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Advice for lunch near Rome's main tourist sights

Thank you for these suggestions and advice. It is looking like we may go to the Vatican twice - once for the Scavi tour and a different day for the Vatican museums so we may end up eating near the Vatican twice. We will definitely try Romeo at least once. Do you think I need a reservation there for a weekday in Feb? I will either make a reservation at Armando al Pantheon for our arrival day or be sure to have a list of a few restaurants in the vicinity so we will be able to find a place if Armando is full.

Jan 17, 2013
seaalice in Italy

Advice for lunch near Rome's main tourist sights

Thank you all for these suggestions. Do I need to make reservations for lunch at these places or should we be able to walk in?

From looking up Pierluigi, it seems to specialize in seafood - I'm not sure if we will want that for lunch. Do they also have good pasta? I assume for lunch on Sat. we would need a reservation, is that right?

Jan 14, 2013
seaalice in Italy

Advice for lunch near Rome's main tourist sights

I will be in Rome with my teenage DD for a week next month. We will be visiting the main tourist sights and I want to try to plan out in advance exactly where we will have lunch to avoid the trap of just going to a convenient touristy place because we are tired and hungry and not sure where else to go. From my research so far I have found the following recommendations:
Near the Colosseum: Cafe Cafe
Near the Borghese Gallery: Arlu or Colline Emiliane
Near the Vatican: Romeo; Sorpasso; Pizzarium
Near the Pantheon/Piazza Navona: Osteria del Sostegno; Ponte e Parione; Trattoria Antonio; Vino e Camino; Costanza; Renato e Luisa; Armando al Pantheon

We are staying near the Pantheon and will probably want to eat dinners within walking distance which is why I have collected a few restaurants in that area.

We are looking for good standard fare - pastas, pizza, etc - nothing too fancy. Any advice or other suggestions greatly appreciated. Should I plan to make reservations for both lunch and dinner in advance or can we do it once we arrive? I do want to have a good place planned for our lunch on the day we arrive - maybe Armando since it has gotten such good reviews. Is there a place near the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish steps if we wander over there on our first day? From past experience, we are likely to conk out before dinner on our arrival day so I do want to plan a nice lunch. We arrive on a Saturday.
Thanks in advance.

Jan 12, 2013
seaalice in Italy