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Day trip to DC

we are planning a trip to DC on Fri. April 9th. We plan to spend the day around the Smithsonian. Any suggestions for a very good "American" cuisine restaurant, we really aren't all that interested in "tourist traps". All so, important, where is the closest sensible parking near the Smithsonian. Look forward to all suggestions.

What is your favorite Food TV show?

lovin Ina Garten, especially when she takes us food shopping. There are some interesting programs on PBS on Saturday. I wish we could get reruns of Julia Chid.

Jan 26, 2010
hollis8586 in Food Media & News

Food & Wine: what happened?

I agree with you about Food &Wine..... Saveur is good with food and travel. I enjoy Cook's Illustrated, but get a sub. as it's deeply dicounted. They are a wonderful web site but you have to pay, think it's $3.95 a month.

Jan 26, 2010
hollis8586 in Food Media & News

Steak House

Any suggestions for steak or prime rib in the King of Prussia area? This is a birthday dinner.
We will be traveling from Reading .

Jan 21, 2010
hollis8586 in Philadelphia

Apple Cider and Apple Cider Doughnuts

In regards to your cider inquest, Weavers Orchard located on route 10 near Morgantown would be worth the ride. Their cider is unpasturized, it's processed in the same manner as spring water. We were there on Sat. and purchased apple cider, pear cider and a mosst deliciious apple cherry cider. the cherries were pressed form their home grown tart cherries with tart cherry juice from michigan added.

Oct 26, 2008
hollis8586 in Pennsylvania

new bar in Reading

Has anyone heard news on a new Tiki type bar located on Hill Rd. in Reading?

Jul 22, 2008
hollis8586 in Pennsylvania

Dinner suggestions between PHL airport and Reading

We will be picking up my son and his girlfriend (USC college students) this coming Fri.
We are interested in suggetions on a venue. We are interesed in something very "special" not off the "beaten path" of either the blue route, turn pike or 422. Not interested in the run off the mill chains. Looking forward to suggestions. Was thinks of Jake's.

Mar 08, 2008
hollis8586 in Pennsylvania