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Cheap eats in Niagara Falls

Its my boyfriend's birthday on Wednesday, May 4th. I have a wonderful dinner planned for the special evening at an really nice restaurant in Toronto, but I would also like to take him away for the weekend to Niagara Falls.

The hotel and 2 adult attraction passes will cost me about $120. My budget for the weekend (arriving Saturday morning and leaving Sunday evening) is no more than $220. With accommodation and entertainment costing $120, that leaves me with only $100 for three meals.

I need recommendations for breakfast and dinner in Niagara Falls that are reasonable priced!

Breakfast in Niagara Falls

Hi, i googled the address you posted and the carriage House Restaurant came up. Its weird though because the reviews says the price range for two is $61-100.
I'm going to NF soon, is there ANYWAY you could verify if this is the place at which you dinned?