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Downtown Atlanta...ideas?

My friend & business partner and myself are heading to Atlanta for a convention and also a little fun. We both work in the fine dining industry as well, so we would like to find a place that pays close attention to detail, but still fits our fun attitude (we are both 25 years old). We have some great dresses to show off too!

We will be heading out 4 nights.

we are open to all different cuisine styles.


25th birthday

Prob 40-50$/person (not including drinks)
about 10 people
location: anywhere really. we have a limosine rented

Jan 17, 2008
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

25th birthday

looking for a place to have a great dinner with friends to celebrate a 25th birthday.
any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2008
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

Good Job Gavens!

My boyfriend and I visited Gavens in Middleton on Wednesday evening.

To start we ordered the Alaskan King crab legs, and crab cake.
Both were delicious. The crab cake was meaty, full of flavor, and spared the drowning of sauce.
The legs were fresh, served on ice with cocktail and an aioli.

We both had filet mignon, I had mine with a baked potato and he had a lobster casserole and au gratin. The lobster casserole was sweet and creamy and very savory.
Our steaks were cooked to perfection. (Med Rare)

We also had sorbet and creme brulee for dessert. The sorbet was lemon and raspberry in a martini glass... and the creme brulee classic with a perfectly bruleed top.

We ordered a pinot noir from williamette valley (Kings Estate 2003) which was fairly priced, we did try to order 3 other wines but they were out of all three...) our wine service was on point with one exception, after we were presented with it, we poured it ourselves until the bottle was empty. I do not know how Gavens does things, but we usually expect to not have to worry about pouring our wine. (A very small complaint for a near perfect evening)

The bread was fresh and warm, served french style. Our afterdinner drinks were served very quickly and with a smile.
Service was great from water, to clearing our plates to crumbing our table. Our waiter was polite, professional and friendly.

We will definitley be back.

Near the Expo Center...

Going on a double date tomorrow evening, early, followed by an excursion to the bayside expo center for the snow expo. we are hoping for a moderate priced place where we can have a nice casual dinner and couple drinks. (maybe wine)
near the expo center.
we are from north of boston and will be driving....
any suggestions would be welcomed :)

Nov 15, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area


thanks for everyone's input. i completely understand power outages cannot be helped, and this is not what we were upset about. Anyway, stay away from michaels. I was having a drink at the rockfish the other night and heard a few other locals talk about thier bad experiences. there are plenty of other restaurants that are worth dining at.... such as AGAVE.... mmmm yum.

Oct 12, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area


they didnt make us pay for the food. we walked away after the staff was ushered back in by management, and the server said no one was allowed back in. It was just odd. it left not only my boyfriend and i with a strange feeling and experience, but we went to a local bar afterward, as did many diners from michaels.

Sep 27, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area


Ok so last night my boyfriend and I decided to make the drive (aprox 45 min) to Newburyport, MA for a casual night at MICHAELS HARBORSIDE. I knew what to expect, as I have been before, however my boyfriend had not been before, and was excited to have some seafood. There was a wait to be seated outside, so we gladly accepted being seating inside immediately (7pm)
It was busy, as expected since the weather was about 85 degrees. We waited over 5 minutes but not ten minutes (maybe 8?) for a waitress to greet us. We ordered a martini and mojito, both very good although were not delivered in a timely fashion. We were given rolls and butter. We took our time ordering entrees however ordered steamed mussels as an appetizer right away. Mussels were good. In a butter sauce. Then we were ready for another drink and to order. By now it is about 730pm. My boyfriend ordered baked stuffed lobster, I ordered a seafood platter (fried). The waitress then told us they were out of lobster. So we had to re-decide our entrees. There wasnt much else my boyfreind wanted, except a lobster roll which they were out of and I already ordered an assortment of fried seafood that he could freely sample, so he ordered ribs.
Dinner took nearly an hour to be delivered. The waitress told us someone "took" our food mistakingly for another table, but it still took a while after we were informed this. When my boyfriend asked her what beers were on tap, she stumbled through a few choices, and told us we caught her off guard with the question.
He ordered an IPA with a lemon. I ordered a cosmopolitan. she brought the beer, but put the lemon on the wrong beer (she had another tables drinks as well) so he went without the lemon. My cosmo was horrible. It was full of lime juice and made me pucker with each sip.
Through all of this we remained light hearted. We are both in the service industry. We joked with eachother that we were lucky this wasnt a first date...
As we got our food, the ribs were edible and tasty. about 3/4 rack. with fries.
my seafood platter was poor. We visit many fried seafood joints including markeys and browns and expected better quality thatn these places. The clams were mushy and large. the scallops were not whole, they were pieces. the haddock was cut into one inch or smaller 'chunks'. The shrimp was split to be like a spiral. it was good. the onion rings were soggy, not crunchy. the fries were standard. not bad.
Then here is when it really goes SOUR.....
The power in newburyport goes out. everywhere. we joke it is romantic with the waitress that came to check on us. THen we see people running, and saying 'fire in the kitchen! everyone needs to get out!'
we grab our belongings and evacuate (10feet to outside)
many people are running to thier cars to 'chew and screw'. since we both are bartenders/servers we insist on standing outside and 'do the right thing' and overheard there was a fryerlator problem from the black out. (understandable.)
After a half hour of standing outside, a front of house server or bartender yelled "we are not re-oppening". and motioned us to leave. No apologies. no manager. nothing.
We understand things happen. We understand fires happen. so do blackouts. but we were shocked at the way management and staff delt with us.

Sep 27, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

last minute lunch

an old friend just called and wants to do lunch....... new to area.... any suggestions?

Sep 09, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

Wanted: trendy yummy fun and flirty...

Thanks to all who recommended Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge! we had an awesome time! the hostess was professional, cute and fashionable...we started and ended at the bar... Strawberry basil martini was my drink of choice.... we had awesome tuna tarar cornets.... as was all of the food actually.... duck crepes, fried artichoke hearts, oyster rockerfellar, and my mans favorite...beef stroganoff (sorry if i spelled wrong) out service was on pointe our colombian waitress was cute, friendly and attentive. The bartender made us feel at home, he was friendly and made great drinks! who could ask for anything more? i loved the attention to detail from trendy voga sparkling water to the pretty check presenters, to the rhinestone waste basket in the bathroom. will we return to Cuchi Cuchi? HELL YES!!!!! highly reccommended... great food, great service, great bar... oh my! thanks everyone!

Sep 05, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

Wanted: trendy yummy fun and flirty...

thanks for all the ideas! I am getting excited about this!

Sep 04, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

Wanted: trendy yummy fun and flirty...

My boyfriend and I are through and through foodies, and also love a great wine list! We are going on a special date wednesday night and are looking for a place to spend lots of time talking flirting eating and drinking, maybe move from dining room to bar as night progresses... We are 25 years old but not into college bars. We live north shore and will be traveling by car..... wld love some help!

Sep 03, 2007
JennyGwiz in Greater Boston Area

Brown's Seabrook Lobster Pound, Seabrook, NH - Avoid

My boyfriend and I love Browns. We visited a few weeks ago and enjoyed the clams the best, definitley not battery. As far as lobster, ours was delicious. Maybe you had a labor day fluke...