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Chinese Sesame Paste (Queens, Nassau)

Funny you should ask....Last week ( or so) Sam Sifton reprinted a recipe for sesame noodles in the NYT mag section. I hadn't made it in ages so , on thursday, I went to V & T in Hempstead...and I can't find it.....I remember the MFG as Lan Chi and they had other condiments from that source but not sesame seed paste. They did have what Lan Chi called " Chinese salad Dressing" which I thought odd and cute...But I ignored it. After walking the aisle for the third time, I stopped to read that label. Lo and Behold it had only one ingredient: Sesame Seed!! How could this not be Sesame Seed Paste? Also, the three characters you listed are on the label but in the reverse order.

I haven't had the chance to open the jar yet, but I'm pretty certain its the real deal.
So, there you go....can't make this stuff up.

Aug 15, 2015
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

C & L Imperial, Flushing


Thanks for the additional info....can't wait to try some of the rec's that were described.

Aug 09, 2015
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

C & L Imperial, Flushing

We were on our way for soup dumplings at Kung Fu on Main St., off of the LIE. But without AC, it was a no-go. A few doors down was a place I'd wanted to try after Sam Sifton wrote about Three Cup Chicken a few months ago. I'd made the dish several times many, many moons ago but it never got in the rotation b/c it was too elaborate for simple school nite, mid-week dinners with ( at the time) small kids. After a recent Kung Fu visit, I say the dish listed here. So, we went with plan B. Ordered the Three Cup and a shrimp dish. Loved the Chicken dish. It was very savory but with really no sauce. My recipe i remember having a good deal of sauce. Nonetheless, it was really good. By the way we only two of four caucasians in a packed place (Sat. Nite, 7-7:30). When we left there was a small mob waiting for tables.

Aug 08, 2015
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

Omakase in Nassau County?

Hello Erica,

As a matter of fact, thanks to you and some others, have recently "discovered" Taka and have been there several times. Will explore their Omakase in the next week or so.


Omakase in Nassau County?

Any suggestions would be appreciated or is a visit to NYC necessary?

Long Island Good Eats 2014 in Review

Here goes w/o any special order....For the record, our kids are in Astoria and Prospect Heights so we tend to gravitate there. When on L.I.:

Hamburgers- Majors in East Meadow....IMO a very good burger....we usu do it as a take-out

Ditto on V&T for pork buns and MP Taverna for interesting Greek

Lazzat- We ate there last winter and froze our butts...never went back

Mineola- Biscuits and BBQ for S. Fried Chix , Fried bacon, and other Southern, Cajun, N.O. preps.

Pizza-Pietro's in E.M.....Only for the sesame seed crust pizza

Fortune Wheel-As good as Flushing and half the distance...Thank goodness for FW

Arata Sushi-Syosset....Only went once, recently....Met friends so could not really concentrate on food but it was interesting and very good

Metro Manila--Front st., EM....Only went once but it was good....Filipino

Pho Maxia-Westbury.....Liked the Bahn Mee...otherwise so-so....Chefs are Chinese??

Indian- Southern Spice, New Hyde Park....For my $$$, best Indian on L.I....Spicy!!!

New Chilli & Curry-Hicksville.....Spicy!!! Like the Chinese dishes...that's what I see the South Asians mostly ordering

Ben's- Garden Cty....Love the deli, hate the sticky floors

Curry and Spice, EM...used to be a regular...less so since new owners...Most recently , they've added a hot table with 5-6 dishes, one of which is Butter Chix...will try ASAP

That's more or less it

Nassau County

I agree that Nassau has few really good and interesting restaurants. We really don't eat out locally that much as a result. When we do, I agree with the suggestions made by and large by emarcus. That said, I haven't been to Southern Spice since they moved out from Flushing; New Chili and Curry we like a lot altho we tend to order from the Chinese side rather than the Indian. In my experience, most South Asians do not eat Indian out. They're eating Chinese food as it is usually prepared in India. We also like Yamaguchi. For hamburgers we go to Major's in East Meadow. For Chinese, We like The Orient in Bethpage and Fortune Wheel in Levittown; Both serve good Cantonese that is harder and harder to actually find in Flushing. Waiting for D. Meyer to open Shake Shack in the new Mall in Westbury. For fish, its Arties in Oceanside.That's about all I can think off....its depressing. For interesting food we tend to go to Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan in that order.

