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Where to get an ethically raised duck in/near Toronto?

make friends with duck hunters!

I use to really be into duck hunting, and sometimes me and my hunting buddies would give our ducks away instead of just freezing them.

Nothing beats a fresh fatty mallard in November.

The Good Food & Drink Festival

ylsj i got a couple tix left. email me if you want some. u know where to find me LOL

TO Underground Market's S & N to be held Feb 16, 2012. AYCE Cocktail Party for $84.75

hey anyone going to this event? Report back if u are!

Hawaiian Food Itinerary UPDATED

da fried chicken at zippys is onolicious!!

Nov 14, 2012
ricoboxing in Hawaii

Food Grade Lubricant in GTA?

or just call up the cash and carry places around Toronto. MVR on weston rd is huge and they sell that kind of stuff.

I know you can order it from Dayco Distributing in Oshawa, or Hendrix in Pickering

Toronto Underground Market: Sept 2012 (Anniversary Ed)

what did u eat?

Food Trucks' Food

basa = high profit margin

Food Trucks' Food

We were also at the Jazz Festival, but didn't get a chance to try Busters Cove. The only time I had time to checkout the truck was at the beginning and they weren't open yet. :(

Catering (with a twist) Suggestions....

if you have to feed that many people in 2 weeks, be prepared to spend a ton of money on crappy food. Even spread out over 7 hours means avg. 300 people per hour. Any catering company prepared to handle this volume of people is probably booked anyways.

Recommendations for Oshawa area

they have a fine dining place across the OC called Fazio's I think. I heard it's pretty good, but if I could afford it I wouldn't be living in the shwa.

Fried Chicken on Oahu

yeah they both got good fried chicken too. The chicken at max's is crispy and not battered up that much (think it's just dipped in flour) so if thats the type you prefer then head to max's.

May 09, 2012
ricoboxing in Hawaii


spam has so much salt in it, that you could probably leave it out for 2 years and still eat it without getting sick

May 08, 2012
ricoboxing in Hawaii

Fried Chicken on Oahu

I like Zippy's fried chicken too. Alot of foodie snobs might look down on it but I like it.

May 08, 2012
ricoboxing in Hawaii

First Underground Food Market of 2012 will be March 4th

So did anyone here go?

Where to buy ground Buffalo or Caribou meat in Mississauga or GTA?

try this place in mississauga

Raccoon in the GTA?

Join the Ontario Out of Doors Forums in the small game section. Coon hunting with dogs is quite popular with some people in the rural areas. There will be some hunters on the forum that would be willing to share their meat with you. Selling it is not allowed though.

Most people hunt for coons at night with dogs.

cheap places for good food on the north shore oahu

Romy's shrimp truck is also good. they use fresh shrimp.

Oct 21, 2011
ricoboxing in Hawaii

hakka chopsticks

aren't they a franchise? I could've sworn I went to a place called Chopsticks in Mississauga like 10 years ago, and they were a Hakka restaurant.

Food Truck Eats - Part 3 - Night of Nuit Blanche (October 1 - 8pm to 5am)

map of the vendor layout

Foods that need to be cooked before eating

Okra, or else they'll taste like crap

Sep 15, 2011
ricoboxing in General Topics

Food Truck Eats - Part 3 - Night of Nuit Blanche (October 1 - 8pm to 5am)

heres the poster

Toronto Food Truck Eats, Part 2: too bad you missed it!

We had a great time there. Can't wait to go to the 3rd event in October.

Is that food truck thing at the distillery worth going to tomorrow?

2X the number of trucks and vendors this time, so doubt the lineups will be that bad

aurora farmers market wood fire pizza

no, it's their first year in business. But I tried their pizza at the Richmond Hill Canada Day Celebrations and it was delicious!!

aurora farmers market wood fire pizza

I think this is what you're talking about.

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

yes you are right, it is gonna be by the walmart and lowes.


I've been to both and they both seemed ok to me. Theres also a place called Tokyo Sushi by the tim hortons/wendys on kingston rd.

I like the Red house Thai place, and Mt Everest is good too.

Mt Everest Restaurant
469 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X9, CA

Local Recipes?

no authentic hawaiian meal is complete without SPAM!!! lol

Apr 04, 2011
ricoboxing in Hawaii

Best BBQ fest in Southern Ontario?

I usually go to the Oshawa one and if you go early on Friday, Saturday or on the Sunday, then the lineups are pretty short.