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Lunch and preparations for our adventure

We are not completely at leisure as we need time to get the car and find out way, arrive at our destination on time; but I'm thinking ethnic food, upscale pizza or terrific salad. Snacks are fruit, chips, drinks, somethings to keep in our hotel room during the week. So a restaurant not far from a store to make the most of our time, before hitting Rt 66. I read previous postings and Road Food, but didn't find anything on the road between Vegas and our destination to recommend. Thanks for your reply.

Jul 03, 2011
AugustaG in Las Vegas

Lunch and preparations for our adventure

I will be flying into Vegas in early August and meeting up with my grandson (11) also flying in. We'll pick up a rental car and head toward Henderson, Boulder City and end up in Peach Springs, AZ for our adventure together. He's a good eater and I'l like us to have lunch in Vegas and buy some snacks for the trip before getting out of town. Do you have advice for where to have lunch and where to shop before leaving Las Vegas?
Adventurous Grandma

Jul 02, 2011
AugustaG in Las Vegas

Where to take a crowd?

I'll be in downtown (Ace Hotel) Portland in September with a family gathering. I want to host a dinner on Friday night for about 18-20 folks. Some are vegetarians, some a kids, an assortment. I've found places that will seat us together in the restaurant and it seems the only way to get a private room is in a hotel (no fun!).

50 plates will seat us early
Henry's will put the tables together
Aleni's will put together tables and so will Typhoon.

Any suggestions for something else, or any advice on one of these choices above?

Thanks. Gusta

Jul 02, 2011
AugustaG in Metro Portland