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Evermay-on-the-Delaware in Erwinna (Bucks County)?

Have driven by this place countless times and thinking of trying it for a special occasion dinner. I'd appreciate any thoughts if you've been or heard about it. Thanks.

Oct 18, 2007
NES in Pennsylvania

3 nights in Quebec City

Your suggestions are very helpful - thank you!

Sep 27, 2007
NES in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

3 nights in Quebec City

Hi, Looking for restaurant recs in Quebec City. One night we'll be celebrating our anniversary, so we'd like something very romantic with great food, wine list, and service (no price restrictions). The other two nights we'd like to do more fun, casual meals out. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Sep 26, 2007
NES in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Best Italian on the Upper East?

We live in the East 70's. Looking for recommendations for good Italian - with a nice atmosphere for casual meals out. Thanks!

Sep 01, 2007
NES in Manhattan