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Big Green Egg v. Weber kettle

Hi Folks

I too have been grillin and cooking most of my life .. my love of real wood fired cooking stems from spending time on my grandparents farm and my gramma cooked on a woodstove.. we also hunted and fished and you would cook over the camp fire.. every morning at the farm gramma wolud be up baking bread and rolled oat cookies for the day.. every thing that was eaten at that table came from their land..vegetables,honey, meat,cheese , milk etc...

So suffice to say with todays prepacked garbage labeled food my wife and I continue top make homemade meals.. with two sons off at university they relish their home comings to eat amd smell!! real food...

I call myself the Irish Griller and self professed BBQ nut.. as I own 16 at the moment.. but this number or Q's will soon be see I after years of hearing kamado cookers like the BGE and Primo are the be all and end all took the plunge.. only after careful research and attending BGE demos did I.. Last fall I attended a BGE demo and was not as impressed as I thought I would be...

I'll explain.. the Egger Chefs made baked beans , corn bread and some kabob.. not very tasty and I thought mine was far better.. but i was impressed with the ease of temp control ..then a friend purchased a medium egg and another a bubba keg... I had the chance to use them and decided to make a DIY project.. which I did with two ceramic flower pots... to which i use in our canadian winter.. my beans,chicken and ribs came out to be the finest I ever produced.. juicier and tastefull..

now prior to this I had been extensively using my 25 yr old weber 18 kettle with ring and rotisserie attachment for all my roasts and chicken, turkey etc.. all of which came out great.. I had two smokers as well .. a Chargriller Super Pro with side fire box and an upright propane smoker..and many a time I would cook over my fire pit in the back yard using all cast iron .. from skillets to dutch ovens ,, you name it..

well to end a very long story after a long winter of experimentation and research I went with the Bubba Keg or as it name change is called a Big Steel Keg.. it is everything the ceramics are but better... double walled steel construction that comes with the stand on wheels, two side shelves and one cast iron cooking grate and one second tier cooking grate with a great side swing feature.. I have seared staeks at over 700 degrees. baked pizza on the stone, smoked ribs,chicken, turkey,sausages, beans and baked bread.. it does it all... the food comes out super juicy and moist and uses half if not less lump charcoal than any other unit.. there is also a trailer hitch hook up that I have yet to use...

Happy Grilling... Cheers form the Irish Griller

Apr 09, 2011
Irish Griller in Cookware