner there and I am looking for suggestions. Sadly we have started planning late, (we are going this weekend) and a couple of restaurants that I have checked are already booked. Any suggestions for some good last minute food? Happy with whole in the wall to high end, though we aren't looking to break the bank on all 3 meals. We enjoy all cuisines and interesting foodie combinations though I wouldn't mind a great filet either.

Any suggestions are appreciated - thanks!


Aug 28, 2012
pilgrimsojourner in Austin

couples weekend in Scottsdale

thank you for all of the great suggestions. We are going next weekend and are so ready! I have already made reservations at Cowboy Ciao & Herb box. Haven't heard back from FnB. Will call back in a bit. Our friends have requested some Asian options. Any good Thai, Japanese/ sushi, Indian. I feel like I read about an interesting Japanese spot but now I can't find the info - thanks!

Cowboy Ciao
7133 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

7133 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

May 20, 2011
pilgrimsojourner in Phoenix

couples weekend in Scottsdale

We don't really have a budget but perhaps less than $75/per person each day would be good. Thanks for your help!

Apr 28, 2011
pilgrimsojourner in Phoenix

couples weekend in Scottsdale

We are heading to Scottsdale over Memorial Day weekend and leaving our (combined) 7 children behind. We are staying at the Intercontinental Montelucia from Friday to Monday. I am trying to plan 3 breakfasts (at least one will be at LGO, it's tradition), 3 lunches and 2 dinners. My husband and I love good, interesting food but don't love to spend a fortune to get it. Our friends love good food as well but are not "foodies".

Any suggestions on spots we must try, not too far from where we are staying, that won't break the bank or scare our friends?

I know that's a tall order. Thanks in advance for the help!

Apr 28, 2011
pilgrimsojourner in Phoenix

birthday dinner for 5 year old in Carlsbad - any ideas?

We are taking my son to legoland for his 5th birthday along with my parents, 6 year old daughter and 1 year old son. I have only stopped by Carlsbad once before to see the flower fields so I'm pretty ignorant about local dining. We are probably going to be too tired after legoland to travel too far but I was hoping there was a local spot that kids love. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance!

Apr 18, 2011
pilgrimsojourner in San Diego