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New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

"....ubiquitous sauce that tastes like water mixed in with a really cheap peanut butter sauce."

Funny - to me that's exactly how the sauce at Satay tastes!

New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

It wasn't ath the sauce was too mild, it was just plain BAD. I didn't say it wasn't homemade, but it's not from scratch, with raw ingredients only, they've added commercial sauce. No flavour - very watered-down. Nothing like a real Indonesian resto, IMHO.

New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

Can't remember all the names in the last year, but I have tried Indian, Italian, Organic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, steak houses, breakfast joints, pubs - my partner and I have tried it all. Whether the food on the plate didn't match the menu, the quality was bad, the food tasted too pre-packaged (sysco products etc.) or it just wasn't authentic (Indian resto putting CREAM in the butter chicken) or just over-priced, we have come away dissapointed everytime. The only things that were not terribly dissapointing were the simple malbouffe-type things like poutine and smoked meat sandwiches.

Dissapointing to the utmost, as I'd arrived here not thrilled about the prospect of living here for a year, but at least excited to have culinary adventures in a new city. For the most part, the best adventures I have had here culinarily have been what we've cooked at home!

New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

I found the service to be extremely fake. Maybe, because I have worked as a Flight Attendant and Customer Service Agent for Westjet, plus many years as a server and bartender my expectations are just too high. It is ok to use a customers name once, but to wear it out is just too much. The jive talk was also a bit over used. People want to eat and be treated with courtesy, not become your best buddy and take a round of beers after. That's my 5 cents.

Montreal Food Scene

I could talk for hours about what exactly has been dissapointing about dining out here, the service being overbearing is just one more item on a long long list.

New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

Meh...I wasn't that impressed, which just goes along with my impression of dining out In Montreal since I arrived here a year ago.

Really REALLY wanted to like this new section of Atwater, but it's mediocre at best. When your signature dish is in your company name (as is the case with Satay Brothers) then it had better be able to stand on it’s own. This is not the case for Satay Brothers. The Satay itself was only ok, and the peanut sauce was watered down and seemed to have that syrupy sweet generic thai chili sauce that restos like Mike’s tend to use. I tasted no chilies, green onion or ginger in the sauce, honestly, my Dutch friends make much better peanut sauce, even mine is better.

The bun was again, only OK. The bun itself was fine, but the pork belly is lacking and the fillings (for the price tag) were skimpy. Maybe I am just a spoiled Vancouverite, but I’ve seen much better at the Chinatown AND the Richmond night markets.

Service was overbearing and a bit fake.

I say this everytime I dine out in Montreal, but, hopefully my next resto experience will be better.

Satay Brothers
138 Avenue Atwater, Montreal, QC H3J 2Z6, CA

La Banquise question

You BET the poutine is available, you can get it 24 hrs a day at la Banquise. Happy poutine-ing :)

Looking for good Dim Sum near BC Place

I'd highly recommend Jade Dynasty - one of the few good places for Yum Cha in Chinatown and a 5 min walk from BC Place (Pender and Main). They do card service, not carts so the Dim Sum is fresh and piping hot. Service is great too and if you go before 11, you get a shorter menu but each item is only $2.90. Restaurant is nice and clean (washrooms too) and you can even order a Yanjing or Tsing Tao to was it all down. I highly recommend the prawn stuffed eggplant! Here's a link to for more info:

Jade Dynasty Restaurant
137 Pender St E, Vancouver, BC V6A1T6, CA

All Hail Bute Street Liquor Store!!

Are you kiddin' me? Liquor Bar constantly hs AMAZING sales and long weekend specials. Are you sure it's the Liquor Barn chain you are referring to? I'd chose them over the BC stores anyday!

Chicken Wings In The Lower Mainland

I second the wings at Stellas, and Jade Dynasty on Pender and Main also make amazing deep-fried wings. Get a side of chili sauce or sweet & sour sauce for dippin' and order a Tsingtao to wash it down - beer & wings Chinese -style :)

Jade Dynasty Restaurant
137 Pender St E, Vancouver, BC V6A1T6, CA

Big White Ski Resort

Hi there,

I was in Big White last year for Valentine's. We only ate out once over the course of the weekend, but it was a lovely dinner at Globe Cafe and Tapas bar. I specifically recall a dish with beets that was AMAZING! A bit pricey compared to what I'd pay in Vancouver, but that is par for the course up on the hill.


PS: If your accommodations include a kitchen and you plan on cooking, bring your own groceries, as the mark up at the market is INSANE!

Need a Ramen reco for downtown Van please

Not sure myself but I'll give it a shot, thanks!

The Olympic Thread - (Vancouver 2010)

For blogs and food sites, I would add, great local site! As far as Chinese food goes, Chinatown is an obvious choice but often overshadowed by Richmond…much more central and only a Zone 1 fare :)

Need a Ramen reco for downtown Van please

Hey all - I've tried a few but haven't found the perfect Ramen with those tender stretchy noodles yet. Have tried Noodle Express and also one on the far East end of Robson (some chain, can't remember the name). Am heading out for lunch today w/the bf, can anyone recommend a ramen joint not too far to walk from Granville and Pender? I don't mind at least 10 mins of walking.

Thanks 'hounds :)

Best / Worst Falafel in Vancouver

Your post is a coincidence, as I was just having a discussion with a co-worker yesterday on where to get good falafel in Van. Of course Nuba is up there, and their new location (Corner of Cambie and Hastings) is lovely. If you don't want to dine-in you can get take away for pretty quick at the counter.

