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Fermentation crocks in LA?

Haven't been there, not too familiar with the area, but will check it out. Thanks!

Fermentation crocks in LA?

I've been looking for a mid-size (20-30 L) fermentation pot, such as a Korean onggi. Assi in Koreatown had some smaller ones and some larger ones, but nothing in-between in stock. Any ideas of where else I might look?

something like old charter bourbon for the west coast

Not recently. Isn't it essentially the same as Jim Beam, maybe rebranded, or a little lower on the shelf?

something like old charter bourbon for the west coast

My impression of Buffalo trace is similar - nice, clean, mellow flavor, very good value ($38/1.5L, BevMo), but not outrageous. I tried Eagle rare ($28/750mL, Wine House) based on the recommendations here, and found it excellent: interesting, distinctive, complex flavors that aren't available in the stuff that hillbillies normally drink, but it was sharp enough that I still wanted to add a little soda water. Tyrconnell Irish is in its price range, and I'd be sad to see it diluted.

All these are better than Evan Williams ($16/1.5L, Smart and Final, Food 4 Less $17 BevMo), but all are at least twice the price. You can't spend much less and walk away with a bottle made of glass and not plastic. Jim Beam is also worth mentioning, though it costs a little more than Evan Williams and its quality is similar, because it knows how to treat Hank Williams, Jr.

I have loved the ladies
And I have loved Jim Beam
Both of em tried to kill me
Back in 1973

something like old charter bourbon for the west coast

What about Evan Williams? I think it's at least as good as Makers Mark, and much cheaper. I'll have to try the Old Charter if I ever get the chance. I wanted to like the Kirkland brand, but I just didn't like it at all.

Farmer's Market for Asian Vegetables

Mar Vista farmers market has a few Asian vegetable vendors too.

Mole paste on the westside?

There's a small grocery store on Pico between Barrington and Granville that sells a good Oaxacan black mole paste, to which I usually add a little cocoa powder and sugar. The name is something like La Chiquita Variedades, and they also have (maybe only sometimes?) the large bread rounds that are used to make tlayudas. It seems like Villa Tacos on Venice also has authentic mole paste, but I haven't been there for a while.

Where can I find good slider buns in LA?

I like the ones from the Food 4 Less bakery in Boyle Heights. For me, King's Hawaiian is a bit too sweet, and most dinner rolls and ciabatta rolls (like LA baguettes) are too chewy. I haven't tried TJ's though.

Yellow Mustard Seeds - inexpensive source?

Yes, better to go to their store in Santa Monica or Torrance.

Yellow Mustard Seeds - inexpensive source?

Penzey's. Their brown and black mustard seeds are also high quality and good price.

Copper River Sockeye at CostCo

It was also $10/lb at the Ralphs at Olympic and Barrington last week. Quality was similar to what I bought at Costco a few weeks back.

Copper River Sockeye at CostCo

I didn't see it in the freezer section, but I didn't look hard. The salmon I bought was in the refrigerator and not frozen.

Copper River Sockeye at CostCo

The fish I got on Sunday has been excellent. My normal prep is 15-20 minute marinade in oil, lemon, pepper and garlic, cooked over medium heat in a non-stick grill pan, or an actual grill if I have time.

You would have a hard time finding _________in Los Angeles...

It seems likely that you would have a hard time finding proper turtle soup in Los Angeles. Sounds like you would have to make it. The recipe for Brennan's turtle soup (Mike Roussel, 1998, plus 3 more recipes from different New Orleans chefs), is described in 'New Orleans Chefs Cookbook' (, p.63. It looks like you could get turtle meat from Exotic Meat Market, which Servorg has linked previously ( If someone made this for me, I would be happy.

I have never, ever, had a bad meal at ____________and I have eaten there over a dozen times!

I'm surprised about Popeye's. I've found that it's generally good in places like New Orleans and Atlanta, but every time I've eaten at one outside the deep south, I've been deeply disappointed. What's your preferred location?

You would have a hard time finding _________in Los Angeles...

I think head cheese is a better Philly-style breakfast meat than scrapple, though less popular, and I haven't seen it in LA either. Other possibilities include apple dumplings, shoe fly pie, Pat's / Geno's - style long rolls, the Le Bec Fin dessert cart, and a yearly bike race featuring more morning-drunkenness than Mardi Gras.

Wild salmon at Costco - anyone know what time of year it's available?

I prefer frozen over fresh from Costco as well. How it's thawed matters too. I soak the vacuum-packed filets in cold water, removing when mostly frozen if I'm cutting slices or cubes, partially frozen if I'm marinating, etc.

Wild salmon at Costco - anyone know what time of year it's available?

The Costco in Marina Del Rey almost always has 3 lb packs of frozen Wild Alaskan Sockeye (in vacuum-packed ~6 oz portions) for ~$30, and it's good quality, but its location in the freezer section does change, and it isn't always with the rest of the frozen fish. I bought some fresh Coho there twice this summer for ~$8/lb, and it was so-so both times.

Must Eats in Westside...Not too $$$$

I second Tacomiendo (corner of Gateway and Pico).

11462 Gateway Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064


I saw them at the Mar Vista farmer's market last fall. Haven't seen them yet this year, but I don't pay much attention because I have a guava tree. As with ipsedixit, my guavas aren't ripe yet either.

King Arthur All Purpose Organic Flour locally?

Smart and final on pico and cotner carries the big bags of all purpose but not bread flour. Not sure if it's organic though. Smells and tastes better than normal flour

Best Garam Masala?

I make it fresh using Julie Sahni's recipes. It always tastes great, it's easy, and I don't have to worry about whether it contains sawdust / food-grade cellulose.

Looking for fresh Flour Tortillas in West LA (?)

I've gotten very good homemade tortillas at the Mar Vista farmer's market in the past, but I don't remember if they have flour.

Less expensive high-quality produce?

West LA and Mar Vista farmers markets are cheaper than Santa Monica. Nijiya Market on Sawtelle is high quality and I usually find a few good deals.