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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

We just got back from the Outer Banks. Here is what we experienced.

For breakfast we tried Stack 'em High and found they gave you very little food for a lot of money and the coffee was awful. Then we tried Bob's Grill - Eat and Get the Hell Out and loved it. They give huge portions and the coffee was good. We will definitely go here from now on for breakfast.

For dinner the first night we went to Hurricane Mo's - it was so loud that the waitress had to kneel down next to you and scream to take your order. The food was good. Not sure I would go back due to the noise from the bar which is in the same room as the small seating area.

The second night we went to NY Pizza and Grill. We are from NY and this place was awful. I had a philly cheese steak and it was like real dry steak um's with a slice of kraft cheese on top. My daughter got a turkey wrap that was tiny. My son got the hot wings but they looked like the kind you buy from walmart frozen in a bag. Definitely would not go back here again.

We also went to Dunkin Donuts and Dairy Queen while there and they were great as expected from a chain establishment. Very consistent with what you are accustomed to.

On another note we stayed at the John Yancy Inn and though it was old we loved it. We did not try their continental breakfast in their lobby at all so cannot tell you how that was.

Mar 28, 2011
trvlarrngr in Southeast