My all tim fave though, is a little hidden gem in the Harbour Centre Called Casablanca. They are a Lebanese family-run take out eatery, and the food is fantastic. Delicious falafel, and the BEST shawarma I’ve had outside of Ottawa. Give it a shot :)

Basic Dim Sum Recommendations Needed for Vancouver (not Richmond)

Yes and they also give you a menu with a picture of each item. The menu card that you check off is also divided into sections such as steamed, deep-fried, pork, chicken, seafood, specialty etc., so ordering is fairly uncomplicated even if you don't speak Cantonese.

The servers also have their own system for making sure you get each item and the right amount. They put a copy of your chit on your table with the time your order was sent to the kitchen, printed on it. Then they check each item off your chit as they bring it out, so there's never any confusion :)

Basic Dim Sum Recommendations Needed for Vancouver (not Richmond)

Hey there - I'm a huge fan of Jade Dynasty on Pender St. (across from New Town Bakery) in Chinatown. They don't do carts, the have card service instead. The dim sum is hot and fresh, and hte restaurant is very clean with excellent service. Here's a review I did after my first visit a while back, I've been back at least 20 times since.

You can also find lots of info on Jade Dynasty on

Top picks in North Vancouver: your choices please

Haven't been there yet - just moved to North Van recently but it gets rave reviews on and!

Kingston 11 Reggae Cafe
232 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7M2G1
Tel: (604) 783-4969

Recommendations for prix fixe meals in Vancouver?

As copied from

"From Monday January 18 to Sunday, January 24th.

Various Main Street's restaurants, will offer a three-course tasting menus for set prices of $25, $35 and $45. All restaurants will join the fight against hunger by donating a percentage of their food receipts from this tasty, week long event to The Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Restaurants include

Eight 1/2
3 Lions Cafe
Whip Gallery and Restaurant
The Narrow
Chutney Villa
The Wallflower
Tempest Steakhouse
Hennessy Dinning Lounge
Pings Cafe
Zigz Urban Bistro

china lily in Edmonton

Ack - salty brown water! Am curious to know why you would source out China Lily?

Best chinese resturants in Edmonton

Shanghai noodles are not Dim Sum, Yum Cha is Cantonese, not Mandarin.

Dining in Banff

If you are hankering after a burger, Saltlik's is a great choice - I know it's a local chain but not much beats their Alberta beef sirloin burger with gruyere and the skinny fries. I haven't done much high end dining in Banff but can offer a few recommendations for lower end stuff. Also, as I prefer to have a few bevvies w/my dinner, all my picks are in and around Banff Ave, no need to drive or cab it:

Magpie and Stump - Name is british, food is Mexican. Kind of obscure to have Mexican in the rockies but the dinners are great, cozy pub atmosphere and they make a WICKED traditional margarita.

Silver Dragon - had great Chinese take out for our hotel room party ;)

Sushi - can't think of the name but it's across from the Mount Royal Hotel. Float-by sushi bar (charge by plate) and suprisingly fresh.

Breakfast - can't beat Phil's. Go early tho!

Dessert - I don't have dessert when I dine in Banff - I save all my calories for the FUDGERY! Fresh hand made melt in your mouth chocolates, made in store while you watch from the street window and drool.

Where can I find the best donairs chicken or beef in AB?


Bone Marrow

We are having our office party at the Greedy Pig this year - I'll let you know how the marrow and toast goes down ;)

Vancouver Bars

I beg to differ re: "go anywhere on Hastings for the really scary places". Pat's Pub on the 400 block of E Hastings is great!

It's probably one of the only places downtown where you can get a sleeve of micro brew for 2.50 and one of the few remaining commercial charcoal grills in the city. The hotel and pub have a longstanding history in the Vancouver music scene, dating back to the jazz days of the 30's.

Great live music scene at Pat's too, I went last New Year's Eve and they had 4 bands for 10.00 - great time too!

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

I lived in Edmonton for 16 years and hated living there. When it comes to the BAKED char siu bao, Noodle Noodle wins hands down. I've tried over 15 places in the last year and a half that I have been in Vancouver and have yet to try one better (Richmond included).

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

I need to think for a bit about a good Sichuan place, I can help you with the Dim Sum tho.

My absolute fave Dim Sum joint is Noodle Noodle in Chinatown. Dim Sum all day Sat/Sun and during the lunch hour Mon-Fri. Great selection and cart service. My faves are the juicy hargow, the deep fried shrimp wontons (big fat ones), the shu mai, the lo mai gai and most importantly, the cha siu bao. The steamed and baked variety are the BEST I've ever had, even after a year of living in Vancouver I have yet to find a rival for Noodle Noodle's (and believe me I've looked)!

I'm going back next weekend to visit and it's on my list :)

10008 106 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 0N7
(780) 422-6862

Vancouver Bars

I would add to the Gastown list the Greedy Pig, which had become our office watering hole. Cozy little spot in a heritage building and amazing charcuterie selection, also a great place for carnivores (Smoked hammock pot pie, Marrow and toast, Braised short rib hoagie). Extensive whiskey and wine list, and friendly service.

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

Hi there - the Russian Tearoom on Jasper and 103 (10312 Jasper Ave) used to do a great $3.00 breakfast, served with their delicious homemade rye or sourdough bread. Super deal if they still offer it.

Lots of Asian restaurants nearby with some deals to be had - can you be more specific? Are you looking for Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian or Chinese (and if Chinese then Szechuan, or Cantonese; HK Cafe style Dim Sum etc.)?

I lived and worked in the downtown core for many years so am always happy to help :)

Where can I find the best donairs chicken or beef in AB?

If you like Sunbake, be sure to try their "Lebanese pizza"! They are made fresh, to order and you can have either spinach/cheese or beef/tomato. The mixture is spread on hand flattened pita dough and then baked in their oven. They are sooooooooooooo delicious, particularly with lemon juice and hot sauce over it, then rolled up to take and go. Best part? They're 1.50 a piece and VERY filling - although I've been know to get one of each ;)