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Do real bagels (boiled) exist in San Diego County?

Rumor has it there is a poutine and Montreal style bagel place opening up in Hillcrest. I'm trying to find more about this. Montreal bagels are quite good.

Feb 17, 2015
zmirzlina in San Diego

Donut Time...Again

I gotta agree - stopped by Streetcar Friday and tried two donuts - maple bacon and Saturday Morning Surprise(with fruity coco pebbles on top, hey my son ordered it) - both were grease bombs, overly sweet and tasted more or less the same. The oil tasted clean, but it saturated the doughnut. Took a bite of each and called it a day. Coffee was good, but Calabria down the street might be better. Seems they all serve their coffee in paper and sometimes I like it a nice cup. I'll try again in a few weeks but got my Hanukkah donuts the next day from Mary's in Santee.

Dec 22, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Stew. Daube. Hearty Soups. Chili con Carne (not ramen or pho)

Waypoint Public had a great cassoulet last winter. Hoping in comes back this year. It was the real deal.

Nov 03, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Dinner for 7 in the city tomorrow night

Waypoint Public?

Oct 10, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

YALAHAFA (Yet Another L.A. Hound Asking for Advice) on Great Eats in SF Proper (Muni accessible, non-high end)

Just got back from 24 hours in SF.

Kin Khao is good, is it better than some of the better Thai places in LA? Probably not.

But if you're just starting to explore Thai food, you could do much much worse.

Plus it is close to where you are staying so it might be worth visiting if you are short on time for a lunch.

I will say the ribs are incredible with a funky glaze of fermented fish sauce and nice heat. Just be warned, you'll be smelling of that fish sauce for a good 24 hours after eating them.

But they are surely a dish I will now crave... Have fun!

Pacific Heights / Union Square Suggestions [San Francisco]

Ah, yes. Out the Door is very good.

Kin Khao looks interesting. Might grab a lunch there when I get in.


Pacific Heights / Union Square Suggestions [San Francisco]


Looks like I got word I'm heading to the City later this week for 24 or so hours. I'll be staying at the Sir Francis Drake which is out of my usual neighborhoods I like to haunt - I know the Mission, Inner Sunset, Richmond District quite well - I'm looking for:

1.) One dinner in the Union Square area. (Is AQ still good?)
2.) One brunch or lunch in the Pacific Heights area.

I'm partial to places like Burma Superstar, Lime Tree, Khan Toke (we don't do Asian too well in San Diego). Or modern inventive cooking (such as the abovementioned AQ).

Much appreciated!

Ironside Fish and Oyster

Tried it for lunch yesterday. Had a few oysters and had the lobster roll - nice amount of meat, barely dressed on a nice buttered roll. Excellent. Wife had the fish sandwich - rock cod - that was even better than the lobster roll. French fires were amazing - had a malt powder on them with onions that gave it a wonderful sour cream and onion flavor. I don't really eat french fries and I finished everyone on my plate. Service was attentive and knowledgeable. Although my wife said "they talked too much". Will be back for dinner soon.

May 22, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Fresh Tortillas

For flour, we hit up Tommy's TexMex stand on 32nd and Thorn in North Park. Friday through Sunday.

Corn, Northgate

May 22, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Where have you had the best Osso Buco in SD?

I want this one...

Osso Buco By Billy Collins

I love the sound of the bone against the plate

and the fortress-like look of it

lying before me in a moat of risotto,

the meat soft as the leg of an angel

who has lived a purely airborne existence.

And best of all, the secret marrow,

the invaded privacy of the animal

prized out with a knife and wallowed down

with cold, exhilarating wine.

I am swaying now in the hour after dinner,

a citizen tilted back on his chair,

a creature with a full stomach--

something you don't hear much about in poetry,

that sanctuary of hunger and deprivation.

You know: the driving rain, the boots by the door,

small birds searching for berries in winter.

But tonight, the lion of contentment

has placed a warm heavy paw on my chest,

and I can only close my eyes and listen

to the drums of woe throbbing in the distance

and the sound of my wife's laughter

on the telephone in the next room,

the woman who cooked the savory osso buco,

who pointed to show the butcher the ones she wanted.

She who talks to her faraway friend

while I linger here at the table

with a hot, companionable cup of tea,

feeling like one of the friendly natives,

a reliable guide, maybe even the chief's favorite son.

Somewhere, a man is crawling up a rocky hillside

on bleeding knees and palms, an Irish penitent

carrying the stone of the world in his stomach;

and elsewhere people of all nations stare

at one another across a long, empty table.

But here, the candles give off their warm glow,

the same light that Shakespeare and Izaac Walton wrote by,

the light that lit and shadowed the faces of history.

Only now it plays on the blue plates,

the crumpled napkins, the crossed knife and fork.

In a while, one of us will go up to bed

and the other will follow.

Then we will slip below the surface of the night

into miles of water, drifting down and down

to the dark, soundless bottom

until the weight of dreams pulls us lower still,

below the shale and layered rock,

beneath the strata of hunger and pleasure,

into the broken bones of the earth itself,

into the marrow of the only place we know.

From "The Art of Drowning" by Billy Collins

Feb 19, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Afternoon Tea in San Diego?

US Grant. Cafe Chloe does an afternoon "urban tea" if I recall correctly

Feb 18, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

I am so hungry....

Kabob Shop, quick drive to Northgate Market or Tacos al Paisa, Cafe Chloe, Lolita's, the Counter, Basic Pizza, Blind Burro.

Feb 12, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

One Beer dinner

I keep on forgetting about Ritual. They were good for a while then went downhill. I need to give them a visit again because I'm hearing good things about them again.

