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ALBANO'S BROOKLYN PIZZERIA (on Melrose Ave.) -- any good?

I picked up a "Everything but anchovies" pizza from them about two weeks ago to split with a few friends, on the recommendation of one of them (transplanted New Yorker) I wasn't super-impressed. Crust was a bit cardboardy, sauce wasn't anything great. Agree totally on the overly-thick tomatoes.

Nov 27, 2006
kperry in Los Angeles Area

Help! Need good restaraunt in Buffalo for after the game....

So, please give me a hand, New York State locals.... I'm from L.A., meeting a girl from Toronto for our first date at the Leafs/Sabres game on Saturday. I need some suggestions for someplace casual, but with good food and a kind of laid-back atmosphere for after the game. Anyone have any killer ideas?


Tried Yummy in Burbank (less than a mile from my place) about a month ago - horrible! You can really tell that they aren't using good ingredients- I've had better cake from Pavilions. Dry, mealy cake, and frosting tasted like Crisco whipped with confectioner's sugar. Love Sprinkles, however, especially the vanilla, banana, and strawberry cupcakes. Moist, fluffy cake with lots of flavor, and the best buttercream frosting...

Sep 08, 2006
kperry in Los Angeles Area

Gladstone's in Long Beach--A Disappointment

We had a very similar experience with the Gladstone's in Malibu... Mediocre food at best, and the atmosphere is more "family sportsbar" than we'd like.

Jun 26, 2006
kperry in Los Angeles Area