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Basic Napa Cabbage Kimchi (Kimchee)

I use a recipe by this brilliant korean cook on youtube called Maangchi. you can google need to salt it for 10 h at all! it's always turned out brilliantly. There's just one additional ingredient of using sweet rice flour aka glutinous rice flour aka mochi flour, which helps to coat all the cabbage leaves with the spices and seasonings better. blogged about it before also, if anyone wants to give this one a go:

Mar 15, 2012
flamingogo in Recipes

Tried to make rice noodles...

yup it was actually not meant for you haha thanks for the reply though! yes i guess it's uncooked (:

Apr 18, 2011
flamingogo in Home Cooking

Tried to make rice noodles...

That sounds promising! Do you soak the rice uncooked, or cooked??

Apr 15, 2011
flamingogo in Home Cooking