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A craft beer empire is about to be made

Duvel & Firestone Walker merge US operations.

Jul 17, 2015
mdougherty in Beer

Oakland Coliseum (2015) - A's game

There is a Drake's beer stand on the lower concourse down the left field line.

Cherries in Morgan Hill: Andy's Orchard and Mariani Orchards Roadside Cherry Stand

I got some excellent Black Tartarians at Andy's on Saturday.

Good food and beer for a visitor and new residents?

I agree with this. Southern Pacific's beers have been consistently mediocre since they opened and their guest beers are typically fine, but not particularly interesting. It is a convenient place for a large group to get together, though.

Simple Italian restuarant similar to Capps Corner?

You could try Spettro on Lakeshore in Oakland.

Good food and beer for a visitor and new residents?

Another vote for Monk's Kettle.

Mikkeller Bar is also a good option.

Quick walk-in near Paramount Theatre [Oakland]

Maybe Plum Bar?

Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Soft Serve, Bi-Rite Creamery 18th St, SF available Daily

Much shorter line, too.

The Punchdown - Oakland "natural" wine bar

The Punchdown will be returning to Uptown Oakland later this year:

High quality cocoa powder in E Bay

For future reference, the Oakland Whole Foods has plastic pint containers of Valhrona cocoa powder for $12.99/lb.

Raw Milk in the East Bay.

I used to see raw milk at Whole Foods, but it appears that they discontinued carrying it nationally a few years ago:

Inexpensive and small wedding desserts

My wife & I got a few dozen donut "wholes" from Donut Savant as part of the dessert offerings at our wedding. I picked them up in the morning and they were served in the evening. They disappeared rapidly, so I think they kept fairly well for that period of time.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

IIRC, the goat at the Local Butcher Shop is seasonal. Part of the year, the goats from their supplier are moved to a location beyond the distance cutoff that the shop uses for "local".

Abbot's Cellar closing [San Francisco]

Abbot's Cellar is closing at the end of the month:

list of restaurants open late in Berkeley and environs

My recollection is that even 9:30 was cutting it close for food at Triple Rock on weeknights, but I haven't been there recently.

You can get decent food at Honor Kitchen & Cocktails until 11:00 Mon-Thu and 12:00 Fri-Sat.

Dinner Before the Fillmore [San Francisco]

I enjoyed the chicken pot pie with a nice sour from Ale Industries at Fat Angel last night before heading to the Fillmore.

Week in San Francisco – Montrealer and first time visitor needs help with itinerary

Ice Cream Bar is worth a visit and fairly close to the Castro.

Benu reports? [San Francisco]

Fall favorite: Concord grapes or Korean grapes, with seeds

Hamada had them @ Grand Lake 2 weeks ago.

Oakland: Bar + Wireless


Baby friendly craft beer East Bay/ SF

Commonwealth in Oakland is an option.

Perdition Smokehouse (downtown Berkeley)

I also thought that the cowboy beans were the best thing I tried at Perdition.

rice bran oil in Berkeley area?

I've looked for it at several Trader Joe's locations, but I haven't seen it in several months.

Gut Reaction - Drinks after work in Oakland


Jerusalem artichokes

The Little Organic Farm has had some recently at the Grand Lake Farmers Market in Oakland.

Lost & Found Beer Garden - Oakland

I agree that the Thai curry popcorn is good. I liked the ramen funnel cake, too. I didn't like the grilled cheese. Good beer list.

Mixing Bowl in Temescal to stop serving weekend brunch [Oakland]

Barkada appeared to be closed when I rode past this afternoon. Did they go out of business?

CommonWealth, Oakland

Commonwealth is planning to open a second location later this year in the old Cafe Biere space in Emeryville:

Hip, casual place for a small celebration in Oakland?

Commonwealth Cafe & Public House


I had a very pleasant dinner at AQ last Wednesday night. We went with the 4 course menu. The highlights for me were the asparagus with pork collar dish, and the beef with fava beans and morels dish. My companion loved the artichokes dish in the first course. Everything was cooked perfectly, and 4 courses ended up being a nice amount of food.