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Any recipes for making hard chhurpi (rock hard Himalayan cheese)?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a recipe or tips for making hard chhurpi.

It's often sold here as Himalayan dog chews, and I want to try making my own (for both myself and my dog). I tried Googling all over the place but have only come across instructions—not recipes with amounts for the ingredients. The best one I've found is this one, although it doesn't call for salt like some others:

Basically, you're supposed boil milk, add acid to make curd, strain the curd, and smoke or air dry until it's hard like a stone.

If I can't find a recipe for chhurpi, I'm hoping that Chowhounds familiar with cheesemaking may be able to give me some general tips for making rock hard, shelf-safe cheeses.

Thank you for any input! :)

Jun 22, 2012
countersurfer in Cheese

Best Bakery -- not refined, not French, just good donuts

Yay, more Heights Bakery love! I didn't know they had cakes, and hadn't noticed any coconutty things. Maybe they're all gone by the time I get there. :) I'll have to give both a try some time. Thank you for the suggestion!

Bizarre restaurant behavior [moved from General Topics]

This isn't a restaurant, but others have mentioned stores and samples, so here's a couple that come to mind:

At a nearby Whole Foods, there was a big bowl filled with gummy bears samples. A child about 10 years old ran over and began eating one after another (forget the tongs!), hovering over the bowl. His mom (I'm guessing?) did *nothing* at all. She was looking at the cheese about 2 feet way, and totally knew what the child was doing. An adult even approached to see if he, too, may try a gummy animal, but no dice. The kid ended up eating the entire bowl, which was no small bowl.

Again at the same Whole Foods, I saw a well-dressed couple probably in their early 60's who stood over a sample table with one of those whole-brie-with-jam-on-top things with crackers and ate the WHOLE THING between them. The man even stopped using his crackers at one point and switched to using his finger instead (this is much easier!). It was really nuts. They didn't look at each other or talk much or do anything else; just looked down at the cheese and ate and ate. I felt sad because I thought maybe it was an illness of some sort, but they were doing it as a couple (not that two people can't both be ill) and really weren't that elderly.

I'm a total sample eater myself but I only eat one!

Apr 13, 2012
countersurfer in Not About Food

Best Bakery -- not refined, not French, just good donuts

I did a quick read through and don't think this place was mentioned, so I'll add my favorite to the list: Heights Bakery in Fridley area. It's a tiny bakery in a strip mall. They have all the old-school donuts like raised (in various shapes and fillings and toppings), cake donuts, and that cruller kind. Although I'm very partial to raised and don't even like cake donuts so much, I thought theirs was pretty good.

I like raised donuts that are yeasty, not greasy, and not too sweet—their donuts fit the bill perfectly for me. Even the ones with that jelly-like colored filling aren't excessively sweet for some reason. Their raised ones taste like they were baked instead of fried or something; not at all oily. They taste very *honest*. I think three donuts and an apple fritter was around $3.50. Super affordable.

IIRC, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and open until about 6pm. There's usually high school (?) kids working the counter, and everyone is always super polite and pleasant. I really love this place.

Heights Bakery
4925 Central Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, MN

Heights Bakery
4925 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421

Joe's O's taste strange the last few boxes

I just thought I'd come back here to report that the boxes of Joe's O's I've purchased recently have been totally fine! No weird stink at all.

Nov 26, 2011
countersurfer in Chains

Joe's O's taste strange the last few boxes

I know this is an old thread, but I *just* ate some out of the box and noticed the weird bleach-like smell and started googling and arrived here! I'm not a regular O's eater, but have bought some in the past that didn't have this chemical-y taste. I guess I will bring back my box.

Mar 28, 2011
countersurfer in Chains