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What to do with leftover coffee?

I live in a household that hates reheated coffee with a passion. As a result, whenever leftover coffee gets cold, it's thrown away. Any suggestions for using leftover coffee for cooking?

Jan 25, 2012
sistrgoldnhr in Home Cooking

Ruined my juicer bottom.... whoops.

Last week, I accidentally let my Krona Norpro stainless steel juicer run out of water in the bottom portion, which completely ruined it. The top two portions are still fine, but I'm having trouble finding just the bottom for sale online. I've contacted the manufacturer but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know of a good resource or website where I could find one?

Oct 18, 2011
sistrgoldnhr in Cookware

Red Currant jam not jelling

Question for someone who has made red currant jam at home - I tried to make a batch with some frozen red currants we had from last year, using a black currant recipe. Unfortunately, the jam is remaining liquidy. We tried adding fruit pectin, but still no luck. With black currants, I haven't had any trouble - does anyone know why this is happening? Any advice?

May 14, 2011
sistrgoldnhr in Home Cooking

Greek Recipes - what goes with dolmades?

I'd like to make some vegetarian dolmades this week... what are some good Greek or Greek-inspired recipes, both main and side dishes, that I could serve with them? (They don't necessarily have to be vegetarian.)

Apr 19, 2011
sistrgoldnhr in Home Cooking