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The Most Obnoxious Chefs of 2011

i have to disagree about ludo, i think that show was great. when he explodes its funnier than ramsay, because he is actually there, toughing it out in the kitchen. as someone who knew chang before he was famous, and is friend's with many of his sous chefs, i have to agree with that vote. he is a moody, bipolar prick that lies about having a pr agent.

Jan 01, 2012
food4mood in Features

Sally's Apizza is obviously better than Pepe's and Modern

amato's, next to modern, has better pizza than all three previously mentioned. that being said, i would have to say that sally's tomato pie is incredibly delicious.

Modern Apizza...Seriously? That's the best you can do?

so my wife and i went to have pizza at modern, and they were closed. so the place next door amato's was open. i guess they alternate on and off days, because amato's was closed the day before according to the posted hours. now i have eaten at all these places, and this place kicked all there butts, and on top of the pizza being killer the food was killer. i know because my then two year old ate both the meatballs we ordered, and most of his pasta, and he is a finicky little bug. thats just my two cents. [moved from Southern New England board]

i think ctbites just chooses not to post negative. its kind of nice, a food site that doesn't dwell on negativity. but its interesting, as positive as it is, sometimes the commenters wage war directly after the write ups.

Oct 07, 2011
food4mood in Food Media & News

Rico's Pizza Stamford CT, a Kinder, Gentler Colony?

even if there is, don't eat the pizza there. its nowhere you would want to sip wine.

Rico's Pizza Stamford CT, a Kinder, Gentler Colony?

so we went for the first time today. had about enough of colony the last time we went. waited like 1 hr 15 min for pizza and saw like 150 pies go out the door, a little frustrating. so we decided to go to rico's and see what they have.
firstly, the place is nothing like colony decor wise. they have all of 12 seats, no music, no alcohol, and its in a bizarre mini mall with a laundromat, a chinese restaurant and a convenience store that attracted all sorts of people that really don't care about blocking cars in, in the front parking lot. the parking exploits are comedy in and amongst themselves.
secondly, the pizza took approximately 25 minutes to come and we started with a salad for 6 bucks that was rather large, served with your choice of dressing. the lettuce was crisp and fresh. the feta cheese plentiful, and large of enough for two to three adults. the pizza finally came after we asked how much longer it was going to be, and i think it took so long because it seemed all the people in the kitchen were watching world cup soccer, a little annoying considering there were many orders waiting to be processed, ours included. there must have been ten people working in the kitchen so it was a little hard to comprehend the wait. but i digress. the pizza was good, very good, i would venture to say better than colony, although i thought the dough could use a little more salt. it was crisp, thin, and hot. however the toppings are very stingy, which is a little annoying, 1.50 a piece per pie, so do yourself a favor and order one topping per pie, you seem to get more of the topping you choose than when you order three toppings on one pie.
so all in all, its some good pizza, but i won't ever eat there again, its uncomfortable and devoid of all atmosphere, but i would pick it up or get it delivered.

so to answer your question, kinder, gentler colony? don't think you can compare a restaurant with a take out joint, but the pizza is better at rico's.

Coffee percolator lovers needed:

i love percolated coffee. i remember my mother using her percolator all the time. i also did alot of catering and we used big commercial pots, and i loved the coffee that they yielded. biggest pains with percolators i can think of.
1. the stupid filters. why can't someone make a gold one like in a drip?
2. no external water level line, that would be convenient.
3. they are either too big or too small. you need two pots depending on the crowd.
4. shininess, which was already mentioned.
5. they should come on an electric base like a tea water boiler, the cords on the electric ones are super antiquated.
6. there always seemed to be a burn hazard.

i can't think of anything else. i hope that helps. GO PERCS!!

Jun 13, 2011
food4mood in Cookware

Pinkberry coming to West Hartford...should i care?

yea, i think 40 carrots at the white plains bloomingdales is better myself. and had a chocolate-coffee twist like 3 weeks ago and it was really good. oddly enough my 3 year old loves the plain yogurt flavor with nothing on it. pricewise its probably about the same, but the portion is three times the size, and i can actually sit at the counter and get waited on if i don't take it to go.

bodega taco and tequila bar

$4.00!!?? for one taco? you have got to be kidding. i'll think i'll eat the tacos at los gemelos in port chester, and if i am in fairfield go to one of the authentic places in black rock. or better yet go to taco tuesday at The Shack.

Pinkberry coming to West Hartford...should i care?

if you like tart yogurt its good. its a little pricey for what it is though.

China White...excellent Chinese food- finally!!!!

its the same restaurant group as baang in riverside. pretty much the same, a high holy rip off.

China White...excellent Chinese food- finally!!!!

went last night. those are some of the most ridiculous prices i have ever paid for mediocre food. no thank you, i'll go asiana next time and get the sushi option as well, and the chinese options are better as well.

Chicago-style Italian Beef hits Connecticut

mildly serious i would say. its basically an italian restaurant with 4 seats.

T Rex in Stamford's south end?

no, their next place is opening in newark, nj.