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Hong Kong Milk Tea / Chinatown

Which place serves the best Hong Kong Milk Tea in Chinatown?

Jan 27, 2012
ponovan in Manhattan

Finding Malaysian Kaya in Montreal

I went to Hawaii - it is definitely worth the trek. Lots of stuff you can't find elsewhere, but they don't have kaya.

The search continues.

ISO small French tempered tumblers (Duralex, Arcoroc etc).

Didn't find any at Warshaw's in Montreal but found some nice small Gigogne glasses at Pot en Ciel in Quebec City - my wife's cousin got in touch with Duralex France and apparently this is the only place in town that sells the glasses.

Finding Malaysian Kaya in Montreal

I've looked at Kim Phat on Jarry and at G&D - no luck there.

Finding Malaysian Kaya in Montreal

Thanks for the advice. I will try out Hawai and Kim Phat Brossard next time I rent a car, and report back.

Finding Malaysian Kaya in Montreal

Anyone know where to find kaya in Montreal? I am referring to the Malaysian/Singaporean coconut & pandan jam, not the artist formerly known as Francis Martin.