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Best food and atmosphere in awhile. New restaurant/bar in north Greenpoint.
Lamb tartare is to die for
Chicken is beyond awesome cooked in almond milk
Croquettes made from lamb and bulgur as well as cheese pastries were real crowd pleaders.
This food is so so good and best is that it is a huge space w indoor and outdoor seating,
Did I mention their rabbit for 2?? Cooked a few ways served with a spread to accompany it and make taco like rolls.
Just go.

Jun 16, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Best Scones In NY?

Ovenly's are great, not sure about best.

Mar 10, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Early Dinner near BAM?

Flatbush Farm

Mar 10, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Recommendations for a big group lunch near the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Not sure if any are technically open for the day, but worth asking if they will do it for your party.
Vinegar Hill House outside private area.
Less impressive but definitely big enough is Rebar in Dumbo.
Ici on Dekalb.
Gran Electrica outside.
Giandos on Kent.

Mar 10, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Qi Thai Grill in Williamsburg

Went first night they opened.
Food was awful. Cannot remember specifics, but we left a lot untouched. Avoid trotter at all costs.
There was no alcohol at the time.
There were no signs of Sri in Qi.
Asked for food to be spicy and got no an ounce of heat in anything.
The service needed real help, but I imagine that got ironed out. If I hear something positive in a few months Ill try it again, as was waiting patiently for it's arrival. But was extremely disappointed.
It is a pretty place in a manhattan hotel sort of way.

Mar 10, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Has anyone tried the new Balinese restaurant: Selamat Pagi

Yes it's very good.
Food is overall very spicy so maybe let them know if thats a problem.
It's simply presented, but complex flavors that are not easy to find in food in nyc, especially greenpoint.
The atmosphere is also pleasant and friendly service.
They were not serving alcohol all the times I visited.
I have been here 5 times and never had anything I did not enjoy, except the side of bread.
Awesome addition to the neighborhood.

Mar 10, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Antica Pesa

First 2 times food was good, even maybe excellent...the next 2 it was very disappointing.
The crispy chicken starter and the dumplings in brodo are the best...once the pork entree was to die for, the next time it was inedible.
It may have become a better place to go get a drink and an app at bar and move on... if youre into that kind of atmosphere -- super slick, italian, manhattan-y vibe... but they are overly nice, typical italian service...even if they screw up, they will make it up to you ten fold.

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Ground lamb in Brooklyn?

Meat Hook
Marlow and Daughters
Call ahead for both.

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

"Cool" Brooklyn place w/ a good burger

DuMont Burger

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Heights Vegetarian

Brunch and Lunch Siggys!!

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

The Pines

I thought this restaurant was not good.
The Jicama dish that everyone is raving about below was very weird; overall the food was too weird/too sweet/too salty to be served... and all the dishes evoked breakfast. Sweet potatoes with sweet foam, Pears with vanilla yoghurt, Jicama with coconut... Even the Pork somehow ended up with a cloying breakfast cereal like after effect...
I was very disappointed with the food, after having heard it was good. And because I do enjoy Littleneck very much.
I will say that the atmosphere at Pines is lovely and they have done a great job with the decor. It feels very Brooklyn and warm. The cocktail list read as interesting, but the one cocktail I had was absolutely awful.
They did serve a complimentary soda, I assume house-made. This was the best part of the night.
It's time for this chef to rethink what he has been doing for years all over Brooklyn, sorry...

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Top 5 restaurants to try in Brooklyn (or 10)

Marlow and Sons
Vinegar HIll House
Locanda Vini
One or Eight
St Anselm

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Runner & Stone

I drove here from wburg recently to check it out and had 3 items; mackerel sandwich, white bean soup, chicken salad. All 3 items were below average. To top it off, the sandwich baguette bread wasnt even fresh...isnt this meant to be their specialty?
Extremely disappointing.

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Best of Prospect Heights - New To The Hood

Thirst Bar A VIn (Date)
Bar Corvo
Bearded Lady (Bar)
606 R&D
Locanda Vini (Date)
Sapid (Delivery)
Flatbush Farm
Zaytoon (Flatbreads/Pizza)
Taqueria Maya (Delivery)

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Swedish couple on their way to the LES, Brooklyn and Queens, pls help!

Marlow and Sons
Broadway Diner
Nom Wah (Chinese)
Robertas (Italian/American)
Frankies (Italian)
Vinegar HIll House!! (American)
Lucalis (Pizza)
DiFara (Pizza)
Sriphiphi (Thai)
Tanoreen (Arabic)
Nixtamal (Mexican)
Casa Enrique (Mexican)
Manducatis (Italian American)
Inotecca (italian)
Miles End (Quebecois)

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Clinton Hill food recommendations please!

Locanda Vini
Speedy Romeo
Choice Market
Lulu and Po
Black Iris
Bedford Hill
One Last Shag
Do or Dine

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Early Dinner near BAM?

Romans on Dekalb

Mar 07, 2013
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

weekday late breakfast/early lunch, Prospect Heights?

606 r&d on vanderbilt

606 R&D
606 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Feb 19, 2012
botrytis9 in Outer Boroughs

Visiting SD from NYC- need 5 lunch and 5 dinner spots BUT GREAT food pls! Anywhere from LJ to Dtown

Im visiting SD from NYC. I come once a year and that is never enough time to find restaurants I love.
Looking for 5 dinner and 5 lunch spots anywhere between LJ and Dtown, including Kensington, N Park and close by 'hoods. I am not into white table cloth atmosphere, but am looking for high quality food, taken seriously. I lean toward healthier, produce driven meals, thought open to other rec's.
I appreciate any help!!

Dec 12, 2011
botrytis9 in San Diego