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Vintage Enameled Cast Iron Cookware (Descoware, Cousances, Etc.)

I personally LOVE Descoware, and I like and use my French makers' pieces as well. There is an artisan on Etsy.com who makes replacement handles for the screw in handle pieces. I haven't needed one yet, but they are out there, should you need one.


Happy Cooking!

Jan 20, 2012
cancooktoo in Cookware

Is Le Creuset black interior non-stick or matte enamel?

I was given a great vintage LC skillet, but it has a black interior, and I am worried it is nonstick, which I choose not to use. Does anyone here know? It looks identical to the one in this photo http://www.fryingpanplus.info/le-creu...

It is marked on the bottom under the flame enamel, has a wooden handle with a metal tip with an eye for hanging, and the number of the skillet is in a diamond shape. I contacted LC customer service, and they said if it is super shiny, which it's not, it was probably non stick, and if it is "porous," which again it doesn't seem to be, it is probably matte black enamel. Thoughts? Much appreciated.

May 23, 2011
cancooktoo in Cookware