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ISO Authentic Italian Bread

So far Nino D'aversa has been my favourite ...just still not like in Italy as well as what I have found in the majority of Italian restaurants in NYC.

I appreciate everyone's input!

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

Thank you everyone...I will check all of these places out and let you know!

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

I will try La Rose bakery as well: I heard they also have Italian "cornetti"...something else I have been looking for.

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

@FrenchSoda: The kind of Italian bread I am in search of is described above: It's called a "Filone" and is found all over Italy. I have mainly eaten this bread in Rome, where I lived for 8 years. I have also found this bread in all of Mario Batali's restaurants in NYC as well as in other NYC Italian eateries such as, Bar Pitti, Torrisi, Inotecca, La Loconda Verde, Peasant, etc. "Filone" is characterized with a deep caramelized crust, which is super crunchy, inside is very dense with lots of air bubbles. I have not found a truly authentic italian bread anywhere in Toronto...sold at a retail level or in any restaurant.

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

Thanks LJS, I will check San Remo out. I also just wanted to explain what "Filone" bread is: It has a very crunchy caramelized crust, that makes a lot of noise when you slice it, the inside is very dense with large bubbles.

ISO Authentic Italian Bread

Chowhouders, why is no one doing authentic Italian bread in this city? I have found excellent Italian "Filone" bread all over NYC, but not here at home - can anyone help me?

Proud Torontoians! Where to bring serious foodies from NYC?

I would take my guests from New York to the following restaurants:

1. Nota Bene: Was just rated the number one restaurant in Canada by enRoute magazine (also on the list is Harbord Room which I enjoy and Lucien which I do not enjoy)

2. C5: The room and the view are beautiful plus the food is quite good.

3. Perigee: A very interesting dining experience

4. Kaiseki Sakura: The tasting menu is outstanding (Japanese - no sushi)

5. Foxly: Tom Thai really gets Pan Asian food and the price point is reasonable.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

Joanne Kates summed it up perfectly "painfully bland". I could not agree more.


I concur - Il Gelatiere is the best in the city. Alessandro (the owner) has two gelaterias in Rome, so he knows a thing or two about putting out an authentic product. The pistachio is fantastico!

Prego Della Piazza - As Good As Ever

Prego was sold a few months ago - MC is no longer involved. A true pioneer in the business.

Ice Cream?

Again, not ice cream, however, Il Gelatiere on Mountpleasant is very good - it's worth going just to meet the owner Alessandro who also owns two gelaterias in Rome.

Chris MacDonald from Cava will soon be opening a very high end ice cream store right next door to his restaurant.

Best cappuccino in Oakvile or T.O.??

I lived in Rome for 8 years and my father brought the first espresso machine into Canada. My vote for an authentic cappuccino experience would be at B Espresso Bar on Queen Street - ask Bruno to make it for you.

A Groovy place to eat?

Thanks for your replies so far. Here are a few more details:

My friend has been living in Vancouver but is originally from Toronto. She has spent a lot of time in Paris and New York for work and was in the wine business for many years. She is also a fellow foodie. Age range from 25-50 approx.

"Groovy" to me, means a place that is lively, fun with an interesting mix of people and a cool vibe and good music. It also means to me, the current "it" spots of the city.

A couple of places that I was thinking of are Colborne Lane, Trevor and the new Terroni.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A Groovy place to eat?

Hi Chowhounds: I have a friend coming in from out of town next week and will only have one night in Toronto. She has requested to go to a "groovy" place with great food for dinner. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

Great catering company for Christmas Dinner?

Hi everyone: I am looking to have Christmas eve dinner catered at my house. I have used Presidential Gourmet a few times and have great experiences with them....I would just like to try another caterer.


Espresso neophyte. Best pics and prices in GTA??

Do you have a caffe in the States? I am in Toronto.

Espresso neophyte. Best pics and prices in GTA??

Good points! I am relieved to hear about the not putting cheese on your seafood.

Are you in the coffee business?

