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Potential REAL butcher shop in San DIego

Ok, mayyybe my phrasing was a little strong, I think I just got excited. Tip Top and Homegrown are great, but I've had issues with Siesel's and Iowa. While they have some decent stuff in the case, they've looked at me crazy when I've wanted a fresh pork belly (not frozen) larger than half a pound. They've also been fairly rude and unaccommodating to me when I've asked for bones, various offal, and pork fat, all on separate occasions, even when I've called ahead. I'll be thrilled to have a quality and varied meat vendor in less than than a 45min to 1hr round trip drive.

Oct 03, 2013
TheBoat in San Diego

Potential REAL butcher shop in San DIego

I was browsing the local Kickstarter campaigns and came across this listing. These guys are working toward whole-animal butcher shop, as well as a CSA (it says they'll likely open in North Park).They will carry only grass-fed and pastured products. In my view this is something our food community is in major need of. They only have a couple weeks left to fund the project so they definitely need some help. Check it out and contribute if you can, all of our tummies and taste buds will thank you.

Oct 02, 2013
TheBoat in San Diego

Spanish Chorizo

Andre's market on Morena carries some as well.

Mar 03, 2013
TheBoat in San Diego

South Beach Bar and Grill takes it ALL

Tcat that is just plain nonsense. I also really don't understand the ranch dressing thing. I guess I don't understand San DIego's ranch dressing obsession in general. I can't imagine any purveyor that douses their food with that white gloppy mess can actually be proud of the food they serve.

I will admit that I do end up in SBB&G occasionally with friends, and that after a few of San Diego's finest oat sodas I might get an oyster taco (gross white stuff omitted). But that's mostly because there aren't too many places around to get a fired oyster taco, and they do absorb the alcohol well. And please, noboby attempt to eat the fried baby octopus appetizer there. Just don't.

Jan 06, 2013
TheBoat in San Diego

Rosarito Food Shopping [moved from San Diego board]

My friends an I go down to Las Gaviotas a few times year to relax, and normally to stock up we just stop at the giant Comercial Mexicana right off the highway. We're heading down again for Christmans, and I'm feeling adventurous this time. Any recommendations for especially good shops in Rosarito? Panaderias, carnicerias, or just general markets? I would love to find some particularly good chorizos, and a great liquor store (large variety, tequilas and wines we can't get here) wouldn't be such a bad thing either.

Dec 05, 2012
TheBoat in Mexico

Chins on Convoy

Thanks. If you want to try intestines a little more "plain," I'd recommend going for a tripa taco. My favorite ones around these parts are at La Fachada. The intestines are lightly fried, nice and soft with a crispy exterior. You do get a little bit of funk, but it's not off-putting in the slightest. A little squeeze of lime cuts the richness just perfectly.

Sep 30, 2012
TheBoat in San Diego

New Tapas Bar Opening in Rosarito Tomorrow

Is Ruben's still open? I'm heading down to Las Gaviotas on Saturday only for the night and thought it might be convenient. I was there just before new years and stopped in the store just below Rubens. It was pretty sparse to say the least..

Apr 26, 2012
TheBoat in Mexico

Taquerias/Burritos in Sunset Cliffs

I second melee's picks. As an east-coaster, just be warned that at Pizza Port you will encounter the weird, thick-crusted CA style pizza. They will make it thin if you ask. Other than that, Newport Pizza is a great place for slices and good beer, Thursday night is $4 off pitchers.

Wednesday night is the farmers market (really more of a street fair) on Newport Ave. Sometimes you can find some decent bites to eat, and it's great people watching.

Winston's is the local music club. Check for what's playing.

Liticker's Liquor store on Voltaire has al pastor "street" tacos. Not mind-blowing, but a good cheap and tasty snack. The tamales aren't bad either.

I do know that Loma Bonita on Scott St. is probably the closest place to you that serves chicharron, but I've never had it there, and I'm not the biggest fan of their food anyway. You've got to travel outside of Point Loma for the good stuff.

Otherwise, any of the other taco shops around should make you happy enough with a big, fat carne asada/carnitas/pollo asado burrito. Just stay away from Nati's if you're looking for Mexican. Cardboard food.

Mar 20, 2012
TheBoat in San Diego

source of fresh herbs in bulk?

People's Co-op in OB always has a nice selection, and they have quite a bit in nice large quantities at Costco Business Center

Dec 20, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

Montreal foodie looking for reco's in San Diego

I'll tell you some great places to go if you bring me a couple pounds of smoked meat from Schwartz's...

Sep 11, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

Looking for recommendations in Coronado or San Diego

And the only problem with going to Los Quatros Milpas at night (if it were open) is all that wonderful lard has me sleepy enough when I walk out of there in the middle of the day! If it were dark when I left that place, a bush around the corner might look a little too cozy...

Jun 15, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

Restaurants I've Been To Five or More Times & Can't Stay Away From

La Fachada

Jun 09, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

ISO East Coast Style Pizza in La Jolla or nearby

oh I didn't...

Jun 06, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

ISO East Coast Style Pizza in La Jolla or nearby

mmmm... a garlic pizza and fresh sausage at Santarpio's. Boy do I miss that

Jun 05, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego


Is the stuff at Mona Lisa particularly bad? I've never used it, just curious.

Apr 27, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

Kaffir Limes in SD?

They always have kaffir lime leaves at 99 ranch, and have seen the limes themselves from time to time there

Apr 22, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego

La Barbacoa: Authentica de Borrego SD

Anyone know if this place is still around? It was on my list a while ago and never made it.

Apr 11, 2011
TheBoat in San Diego