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Good eats in Condesa DF?

I want to eat Exhibit B.

Apr 20, 2011
TheUrbanGrocer in Mexico

Good eats in Condesa DF?

I used to live in La Condesa and I loved El Tizoncito. I tried El Califa too and I know for some people it's all about the sauces or the tortillas there but for me, it was bof. El Tizoncito's tacos al pastor were, for me, the best. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. On a hot day those tacos and a beer are all I need.....

If you're looking for something far off the beaten path but so good and so cheap there is a small shop/ stand/ window with a few old ladies in working in there that make great lunch. I think you can get chicken tacos in a flour tortilla with salsa verde for instance, for like 20 pesos. They have a name but I don't remember it. Find the hotel in Condesa, The Red Tree House (I think it's on Culican?) and it's across the street from there (moving away from Parque Mexico). There is a small bodega and the ladies are right next to it. Go during lunch and you'll see the line.

OH! And you have to go to El Diez!!! It's amazing Argentine steak. There are a few locations in Condesa but the one on Alfonso Reyes, I think, is the best. SO good.


Caitlin Zaino |

Apr 05, 2011
TheUrbanGrocer in Mexico

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) officially recognizes a slew of new food-related words and phrases

That's what I thought!! But anyway are these technically words with meanings? If I wanted to know what rugelach is, I wouldn't reach for the OED....I love the OED but I'm confused....

Caitlin Zaino |

Eatocracy versus Anthony Bourdain on the James Beard Awards

Has anyone been following this? What did you think of Eatocracy's comeback:

Caitlin |

NYT on Charlie Trotter

I read this article, don't know if it counted or not BUT I thought it was sort of well, sad. I mean, Charlie Trotter is an institution and he has made some really significant contributions to the world of gastronomy. I think it's chef's like him that opened up the way for other chefs to start serving haute-cuisine and tasting menus and pairings. If he isn't as relevant now than he was a few years ago, that doesn't mean his contribution hasn't been valuable and his worth still significant.

I am also well into food trends and write daily about the next cutting-edge thing being led by some pioneer venturing into off the wall stuff. STILL, just because he's not organizing pop-ups doesn't mean his contribution is any lessened - it's just different.

Who knew I cared so much about Charlie Trotter???? Ha!

Caitlin Zaino |

2 weeks in Buenos Aires

If you want to try some steak then check out El Obrero in La Boca. Everyone says it's in a more dodgy neighborhood so a cab there and back is recommended but this is the sort of place that makes you want to weep when you walk in. It's covered in old memorabilia, the same guys have been working there for years, and they put out the best meat I had in the city. But, talking about the best steak in Buenos Aires is like talking about the best tacos in Mexico City - everyone has their opinion. This is just mine.

I'd definitely try a closed door restaurant. They are SUPER on trend in Bs As. Check out Casa Felix (which is a must in my opinion). If it's not your thing, then do a quick search on puertos cerrados in the city. You'll get a solid list. Casa Salt Shaker - who often posts here - runs one too which gets solid reviews.

If you're into something a bit off colour, then try Il Ballo del Matteone. It's Italian food but super tasty and fresh. Plus, the restaurants are owned by an artist and run by artists and street art, graffiti, and some avante-garde pieces fill their restaurants. It's really cool.

FINALLY, I ate ice cream nonstop. Non stop. Loved Un Altra Volta, Persicco. There are more - a ton more - and though these are chains, they are rocking some pretty tasty stuff. I loved the orange and peach from Persicco if you want something refreshing. But you have to get a dulce de leche. JEALOUS!

Caitlin Zaino |

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires?

There are tons of vegetarian options in Buenos Aires. You may have to look off the beaten path though. There are some closed door restaurants that serve pretty knock out veg dishes and the NY Times not too long ago did a piece exclusively on vegetarian eats in the city.

I spent a very cool day at Casa Felix and the chef there, Diego Felix, is a slow-food loving pescatarian. He is doing some awesome things and has a great philosophy about cooking with sustainable, local ingredients. He also cooks up vegetarian and vegan recipes upon request. And he's super sweet. I'd definitely check it out.

Caitlin Zaino |

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

LOVE Uruguay! I only went for 1 day and was actually there to shoot a segment for a food show on the Cooking Channel. We went to Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio and it was UNREAL. They have this MASSIVE open BBQ room that was decorated with graffiti all over the walls and an amazing circular wood burning grill in the center of the room. The chef, who was a total hipster, cooked up some fish, blood sausage, rib eye, lamb, and pork sausage that was soooo tasty. I would HANDS DOWN recommend it to anyone going to Jose Ignacio. Beyond the food, the space is just soooo cool. We also went to their beach location - Playa Vik - and it was really nice, but did not have the culinary appeal like the ranch does.

Caitlin Zaino