Espresso neophyte. Best pics and prices in GTA??

To say to an Italian that using one kind of bean makes a good espresso, is like telling a Thai person that ketchup makes a good Pad may taste good to you,'s not how we do things back home ;-)

Espresso neophyte. Best pics and prices in GTA??

You know how Thai food just doesn't taste the same out of Thailand?....this holds true for any cuisine really. I believe the same holds true for espresso - leave the espresso blending and the roasting to the experts...

Espresso is a blend of approximately 7 different beans - it is a recipe that has a fine balance between robusta and arabica beans. It also has a very particular roast. The Italians have been at this a very long time and have perfected this process. That said, every company has their recipe, with their own distinct taste. Over Illy, I would suggest Sega Freddo or Lavazza. With regards to freshness, packaging these days takes care of that. You only have to be concerned when you open the bag or can. How to store your beans is a whole other topic and debate!

I would guess that you purchased your machine at Faema. I would suggest that you go there and try a few of the different blends that Sega Freddo makes and see which one you prefer.

Another subject all together is the grind. What makes the biggest difference to the quality of your coffee is the grind. Nothing tastes better then grinding your espresso fresh. Also, the grind of your espresso changes with the weather. The more humid the coarser your grind. You have to have the ability to adjust your grind when necessary.

The Jura is a fully automatic machine, but you will still need to adjust your grind.

The owners of Faema (Rocco, Lorenzo or Joe) should be able to assist you in the fine art of espresso. truly is an art.

I hope this helps.

Where is a great place for lunch in Toronto?

The new chef at Olivia's is very talented, I had the Branzino (whole cooked Sea Bass) which was excellent. The pasta with squid ink is another delicious dish.

I also love Caffe Doria....I live very close by, which makes it very convenient for a quick easy lunch. I am hooked on the Spring Salad with chicken....very tasty. I spent a while talking to the owner too, who is absolutely lovely.

Where is a great place for lunch in Toronto?

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Here are some of the places I ended up taking my friends out to:

One at the Hazelton (loved my food)
Cafe Nervosa
Caffe Doria

There were more, we ate out everyday for lunch and dinner for 9 days.

Where is a great place for lunch in Toronto?

Hi Gnr: This is actually a different friend, where I have one opportunity to take him out and impress him. Also, the cost of the lunch is not a concern. My other question was for well priced places for everyday of the film festival to take my friend who is in from New York.

I loved the answers to my other question!

Where is a great place for lunch in Toronto?

I have a friend in for the film festival who is currently living in London. He has asked me to take him out for a great lunch. He suggested: Rodney's, Hiro, and a couple of older, tried and true places. I would like to take him to a newer, hipper, cooler, place that has great food. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Cool place to take my friend from New York for lunch?

So many great idea....thanks everyone!

Cool place to take my friend from New York for lunch?

My friend from New York will be here for the film festival.

We have lots of dinner plans at all the great places around the city....but where is a cool place with great food for lunch? We don't want to break the bank, since we will be having all of our meals out.


Where is a Great, Fun place to have my staff Christmas Party in Downtown Toronto?

Thanks, I like the idea of dinner and some sort of entertainment....comedy, burlesque, great ideas

current toronto restaurant

Sorry, I did forget to add One in is the place right now. It is very busy right now for film fest.

current toronto restaurant

Hi Damadchef: Here is my list of fun, hip places with great food:

Colborne Lane
Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

If you would like to give you more details on any of these places, just let me know!


Hi Blee: Xacutti is excellent for brunch - worth trying.

Where to go for my 30th Birthday?

Hi Cecilia:
Here are a couple of comments on your choices:

If you go to Scaramouche, you should ask for the best table (I think it is #8). It is considered a very romantic table, with a great view. Also, for dessert, you must have their famous Coconut Cream Pie....even if you don't like Coconut Cream Pie.

I loved my food at George - it is worth trying.

Canoe has such an incredible view, that if you have not been, it would be a good choice as well.

Have a very happy birthday!