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Food Allergy Substitutions: wheat, milk, eggs

My stepson is allergic to milk and eggs so I know how you feel! Try Cherrybrook Kitchens. They make a variety of cake/cookie/brownie/pancake mixes that are egg, nut, dairy, gluten free and the stuff actually tastes good. I warn you, it's not cheap- like $6 a box but it's worth it. You can buy egg replacer at Whole Foods, we use it occasionally but it upsets my and my husband's stomach and just bake as usual.

Mar 30, 2011
adcarter1 in Home Cooking

Pollo in or near Hunt Valley?

I swear I'm not trying to be argumentative but...really? How is Carmine's not along the lines of a Pizza Uno or every other chain Italian restuarant? What is it about Carmine's that you like? I ask honestly, maybe I missed something when I was there. And please tell me it's not the gelato, PLEASE.

Pollo in or near Hunt Valley?

Andy Nelson's is awesome! Check them out. For Italian try Pasta Blitz (49 W Aylesbury Rd Lutherville 21093). I agree with everyone else- don't go to Libertore's or Oregon Grill and I wasn't thrilled with Carmine's or Bluestone either.

Vaccarro's Bakery is on the second floor of Hunt Valley Towne Center and they're great for desserts. Try Baltimore Coffee and Tea (9 W. Aylesbury Rd Lutherville) for great local coffee (roasted on site) and tea (they're the largest tea emporium in North America).

For a cheap and relaxing meal try Bill Bateman's (different locations, the closest is in Towson I think). It's easy all American fare and a local chain. If you travel a little north and west, try J&P's Illiano Italian Restaurant in Hampstead or Glyndon.

You could always try sushi- we have more sushi restaurants then anywhere else on the East Coast (even New York) and our sushi is good. Try Edo on Padonia Road (in the Mars Shopping Center) or the Japanese place (imagine, a Japanese Restaurant selling sushi!) next to Pasta Blitz on Aylesbury (the name escapes me right now). There's a revolving sushi restaurant in Towson (that name also escapes me).

Pollo in or near Hunt Valley?

I agree! I completely agree!

Most disgusting taste (of normal foodstuffs)

Peaches. The small of peaches nauseates me. Anything flavored like peaches- candy, yogurt, etc. makes me want to vomit. Even peach shower gel or face wash or perfume makes me sick. Peach pie is the worst.

Mar 30, 2011
adcarter1 in Not About Food

When you grocery shop, do you buy...

We grocery shop for the staples (pastas, rice, etc) but we buy our meats at different places. We have a neighbor who owns an organic Black Angus farm so we buy a side of beef from them once a year and freeze it. Anytime we want to have beef, I just defrost it a day or so before I need it. I also go to a monthly food auction (no, I am not making that up) and so I buy all other meats (pork, chicken, occasionally lamb) from the people at the auction who butcher their own meat and I freeze it. Other than that, I do buy fruits and veggies at the grocery store in the winter but in the summer (if we ever have one here in Maryland this year) I pick from the garden. If I don't grow it then I ride the nine miles to my parents and pick from their garden and if they don't have it, I'll go to a neighbor, or a local farmer will sell it at our local auction and I'll pick it up there. I also occasionally go to Farmer's Markets (our big one starts this Sunday! YAY!) and buy stuff there.

Mar 30, 2011
adcarter1 in General Topics

A dough/kneading question

I would caution against using a handheld mixer to knead dough. Before I got my stand mixer, I thought I would cheat and try to use the handheld mixer to knead the dough and the result is that the dough rolls itself around the metal beaters until it reaches the top and gets clogged in the holes where the metal beaters attach. My handheld mixer also has a grill (spaces where the air vents from the mixer) and it even gets stuck in them! It causes a HUGE mess and then you have to take all of the partially mixed dough off the handheld mixer and still mix by hand. You end up with giant dough globs wrapped around the metal beaters. Plus, it overworks the handheld mixer and I've had mine just shut down because the dough is too much for the mixer to handle. (If this happens, let the mixer cool down for a few minutes, get the dough off the beaters and try to restart it)

I'm in no way a good (or even semi-good) bread maker, although I do make bread from time to time, and there may be a way to mix dough with a handheld mixer but I would caution against it if you haven't made bread a lot before. Even with my stand mixer, KitchenAid recommends that you only knead dough on a certain setting.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Mar 30, 2011
adcarter1 in Home Cooking

New to Baltimore / Steamed crabs. Portions? Prices?

Try Kahler's in Rosedale but call ahead to make sure they have crabs. IMO, they have the best and cheapest crabs. If not, go to Gunnings. Obrycki's is too touristy for me, but you're a tourist so you might like it (and that is not an insult, I promise) and they tend to be higher priced.

As for portions, it's tough to call. A dozen is a lot for a single, non-crab eater and you may end up spending a lot more than you want to (if you have extras though, I'll take them!) and not eating what you buy. But you really can't buy a single crab. If I were you, I would go for small males because they're cheaper, they don't taste different than large males, and it would be more than enough to split between two people. Plus, if you decide you love them and want another dozen or want another dozen in a larger size, you can always order more. The larger males have more meat on them but, if you're just trying them to say you've had them, then go for the smalls. It'll save you money in the long run and the experience will be the same. Females are cheaper than males but I'm not sure if you can get them this time of year and personally, I much prefer male crabs (though lots of people will argue with me on this).

Do you know how to pick them (it seems everyone has their own opinion and their own way to pick a crab)?

It's a shame you won't be here next month because then you could try a real Baltimore delicacy- a soft crab. They may be on the menu at whatever seafood restaurant you choose but DON'T be tempted. These have been frozen from last year and pale in comparison to the real, fresh, in-season soft crab.

Good luck and enjoy Charm City!

Charm City Cafe
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD