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AZARIAS - Great New Restaurant in Etobicoke - June 2013

Azerias is awesome. Great vibe and they are actually open past 9:00 with music and a bar (unlike the rest of the sleepy restaurants in the Kingsway). Hopefully it's the start of a restaurant Rennaisance in the Kingsway...I have always found the food enjoyable and the tapas menu makes for a social dining experience.

Jul 21, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


I had summerlicious at Origin N yesterday. The menu was decent and the food was good but it took almost 1:45 to eat. To me, this is ridiculous for what was clearly a business lunch. You would think with 3 choices the food would be pretty fast. Again, once it arrived the good was tasty. I could have done without the totally patronizing apology from the manager though...

Jul 10, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

TJ...also for;
Artichoke hearts - marinated in jar and frozen
cookie butter (in peanut butter area)
their salsa is good, both green and red for $1.67 a jar
I usually load up on packaged trail mix

Jul 10, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to buy high end appliances since as Bosch, Miele and Sub-zero?

My issues with Tasco are the same as the ones indicated below. The sales process was great, delivery was OK, however, things fell apart when there was a problem.
We bought a Capital Range for $6000.00. Basically, we had several problems from the day it was delivered. Noisy fan, oven door lock malfunctions, etc. They immediately refer you to third party repair people who are good, but parts required ordering time, appointment set up etc. In all, we spent the better part of 6 months screwing around speaking to the people at Capital, the repair company and Tasco. After it was clear i got a lemon and neither Tasco or Capital would stand behind their product I told Tasco I wanted to return the range and I would spend more to buy a Wolf...Nope...no exchanges or returns....repair only. I was basically at the point I was going to drag it behind my car and leave the battered heap on their door step. Luckily, it started working and it's been "OK" since.

Lesson learned...if I had bought this at Costco, Sears or the Bay they would have taken it back no questions asked "satisfaction guaranteed". In this day of liberal return policies, customer rights and forums such like this and Yelp to bitch on companies cannot treat customers like this anymore.

Someone told me when I bought the Capital, that owning a high-end range is like owning a Ferrari, when it works it's awesome, when it's broken you are screwed.

Feb 13, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to buy high end appliances since as Bosch, Miele and Sub-zero?

Stay away from Tasco, they are horrid. I noticed Miele has an outlet in Brampton at 410/Steeles area.

Feb 08, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Your favourite and least favourite cinnamon buns

Has anyone been to Sweet Trolley in the Junction. They have a bunch of handwritten bristol board signs stating they are the best.

Feb 07, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Grocery items that you can't find in Toronto (but you can in the states)

If you are in Florida, Publix has the BEST fried chicken strips. Not sure why I like them so much, but really good product for a trip to the beach.

Grits in Buffalo are a go to...not only regular grits but various types of instant, flavoured, packaged and plain grits. Love them with some goat cheese melted in and fried cajun shrimp

Feb 04, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

It was at the sample stand yesterday...it doesn't taste like pad thai at all...I wouldn't buy it

Jan 30, 2014
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Besides Kaji, who else is good for sushi/sashimi in that area?

LAN Sushi in the Junction is really good (take out only) or Gojimi is pretty solid at Bloor and Islington

Nov 18, 2013
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Detroit - Two James Distillery

If anyone is in the Detroit area I had the opportunity to visit the Two James Distillery in Corktown. Amazing experience, they have their own concoctions of gin (amazing), bourbon and vodka served in an old taxi repair station. The liquors make for some very tasty cocktails with pleasant service. Definite must visit.

Oct 10, 2013
kingsway in Great Lakes

Trader Joe's coming to Amherst, New York!

So exciting. I am surprised they are going to Buffalo, doesn't really seem to be their target market...but I am sure it will be flooded with Canadians.
I was just at a new one in Naples FL and brought back a lot of stuff, I was really impressed with the store, the others I have been in were much smaller. I can't wait till I can go and fill up a cooler in Buffalo.

Aug 21, 2013
kingsway in New York State (exc. NYC)

Lunch in North York (Sheppard & Yonge)

Miller Tavern is good with clients.

Aug 20, 2013
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Greatest Burger Restaurants in Canada

BP was my favourite EVER, but the last 2x its been really greasy...I know a burger is inherently greasy but the grease actually soaked the outside of the bun.

Agree, Hero is nasty

Johnny's is a guilty pleasure

Apache loses its lustre without alcohol

Nov 18, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Five Guys now open at Yonge and Dundas

Finally, a place to get a great burger downtown. 329 Yonge, in the US Fast Casual triangle between Panera and Chipotle...

