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Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

Monk's is a solid choice. Downside - given the crowds and prices at Monk's, I would consider this a special outing for locals rather than a hangout. Though you will find "local" brews at Monk's, they are known for Belgian style beers.

For a true SF beer experience in the Mission, I'd like to second the rec for Southern Pacific. This is the kind of place locals can and do go to several times a week. Beers are brewed on location by Andy French, former head brewer of Speakeasy. Style is clean, dry and hoppy. Number of house brews vary since it is a small operation but as of yesterday, there's 7 on the list. Warm-up with a pale ale (amazing and $3). Finish with the barrel aged strong at 9%. You will not be disappointed.

Walkable from BART (16th and Mission)

Holiday Cocktail party - Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco

+1 on Southern Pacific. Beers made on location plus a tasty list of specialty cocktails. Food is not typical bar food and quite good. Upstairs area has dedicated bar, privacy and view of the rest of the bar/dining area. 10 min walk from 16th St BART

Low Alcohol IPA?

I've been on the lookout for a beer like this for years. Seems like American microbrewers for the last decade has been all about making the biggest, baddest, highest alc beer possible without taking into account "drinkability".

For a clean, hoppy, full flavored beer that's <6% ABV, consider one of the newer pales to hit the market. One that I really like is Pale 31 (4.9% abv) by Firestone Walker. Impossible to find but fantastic is the Row 2, Hill 56 by Russian River. Looks like you can get Lagunitas in your area. If so, Poleeko Gold is another good one.

Jan 17, 2013
mikey_vee in Beer

What's your favorite small food in SF?

Currently planning my wedding and seeking recommendations for small foods / snacks to serve at the cocktail hour. Typical wedding cocktail hour constraints in play (e.g., must be easily transportable to SF, easy to eat, easily carried on a tray, etc). Also, cannot be Chinese since we're serving Chinese food at dinner and I don't want our guests to OD on Chinese food. Otherwise, we're open to anything. Give us the name of the small bite and the restaurant that makes it the best.

Thanks a bunch!


Seeking suggestions for Chinese wedding banquet catering in SF

Hi Angie - We ran into the same problem that perhaps you are facing where full service caterers in SF do not have the skills or contacts to provide real Chinese food. In our case, our only solution was to break the job into two - one company to cook the food; another company to serve the food. We're going with R&G Lounge - quality and authenticity of the food combined with close proximity to the reception venue were the key factors that drove this decision. For full service caterers, have you consider Yank Sing? Yes, they are pricey and the food is a bit diluted for the western palate but nonetheless, they serve quality stuff and are super professional

Yank Sing
49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

Seeking suggestions for Chinese wedding banquet catering in SF

Great suggestion. Thank you! Will call them this week.

Seeking suggestions for Chinese wedding banquet catering in SF

ahh... sorry ruth. should have added this to the "rule out" list. we tried with them and it's not going to work out.

Seeking suggestions for Chinese wedding banquet catering in SF

dearest chowhounders - i'm getting married later this year in sf. my fiancee and i are both chinese and we're looking for suggestions for a restaurant that can cater our wedding reception... chinese banquet style.

some specifics - wedding reception will be hosted in sf in the fall on a saturday. location is at a wedding hall, not the chinese restaurant itself. 150 guests. food budget is generous. we're ready to splurge here and save on other things.

some requirements -
1) restaurant must be on the larger side - ie, kitchen needs to be large enough to cook for 150 wedding guests in addition to their normal saturday flow of customers. therefore, rule out that fave hole in the wall
2) should go without saying but the restaurant must be able to prepare an authentic chinese banquet
3) rule out the following: r&g lounge (being difficult), empress of china (straight-up won't do it), yank sing (it's a long story) and tong kiang (a possibility, in discussions)

thanks all!