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When a jaw is wired shut... (recipe request)

My jaw has been wired shut for a little over a week now, Im to the point where ill try pretty much anything...Heres a few tasty things I've discovered:
Chef Boyardees are delish! Simply pick your favorite kind and BLEND.
Gogurts and apple sauce work great as well for an easy snack
Loaded baked potato soup blended and strained
Prime rib, mashed potatoes, horesy sauce, thinned with au jus BLENDED and strained
Ensure is the key! Tons of protein is a must!
Also, "Buddyfruits" found in the infent food department are great for a quick snack filled with blended fruit in a nifty pouch for on the go use.

Ive found that even after blending food it is best to use a strainer with VERY small holes as well to aviod any pieces of food getting stuck in your wires. Personally, I bought a sink strainer to use to strain my already blended food. It fits perfectly on top of a small cup and has small enough holes to block out any unblended pieces. Hopefully this will help :)

Apr 05, 2011
ItsNoFun in Home Cooking