Oct 29, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Yorkdale Foodcourt opens today

Finally, a dining experience equivalent to the shopping experience...

Chipotle, Glow, Illy, Amaya, Famoso amongst the usual cast of mall court favs

Jun 02, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Milton, ON - good places to eat?

You will probably have to drive for south asian, but if you like a "fish house" experience Walkers Fish restaurant near the movie theatres is pretty good.

May 10, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Joey's - Eaton Centre

Don't get fooled by the lobster grilled cheese either. They push it harder than an Orlando timeshare...it is very underwealming.

The apps are generally good, fish tacos are good too.

May 10, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toddler friendly (with highchairs) restaurants on West end?

I know this is an old thread...but I thought it was funny La Veranda was here. Its funny, I actually like the food but so many people I know avoid this place due to the arrogance of the owner. It comes up on OpenTable a lot.
My family (extended - kids, grandparents, etc) went for a birthday. 12 people and we showed 10 mins late. The owner gave us total attitude.

I walked by last week and on the menu board he actually addresses the fact people have complained about his attitude...basically, the menu board says if you don't like him than tough luck.

He could well be Toronto's most confident independent restauranteur operating in a highly competitive market, in a wealthy neighborhood in a recession...

Apr 21, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Whole organic chicken?

The Loblaw Great Food at Burnhamthorpe and 427 (so presumably other "Great Foods" may as well) sell roasted Beretta Farms chickens. They sell out so inventory is sporadic.

Also, some of the Longos sell organic roasted chickens

Feb 02, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Timothy's Coffee issues

You probably were in fact dealing with the franchisee or owner.

Although there is no excuse for rudeness in the service sector and if I had been treated the same way I probably would have smeared it all over the door as I left, you can't really blame her.

Timothy's is a dying breed. That location is right next to a Second Cup and they split a very weak customer base. The poor franchisee is probably losing her shirt and Timothy's network probably doesn't support its franchisee's as well as other more prolific chains.

I am sure she is just holding on until a Starbucks opens nearby.

Feb 02, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Prepared Food Place in Toronto West End

Maybe too far west...but we swear by Absolutely Fine Foods at Humbertown Shopping Centre at Royal York and Dundas. Great selection, service and food quality.

Jan 30, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Openings 2012 (Toronto)

I think its been a week or 2 but Chipotle at 123 Front

And looks like another Five Guys at Yonge and Green Lane in Newmarket

Jan 26, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Do all Costcos carry the same things?

The one in Burlington has a weak cheese department compared to others.

Jan 23, 2012
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

P.F. Chang's ?? [moved from Ontario]

I actually think PF does a pretty good job. Sure, its Americanized Asian food but at least its in a fun and funky environment with great staff, etc. pretty much every one I have been to has a wait at peak times. I would never put it on the level of Mandarin.

I am sure they will have great success in Canada as they have in the US...Just don't read their nutritional info

Jan 07, 2012
kingsway in Chains

Best Brewed Coffee in Toronto?

SB has Clover at York Mills and Leslie and Forest Hill Village.

I am hooked...prices fluctuate for the Reserve blends, but they will brew you the regular hooch for less

Oct 31, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Single Cup Coffee- Pour Over? Downtown Toronto

Starbucks has one...I noticed it the other day. Not sure which one I was in...but its a little set with a cup and the filter

Oct 24, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Butcher/food store in Etobicoke

I was in last Friday to stock up on some sausages. Connie was amazing and gave us some treats. We had a sausage feast, the Boar sausages were amazing. I can't wait to Q up the strip loin I got.

Cudos to Medium Rare....

Medium Rare
5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

Oct 17, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Office lunch catering in downtown Toronto - ideas?

Panera Bread will cater from Mississauga I believe. I am sure they will eventually be closer to the core

Panera Bread
55 Square One Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B0E2, CA

Oct 05, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

As I said earlier, the competition stepped up in Canada and the rift between mainstream grocers and Whole Foods much less than the US. I personally think US food stores suck (Albertsons, Vons, Safeway, etc) compared to Longos, Loblaws (even Sobeys) so Whole Foods has a distinct upscale/organic place in the US market.

Sep 21, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

The Square 1 location I find very average. Whole Foods have pushed chains like Loblaws and Longos to up their game and in most instances I feel they offer better selection, better pricing and an equally pleasing shopping experience. Sure, if I had time to make multiple trips for groceries I may feel WF is worth the extra effort (or price)

Sep 21, 2011
kingsway in Ontario (inc. Toronto)