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Those you know who actually only "eat to live"? [from General Topics]

So I think most people know at least one person like this... the kind of person who just eats to live, vs. lives to eat. I'm not saying people here live to eat but I mean you are interested in food, eating, cooking, etc. I don't think I have ever just not thought about it, yet I do see people who just seem to think nothing of food and their weight and eating habits never change, etc.
Are any of you like this? Do you know someone like this who you know well (like bast friend, family, etc).? What are their eating habits like? A lot of people I know and a lot of people in the world DO talk about food, not too much, but just things like "I reeeally want a steak" or "I'm so full but that was so good" or "No I don't want dessert because I'm trying to be good" So just when I see people eat a lot of forget to eat and just never mention it, I wonder, "Do they really never think about it or do they just not say anything?" Plus their weight stays the same even if I see them eat out all the time and eat candy bars or lots of pizza which are very calorie dense!

Apr 11, 2011
secretkessa in Not About Food

Breakfast for the working

I was thinking about this today because I have observed some widely different breakfast habits for people who leave for work in the morning. I will list what I have seen, and then tell me which you fall under, if any:

Never eat breakfast
Cook at home and eat before you leave
Cook at home, then eat in the car
Cook at home, then eat when you arrive at work
Fast food breakfast
Nothing, but munch as soon as you actually begin working (crackers, etc- not like a breakfast meal)

Mar 30, 2011
secretkessa in General Topics