Charlotte for the Convention.

Actually, I'm one of those left in the lurch. Need suggestions for today in Charlotte. Ate at Kings Kitchen last nite and had Dan the Pig man for lunch. Have looked at 5church for tonite. But would like add'l options. Taking the lite rail into town so will not have wheels there; thus uptown is where we'll be. Also, will be looking at Halcyon and Harvest moon Grill. Any suggestions welcome

Thanks, again , in advance Toby1355

Sep 06, 2012
mtobias1355 in Southeast

Asheville, NC to Charlottesville, Va

Thinking of the Blue Ridge Highway from Asheville to the Va border, then 77 to 81.

Sep 02, 2012
mtobias1355 in Mid-Atlantic

Charlotte for the Convention.

We'll be in Charlotte for the Convention. We'll be staying in Gastonia. Any suggestions especially regional specialties would be appreciated. Not really interested in Italian, seafood or Asian.

Thanks in advance Toby1355

Sep 01, 2012
mtobias1355 in Southeast

Asheville, NC to Charlottesville, Va

We'll be driving from Asheville to Charlottesville next week. Any suggestions for well prepared, if possible, local/regional specialties are welcome. Not really interested in Italian, seafood, or Asian.

Thanks in advance. Toby1355

Sep 01, 2012
mtobias1355 in Mid-Atlantic

Franklin ave., Prospect Heights


We almost went there Sun. nite but they were closed. Thanks for the info nontheless. By the way, I've been on CH for some time now and I always stop to read posts by Jen Kalb. I envy not only how you really get around the NY area, but also your overall knowledge of food . Finally, I seem to remember, I think, a Jen Kalb who wrote about food for Newsday. Yes?


Aug 30, 2012
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

Franklin ave., Prospect Heights


Thanks for all the info Toby1355

Aug 28, 2012
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

Franklin ave., Prospect Heights


Just moved to PH's near Franklin and was wondering if anyone could make rec's on rest"s on Franklin bet E. Pkwy and Atlantic.

Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance Toby1355

Aug 26, 2012
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

RUB comes to Long Island

Scott; Thin;

Eric; I thought that the purpose of smoking, in addition to flavor, was to render rather otherwise tough cuts of meat, soft and supple to the bite. These ribs had the flavor, but were not soft or supple

RUB comes to Long Island

We went for dinner tonite......Food had real good flavor; But the babyback ribs had a tad too much fat and were definately NOT falling off the bone; the mayo based cole slaw tasted real good and was home-made; fried onion strings were great; my daughter liked the pulled pork sandwich; my brisket was tasty but, again, not fork tender; additionally, it was really uniformly sliced as of by a slicing machine or at ;least an electric knife. Personally, I like my brisket to be knife sliced ala Katz's. Lots of interesting beers. It was opening nite so we're willing to cut them some slack.

Local Farms?

The Queens farm has great produce, eggs, etc. with three caveats:

#1 Their items are not cheap;

#2 Some of the items they sell come from the Rothkamp farm, I believe, in Brookville and are NOT organic and are grown by conventional means.

#3 Their eggs sell out really quick

I have not been to the farm this year but this was true as of last year.

Aug 14, 2011
mtobias1355 in Outer Boroughs

RUB comes to Long Island

Popped in this afternoon; Looked like they were prepping the wait staff; I asked about opening and was told : Perhaps, if all goes well, a "soft" opening this weekend but certainly by Monday it'll be a go. Can't wait