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Opinions wanted! Places to go in Rockville

Two of the best place in Rockville:
La Limena- peruvian
A&J's- northern Chinese dim sum

Bob's Noodle 66 vs. Joe's Noodle House

Hello All,
I know both of these Rockville restaurants have been discussed extensively on this board, but I had to bring them up again. In the lastest Washingtonian rankings, Bob's Noodle 66 was ranked higher than Joe's Noodle House-- this seems so odd to me. Of course taste in food is subjective (and no need to point out that I'm comparing Taiwanese food to Szechuan), but Joe's, to me, seems to be so much better. Over the years, I have eaten at Joe's dozens of times, and almost have never had a bad meal-- at worst, I've had average meals there. Its definitely one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the area. Bob's, on the other hand, is very hit or miss. Their Chicken and Basil cassarole is fantastic (although I've had it be pretty mediocre once or twice). But almost everything else I've had, especially their appetizers, has been pretty disappointing-- that is, a bit on the bland side, sometimes greasy, sometimes not served hot, etc. Do you agree that Joe's is much better? Do you know why Washingtonian Magazine prefers Bob's? If you prefer Bob's, what on the menu am I missing out on?

BaLe in Langley Park?!

Yep, its been there quite a while. I don't think the sandwhiches are quite as tasty as the Rockville branch, but its Langley Park, so you have to take what you can get!

Abandoned Restaurants

I thought it would be interesting to ask people about restaurants they drive by everyday, which somehow manage to stay in business despite the fact that customers are rarely ever seen. I thought of this becuase when driving up to Laurel, MD, I always pass a place called La Gringada, which 90% of the time, is utterly deserted. We actually stopped in one time to try it, which was very awkward. It was completely dark inside, no other patrons, and I believe our meal was microwaved by a highschool drop-out. And this place has been there for at least 10 years. How do these places stay in business, and who frequents them? Have any good stories about terrible, deserted restaurants? And has anyone else out there been to La Gringada?

Unusual Food in DC / MD / VA

This is great, guys. Thanks very much!

Looking for the locals favs..the really good stuff

I have to disagree about Alberto's. The pizza slice is large, but often cold. And its always slathered in orgegano. Pizza Paradiso is much better.

Etete, Dukem, or somewhere else?

I haven't tried Queen Makeda, but we love Etete. Dukem is good, but doesn't touch it. The only thing better about Dukem is the seating - at Etete, you basically sit on top of your neighbors, while Dukem is spacious.

Oysters and Fish in Baltimore

Ok, guys: Update. We went to Mama's on the Halfshell. We were pretty disappointed. The meal cost about $64, not including tip. This consisted of an appetizer of raw oysters and clams, and a "steamer" of shrimp, mussels, corn and potatoes. For entrees: a crab cake platter and a "combination" platter of crab cake and fried shrimp, scallops, oysters, and fish. The best part of the meal was the raw oysters and clams, which were very good. The crab cakes were awful - greasy, overcooked. Despite being full of crab, the only distinguishable flavor was that of Old Bay. The "steamer" was dry and dull. The fried fish, etc. was greasy and suprisingly tasteless except for the heavy, greasy taste of the breading. To be honest, earlier in the day, we had steamed shrimp and raw oysters at the Food Court in the harbor center - it was much, much better (and only cost $20). Hank's Oyster Bar in DC is the same price, and worlds better than this place. Sorry guys - I appreciate the recommendations very much, but have to completely disagree about Mama's.

Unusual Food in DC / MD / VA

Anyone know of any restaurants in DC / MD / VA that serve bizarre or unusual foods? And I don't mean anything like authentic chinese. And I also already know about the grasshoppers at Cafe Oaxaca (a pretty bland, overpriced restaurant). The most unusual I could find on this board is a Senagelese restaurant in MD, but the review for it made it sound not very interesting. I don't know if anyone saw the No Reservations done in NY, but if so, I would love to find something along the lines of the Egyptian restaurant in Queens that was featured.

Oysters and Fish in Baltimore

Thanks for the suggestions. I have to say though that I have always been disappointed by Bertha's. I swear they have the sandiest mussels on earth! If I just had a bad experience, and its actually good, let me know! Thanks!

Casa Oaxaca-Adams Morgan

We were there about a month ago (Cafe Oaxaca) and were very disappointed. The food was completely bland and over priced. The Sangria was alright, but nothing special. The tres moles especially was awful-- boiled, bland chicken, and tastless sauces. There are way too many good places out there to waste your time here.

Oysters and Fish in Baltimore

Hey guys,
We are in the mood for some good oysters and fried fish sandwiches in Baltimore-- preferably, something casual, cheap, and very good. Any suggestions?