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Hand-held ethnic nibbles for a large cocktail-dinner party?

I've done Jamaican patties for a party before, although not for that many. I bought a bunch of beef, veggie, and callaloo patties along with coco bread from Christie's on Flatbush. We kept the patties warming in the oven and brought them out as needed, but you could probably cycle them out in big batches.

I'd also buy a case or so of the really good ginger beer (either Citadelle or D+G) to serve with along with.

Nov 27, 2012
stufankjian in Outer Boroughs

Tanoreen review

In the Middle East it is considered really rude to clear the table before being specifically asked to do so, as it can be interpreted as rushing your guests out of the door. I'm guessing that this was why your table didn't get cleared automatically.

Still, you should have gotten the specials menu. When you go back, try the chicken fetteh (on the specials menu) and the whole fried fish. Amazing!

Apr 25, 2008
stufankjian in Outer Boroughs