Jan 28, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

One Beer dinner

Never liked the food at Stone. Sorry. Lovely ambience. I would go with BLAH or Waypoint Public - both have good food, excellent beer. Both are also in proximity to 30th St. so one could in theory hit up the Toronado afterwards for some additional drinking.

Also with decent tap lists good food:

Jayne's Gastropub and Urban Solace.

Jan 28, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Last Minute Trip- Eek! Help Please :)

Tender Greens would fit the bill. Keep in mind Liberty Station is right in the flight path so you'll have the sounds of planes taking off overhead.

Alright, I'll say it - Stone beers are decent, there are many better breweries in town. What Stone has is great marketing. And I do like the fact I can find their IPA on tap in the middle of nowhere when I travel; but there are many other places to drink beer that you can get nowhere else but San Diego.

Jan 10, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Last Minute Trip- Eek! Help Please :)

Love Alpine. Favorite brewery in San Diego but for a "beer day" a bit of a drive, in my opinion.

I'd start at Blind Lady Ale House on Adams and move south to 30th St (has it's own beer from Green Flash). Heading down 30th St. Roze can hit up (in the distance of 2 or so miles...): Tiger!Tiger!, Belching Beaver Brewery, Ritual Tavern/Kitchen, Toronado (always has Alpine on tap, Societe 90% of the time), Waypoint Public, Bottlecraft (for bottles to take home - ask them for the Alpine which they usually keep in the back), Hess Brewery, URBN pizza, Thorn St. Brewery, the Stone Company Store (South Park), Hamilton's Tavern and then end with dinner at Alchemy or Bon Forchetta.

Like I said Alpine is my favorite (especially the Nelson), but it's a bit of a drive unless heading out to Julian (in which case stop at the new Nickel Beer Company just outside of town). And if one is expecting a tour, there's not a whole lot to see.

Parents could even drop you off on 30th and hit up the zoo while you make your way down the street.

Not a fan of the Stone menu either but the one in Liberty Station is a beautiful space especially if outside and the weather is nice.

Jan 09, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Old-School Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Paesno's in North Park (30th and Landis) would fit the bill.

Jan 07, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Best Restaurant Meal in 2013 ?

Yeah, running into that already. All he wants is sushi. Watching him eat reminded me of this great video of kids trying different foods for the first time...


Jan 03, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Best Restaurant Meal in 2013 ?

State Bird Provisions in SF.

Locally, hmmm, Kaito Sushi with my newly adopted 3 year old son who tried everything placed in front of him with wonder and amazement and decided his favorite food is now uni and monkfish liver.

Jan 02, 2014
zmirzlina in San Diego

Al Pastor San Diego

Tacos al Paisa - brick and mortar location on 25th and Commercial(?). On the spit.

Dec 19, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

new restaurant to take our hosts?

The real deal. Generous with the duck confit, some lovely sausage and a nice helping of pork belly. The cassoulet beans were done perfectly with a nice toothsome feel but super creamy. Since the weather's gotten colder, been craving it again. Don't overlook the oyster po' boy tacos either. But the best dish was the charred octopus - super tender with a nice smoke.

Dec 06, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

new restaurant to take our hosts?

I'll also second Waypoint Public. Same location as the Linkery. The grilled octopus salad was excellent as well as the cassoulet. Excellent beer list. Loud enough that the kids won't be bothering anyone and towards the back is an actual kids area with blocks, books, and toys. Reservations on a weekend are heartily suggested.

Dec 06, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Restaurant suggestions needed near SD symphony

Dec 06, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

best falafel

Mister Falafel is excellent. Also a fan of Mystic Grill's falafel. Tiki Taki Grill in Hillcrest can make a sublime one, most of the time...

Sep 10, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Where is the best fishmonger in San Diego?

Catalina Offshore but we're also a fan of Poppa's Fish who can be found at Farmer's Markets around town...

Aug 22, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Best or Favorite Local IPAs?

If heading up to Alpine you should also try their Nelson, a rye based IPA (RyePA?), and one of my favorite beers around. Can be found in Whole Foods or even Bottlecraft but you need to ask. I'm finding a lot of places have Alpine in stock but they keep them in the back to limit people to one or two bottles.

Aug 12, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Hottest Taco Joint in San Diego

"Hot" in the buzz sense... mileage will vary with the food.

El Camino

Lucha Libre

Barrio Star (actually pretty decent)

Not "hot" in the buzz sense but makes damn fine tacos...

See Dining Diva's picks and also add:

El Borrego

Tacos el Paisa

La Fachada

Jul 09, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Tender Greens--Downtown Now Open

Funny, I stopped by yesterday at 1 PM and found it empty and the line was moving excruciatingly slow - 25 minutes from door to door with only 5 people in front of me. Clearly training the crew and working the kinks out. But yes, very tasty.

I've since learned you can order online for pick up.

A welcomed addition, I've kind of burned myself out on everything in the area.

Jul 03, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Date Night Suggestion - Central San Diego

Not a fan of Alexander's. Always found the food super heavy.

And Brooklyn Girl menu didn't interest her.

It was hot. She wanted a salad. We drove to Tender Greens, got it to go and sat on Sunset Cliffs and split a bottle of Nelson from Alpine brewery I'd been sitting on.

Made Brown Derby's when we got home and put the little guy to bed. It was a nice night.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Jun 28, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego

Date Night Suggestion - Central San Diego

Our concern as well. And we eat there enough.

Anyone try Pacific Fish yet in the old Kensington Grill location?

I think we'll do Jayne's - it'll be nice on the back patio this evening and their cocktails are wonderful. Wife not in the mood for French...

Thanks everyone for the suggestion.

Jun 27, 2013
zmirzlina in San Diego