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Help...gluten-free in DC!

I live in San Francisco but will be in DC in a few weeks. I used to live in DC but wasn't gluten-free at the time. I need to find a few GF-friendly options for brunch and lunch/dinner, ideally in the district but one or two in Virginia would be ok as well. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated! And, thanks in advance for your help!

Jan 04, 2013
erinmargaret in Washington DC & Baltimore

ISO: A Celebratory Lunch Spot in Downtown San Jose

I'm a bit of a foodie and well, I'm in a pickle. I need to host a celebratory lunch for 10 colleagues in a few weeks and well, I don't know San Jose restaurants. Ideally, I'd like a spot near 280 or in the general vicinity of downtown SJ. Anything near Hamilton Ave. or Meridian Ave. would be great! A non-chain restaurance with good fresh food, maybe even some tables outside is what I'm looking for!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

May 24, 2012
erinmargaret in San Francisco Bay Area

Farm-Table Restaurant in Belltown/Pike Place area?

Hiya. I'll be in Seattle next Friday-Saturday. Have time for one great dinner. I prefer restaurants with fresh ingredients, simple settings, good ambiance for a dinner spent catching up with friends. I'll be in the Belltown/CBD/Pike Place area - would prefer a restaurant nearby...Terra Plata? Sitka & Spruce?

Thanks in advance!

Apr 01, 2012
erinmargaret in Greater Seattle

Asian Food in Vancouver

Hello. My bf and I are total foodies with a preference for healthier, lighter cuisine. We'll be in Vancouver for two nights and would love some recommendations for Chinese food and sushi. We won't have a car so Richmond is out of the question although yes, I hear that is where to go for the really good Chinese food. Thanks in advance for your recs! Oh and we'll be staying at the Westin Grand to give you a sense of our starting point...

Mar 30, 2012
erinmargaret in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Rome in May on a budget

I'll be staying with friends in Trastevere...good question and thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Apr 18, 2011
erinmargaret in Italy

Tapas crawl in Madrid?

I love Madrid (used to live there and would move back in a minute) but could use a little refresher on the best places for tapas. I'll be in town for two nights (from a Friday-Sunday) with two close friends. We'd like to spend one evening wandering from one tapas establishment to the next. Ideally we could also find a balance between Madrid specialties, Asturian and Galacian places and a few Andalucian offerings. Any suggestions? I have been to Calle Alta/Brava before but cannot remember specific places there. Would be up for any part of the city though we're staying near the Plaza Mayor.

Thanks in advance!


Apr 17, 2011
erinmargaret in Spain/Portugal

Rome in May on a budget

I'm going to Italy for the first time in May for seven days. Rome will be my base as I am planning to visit friends there. I appreciate a good meal but do have somewhat of a budget for the trip. I tend to prefer vegetable, seafood and poultry-based meals. Wine, desserts and coffee are a must every day for this trip. I've seen a lot of fine-dining restaurant suggestions for Rome but am looking for the more everyday amazing type restaurants, places locals know about (if these kind of places still exist). I would prefer great food over white linen tablecloths. Any suggestions for restaurants I might check out? As a second question, I'd also love to check out some outdoor markets - places where I can buy fresh produce to then cook at friends' houses. Thanks in advance for any and all ideas!


Apr 17, 2011
erinmargaret in Italy