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Braised Pork Chops and Fennel

I made this tonight and it was incredible. Best meal I have had all year, seriously. Served with mashed potatoes.

Apr 30, 2011
AtomicComet in Recipes

What are you baking these days? Part XVI/16 3/19/11 [old]

My wife and I made these cookies today. Wow, they were incredible. Thank you.

Apr 02, 2011
AtomicComet in Home Cooking

Help Us Choose a Lunch Spot in Cary / Raleigh

I recommend Connolly's Irish Pub at the intersection of High House and Davis. something for everybody there.

Connolly's Irish Pub
24 E Court St, Greenville, SC 29601

Apr 01, 2011
AtomicComet in Southeast