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Onion Rings

Red Hot and Blues BBQ does an onion loaf that is kind of like that. They have a location in Cherry Hill.

Apr 11, 2014
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Is the Philly Cheesteak Doomed?

If it doesn't have meat, it isn't a steak.

Where to find Hot cross buns?

If Alice is making them in North Wales, go there. Everything they make is the best.

Mar 19, 2014
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Where can I find an Original 'Old School' Italian Hoagies?

I will second the Silvio's and Altomante's recs. Both make a great hoagie.

The Lee's on 611 in Horsham is miles better than the one in Warminster, IMHO.

Cupcakes in the burbs?

I second the rec for Alice.

Boiled Peanuts

I think they make a hummus out of them at The Fat Ham.

Jan 28, 2014
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Taco Bell vs Del Taco

DT by a wide margin. I may be crazy, but I have been craving that junk since We moved away from the LA area 4+ years ago. I miss the spicy chicken burrito. I didn't care much for the fries, but I would mix a packet of Del Scorcho with some ketchup for the best fry sauce outside of that garlic aioli at Oinkster, and the fries made for a great sauce delivery system.

Dec 12, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Trader Joe's Chicken Burritos Discontinued

They had two kinds of chicken burritos when I looked yesterday. They had the chile verde ones that my wife loves (she was really bummed when we went a couple of weeks ago and they weren't there) and another one I hadn't seen before. I wasn't going somewhere that I could get them in a freezer so I didn't pick any up though. Dadgummit, now I have to go back to TJ's.

Oct 02, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

My new secret vice...Domino's Pizza

That's crazy talk! I like it. Where might they find someone to do that, I wonder.

Aug 29, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

McDonald's Breakfast sandwiches

I like to split the hashbrown longways and slip a half into the sausage breakfast burrito. Good stuff.

Aug 19, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Good Pizza in Chestnut Hill/ Mt Airy/ Germantown Area

We enjoy Cosimo's on Germantown Ave. in Chestnut Hill.

Aug 13, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Taco, freakin', Bell.

I was in a Taco Bell in the LA area where they had painted on the wall that it was mexican-inspired fast food. I found that bit of honesty refreshing.

Jul 31, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Top ten ice cream shops in America...

We actually prefer the Wrightstown location because our 4 year old loves the carousel and the train in the little shopping center where it is located.

Jul 05, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

More pretzel buns on the way -- Sonic unleashes the pretzel dog!

I was at the Sonic in Willow Grove last night, and it is definitely a bun. It is probably awful, but some part of me wants to try the one with wiz and bacon.

Jul 02, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

McD's, Bacon Habenero Ranch Burger

I thought I read somewhere on here that it is possible to get the egg patty on a burger if you are there at the moment they switch from breakfast to lunch.

Jun 26, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Nueske's bacon?

We love the bacon at Illg's in the middle of nowhere. It may have a Chalfont address, but it is in the middle of nowhere.

I have no clue where to find Nueske's bacon. I assumed it was a local to the Minnesota area thing.

Jun 26, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Chipotle - What's Your Favorite Combo?

Burrito. Brown rice. Pintos. Fajita veggies. Steak or barbacoa. Tomatillo salsa. Pico de gallo. Sour cream. Cheese.

Jun 11, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

five guys burger sucks

It would also help if they didn't seal everything up in that to go bag if you are eating there. Why make things soggy if you don't have to?

Jun 10, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

carne asade and bulgogi in TJ's refrigerator section

You can do it in a pan. That said, their carne asada has gone way downhill over the past few years. It used to be perfect, but now they are cutting it way too thick for what I expect from carne asada.

May 09, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

biscuits and gravy

Because even now you can hear Vin Scully's voice urging you to buy Farmer John.

Apr 12, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Home Cooking

McD's Onion Cheddar

I liked it. I agree the grilled onions were a nice touch.

I also like the hot and spicy mcchicken for $1. They usually put on way too much mayo, but the chicken is nice and spicy, even though it is not a real breast.

Apr 11, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Best soft tacos?

Taco Suave in Warminster has the best al pastor tacos I have had outside of southern California. It is very authentic Mexican food. Almost everything they make is really good. I will say, however, don't go there if you are in a hurry. One person does front of house and one other person cooks, so they get behind pretty easily. If you can be patient, it is well worth the wait.

Mar 26, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Does anyone know why Subway does not have ketchup in their restaurants?

We love you here in Philly, but it is a tough love. . . especially when it comes to what gets called a cheesesteak.

Jan 08, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Chains

What is Good at Beck's Cajun Cafe?

The Breakfast Po' Boy with andouille sausage is one of my favorite breakfast items at RTM. Their alligator gumbo is also very good, but be prepared for it to be pretty spicy.

Jan 08, 2013
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Taco Bell Pre-90s Was Good - Do You Notice the Difference Now?

I think it happened in 93/94 when all the Taco Bell's got the Demolition Man overhaul. Around that time all the restaurants were updated and the menus were changed. They got rid of the 59,79,99 menu. Got rid of the old steak and potato burrito that had the hash brown sticks in it. And they introduced the fresco or whatever they called it healthy menu. I remember these changes because I was a broke college student at the time who spent way too much time living on bean burritos and chicken soft tacos.

Nov 16, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Great New Restaurant in Horsham

I will second this recommendation. I have been twice now, and was pleased both times. Their pork green chili is also very good.

Nov 06, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Philadelphia

Anyone else crazy about Chick-fil-a's new Chocolate Chunk cookie?

Agreed. The cookies are amazing.

Aug 02, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Jason's Deli

The Jason's Deli near us went under last year, but we enjoyed it. My wife liked the salad bar, and I often enjoyed their baked potato with chili.

Jul 17, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Sheetz Eats

For convenience store food, their sliders and mozzarella sticks are pretty decent.

Jul 17, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Chains

Which fast food chain has the most cultish (and maybe even divisive) following?

I wouldn't call them squeeze bottles or squirt bottles, but there have been bottles of a variety of Tabasco and similar sauces near the eating utensils and napkins at every Chipotle I have ever visited (several in the Denver, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia areas). It is no more disgusting than a restaurant having bottles of ketchup or steak sauce available for patrons to use, but to each his or her own, I guess.

Jun 13, 2012
Velvet Elvis in Chains