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Burlington, Vt

do a search, this has been asked and answered many times before.

Craft Beers and Brew Pubs

I think the list goes something like this.

Ebenezers Pub Lowell, ME - rated best beer bar in the world 4 years in a row.
Novare Res Portland, ME - I am going there for the first time in Oct and am excited.

In Vermont I feel ever place is pretty even when it comes to beer, there is about 5 or 6 places that are quite good.
Three Penny Taproom Montpelier, VT - Beer is good, I usually eat at Mad Taco just down the streat
Prohibition Pig Waterbury, VT - Beer is good, mixed cocktails are very nice, food to me is hit and miss.
Blackback Pub Waterbury, VT - Good beer, don't bother with the food
Worthy Burger S Royalton, VT - Good beer, great burgers and fries
Farmhouse Tap & Grill Burlington, VT - Good beer, above average food
American Flatbread Burlington Hearth / Zero Gravity Burlington, VT - Only in house made beer, which is awesome. Great pizza I personally always eat the specials get a large 1/2 & 1/2 of the meat and veg specials.

I would personally keep my eye out for the followign VT breweries. Each is at the top of their game producing great product.
Zero Gravity - Burlington VT
Hill Farmstead - Greensboro, VT
Lawsons Finest Liquids Waistfield, VT
Fiddlehead Brewing Shelburne, VT

There are a couple I have not tried, and until I do I can't recommend.

Breakfast in Burlington? (VT)

If you are in the area Sunday morning Bluebird tavern does brunch, best time for their place the prices are more resonable then. I also highly recommend American Flatbreads brunch but it sounds like it starts after you wawnt it to. For straight up breakfast you can't beat Penny Cluse, but the wait might be more than a 1/2 hour if you are there for 10. Sneakers wait time will probably be around 1/2 hour, they sometimes have you wait at the Monkey bar where you can have a drink while waiting.

Warren, VT

I would also recommend Mad Taco right in Waitsfield, great tacos. If the weather is nasty you can hit the theater in Waitsfield and have a drink while watching a movie.

Champlain Islands recommendations?

I like the Blue Paddle Bistro in S Hero.

REVIEW: Prohibition PIg - Waterbury, VT

There are 3 extra tables wherre the pool table was, but not much more than that. It was always the problem with The Alchemist, but I guess being too popluar is a good problem to have.

Looking for Best Restaurants Near Middlebury, VT?

I personally don't know a lot of places. The two tha stick out are Costellos Market for lunch. Best Italian market in the state. Grab a sandwich here. The other is Taste of India. Best Indian I have had. A little whole in the wall but what great ethnic food isn't.

Taste of India
1 Bakery Ln, Middlebury, VT 05753

Costello's Market
2 Maple St, Middlebury, VT 05753

B and B, restaurants near Waitsfield, Warren

Here is the site with the cheese trial info.

B and B, restaurants near Waitsfield, Warren

The Alchemist was swamped by Hurricane Irene. They are currently seling cans out of their cannery which is just around the corner frmo Ben & Jerrys. The person who is going to be running the Alchemist space is Chad. It is not same investing group as FHT&G, but I am sure there are some similar people involved. Chad was the original Beverage manager, I can't wait for it to open, maybe next month.

Asian Markets in Burlington, VT?

I agree with the previous comment - Thai Phat Market 100 North St, Burlington, VT 05401 is a great market, I go there all the time for my asian needs. I have also seen that there is a store in S Burlington Williston Rd near Rt 116

Good Luck!

Waterbury, VT ice cream?

Stebu sushi if I understand is closing. - At least the Blackback pub is expanding into their area, not sure when that is happening. And obviously Ben & Jerrys is in Waterbury.


I was there twice.

The first thing I want to say is that the way the room is setup makes it feel quite awkward with the bar in the front and the seating in the back. Everyone needs to walk through the entire bar to get to the bathroom (not much to be helped there). I understand the vibe they were going for, but the size of the space did not really allow it in my opinion.

The first time I sat at the bar, the bartender was older and slower than I expected for less than 50 seats. The sweetbreads were good, but because of the prices I did not get to much there.

The second time I sat at the boston bar. If it had been summer it would have been good people watching, but being winter not much was going on. The wine selection both times was good. The food was above average, but for the price they are charging I expected a little better. I can get better food for the same price or cheaper at other establishments.

I am shocked that the place is still in business to be honest. Opening more than 6 months late, 1 investor already out and they are on their 3rd or 4th chef in less than a year.

As someone else told me, Church & Main does not have a focus. They could be just a great wine bar serving small tapas plates so that they are the place you go before dinner or after dinner for drinks and such. They took basically the best items off of everyone else's menus and threw it on one and are not executing to the level needed.

Burlington, Vermont Easter dinner recommendations help! is a great place to search restraunts in Vermont. I guess it depends on what you want to eat. Tratoria Dellia or L'amante (Italian), Bluebird Tavern (localvore), Leunigs Bistro (French), Blue Cat Cafe and Wine Bar (Steakhouse). Would be the Burlington Places. Kitchen Table Bistro(Richmond), Hen of the Wood or Michael's on the Hill (Waterbury) would be my choices outside of Burlington.

Trattoria Delia
152 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401

Kitchen Table Bistro
1840 W Main St, Richmond, VT 05477

Hen of the Wood
92 Stowe St Ste 1, Waterbury, VT 05676

Leunig's Bistro
115 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Bluebird Tavern
Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

Michael's On the Hill
4182 Waterbury-Stowe Rd, Waterbury Center, VT 05677

126 College St, Burlington, VT 05401

Blue Cat Cafe and Wine Bar
, Burlington, VT 05401