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Ottawa Chinese Food???

Hate to say this (I believe someone on this board has said it before) Ottawa is not the best city for Chinese food. The Jadeland on Sommerset would be my choice, I like it better than the ones that you mentioned. The quality is more consistent than Royal Treasure, the price is definitely more reasonable than Golden Palace. They have Dim Sum everyday, they cook the dishes after you order them, so there is a little bit of wait. This is opposed to others like Chu Shing and Yang Tse, who cook Dim Sum in batches and cart them around. The specials on the board at Jadeland are also quite good. Try them out!
So Good has been around for a long time, their Pad Thai is pretty good.

So Good Restaurant
717 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R6P7, CA

Great Vietnamese restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario

Agree, we have been there and it is a good restaurant. I had rare beef pho once and asked for rare, boy did they ever give me rare beef. Other Vietnamese restaurants give you well done even when their menu specifically says rare. I think I also bought a bottle of their homemade chilly sauce too, it was very garlicky!

Great Vietnamese restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario

I have been living in Ottawa for 20+ years (lived in Toronto before) and always like Asian cuisine at reasonable price, which can be hard to find sometimes! Just want to share with you my favorite "Fuschian Vietnamese Restaurant". It is located in Ottawa's Chinatown on 726 Somerset St. West, tel 613-230-6815. We have been regulars for three years.
It is a small family business run by husband (chef) and wife (hostess, she also does the dessert). I don't think they have a web site.
The menu is not large, has Chinese influence (pho is not a big thing here, literally), and has specials on the board. Dishes are essentially soups, seafood, meat, noodles and rice. The cooking is very very good and (especially seafood) always fresh. Our preferred dishes include the seafood chow mein (#602 on the menu), the basa or salmon filet on rice, shrimp & egg plant stir fry on rice, and shrimp wonton soup (excellent soup that does not make you thristy later). They also have very good grilled meat, satay etc. The service is very friendly, way above average. Hope you will enjoy your experience.