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Fall favorite: Concord grapes or Korean grapes, with seeds

Hamada had them @ Grand Lake 2 weeks ago.

Oakland: Bar + Wireless


Baby friendly craft beer East Bay/ SF

Commonwealth in Oakland is an option.

Perdition Smokehouse (downtown Berkeley)

I also thought that the cowboy beans were the best thing I tried at Perdition.

rice bran oil in Berkeley area?

I've looked for it at several Trader Joe's locations, but I haven't seen it in several months.

Gut Reaction - Drinks after work in Oakland


Jerusalem artichokes

The Little Organic Farm has had some recently at the Grand Lake Farmers Market in Oakland.

Lost & Found Beer Garden - Oakland

I agree that the Thai curry popcorn is good. I liked the ramen funnel cake, too. I didn't like the grilled cheese. Good beer list.

Mixing Bowl in Temescal to stop serving weekend brunch [Oakland]

Barkada appeared to be closed when I rode past this afternoon. Did they go out of business?

CommonWealth, Oakland

Commonwealth is planning to open a second location later this year in the old Cafe Biere space in Emeryville:


Hip, casual place for a small celebration in Oakland?

Commonwealth Cafe & Public House


I had a very pleasant dinner at AQ last Wednesday night. We went with the 4 course menu. The highlights for me were the asparagus with pork collar dish, and the beef with fava beans and morels dish. My companion loved the artichokes dish in the first course. Everything was cooked perfectly, and 4 courses ended up being a nice amount of food.

Last minute advice for a Boston Chowhound visiting for 4 days

The Taproom at Speakeasy is open every day but Monday.

Padi, Homestyle Indonesian, Open in Berkeley

It appears that the Berkeley location has closed.

Rarity: A "great" Porter... Deschutes Black Butte annual series

The regular Black Butte is a nice porter, too, though I tend to prefer Anchor's porter.

Since you like the XXV so much, I would recommend Ballast Point's Victory at Sea and Flying Dog's Barrel-aged Gonzo, if you haven't had them previously.

Jan 23, 2014
mdougherty in Beer

In Search of Sweet Beers

Maybe Troegs' Double Bock? That was fairly sweet with very little bitterness, IIRC.

Jan 23, 2014
mdougherty in Beer

Oakland Restaurant Week January 17-26, 2014

I went to Camino for Crab Monday this week, which happened to be Restaurant Week, but I don't think it was any different from their usual Monday. The crab from the wood oven was excellent, and the mezcal cocktail was very good.

Olde Depot Public House, by beer rev anybody tried? [Oakland]

Not all that surprising, it seemed like it was heading that way the last time I was there in late November.

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

I've been to Southern Pacific a few times since they opened, and IMHO, the house beers I've tried have all been mediocre, not nearly as good as say Speakeasy. They usually have some decent guest brews, and the food is OK for bar food. It's a nice spot if you've got a large group, but it's not a place I would generally send a visitor.

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

Monk's Kettle is less than 5 minutes walk from the 16th St/Mission BART station.

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

I would think you would be fine at that time, particularly if you're alone, a single seat at the bar shouldn't be too hard to find.

I'll additionally recommend trying anything by Moonlight Brewing, if it's on tap when you're in town. They're probably at the top of my list for local breweries that aren't distributed outside of the bay area.

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

Maybe Monk's Kettle, with the caveat that it can be tough to get a seat at peak times.


The Punchdown - Oakland "natural" wine bar

I saw today that The Punchdown will be closing November 15:


It sounds like they'll be re-opening in a different location at some point in the future.

HELP!! Bay area wedding on a budget?! Is it possible......

We had our reception at the Lake Merritt Sailboat House (an Oakland Parks and Rec facility). There are no restrictions on catering or alcohol, which can help keep the costs down, depending on the choices you make.

Nido in Oakland?

Had a great meal here last week. The menu has definitely moved into fall, lots of winter squash and braising greens. We had some quesadillas to start, which were great. My companion enjoyed the posole, and I had the pork chop, which was excellent and worked very well with the almond mole and the braised greens. The old-fashioned was also very tasty.

Auburn Ale House

I think I had one of their beers last year, their stout I believe, but I don't remember much about it.

Seems like a popular spot on the weekends. I tried stopping by on the way home from Lake Tahoe once last year, and it was so crowded that I just gave up.

Oct 10, 2013
mdougherty in Beer

searching for impressive burger bar

Burger Me in Truckee is an option.

The Dock at Linden Street [Oakland]


New restaurant/beer garden at Linden Street in the works. No time table, still in permitting phase.

Ordinaire Wine Bar/Shop in Oakland

I stopped in at Ordinaire (3354 Grand Ave) Friday night. I had a glass of rose that hit the spot on a warm evening. It's a nice space, lots of wood. They've got ~8 wines on tap plus ~8 more by the glass from bottles. Three cheeses are available, plus a speck plate, and a salami plate. We didn't try the food. The shelves have bottles for sale, mostly from California, but also a small selection from France, Italy, and Germany.

Where to find Italian Prune Plums---not at Costco?

I think Blossom Bluff might have had some at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers Market, but I'm not certain. They've definitely had damsons the last couple of weeks, and I think they had some prune plums the last time I was at one of their stands.