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Great places to eat in Havana, Cuba

I sent out a cry for help before I one answered.

So in case anyone is looking for good places to eat in Havana, here they are. This is all relative by the way, the food in Cuba is not a high point.

1. La Guarida - so good we went twice. Great atmosphere, service, decor and food
2. La Fontana - good BBQ, but make sure you get an outside table
3. La Cocina de Lilliam - beautiful courtyard and pretty good food
4. Go to Chinatown for lunch - we ate at Tien-Tan twice - they have a chef from Shanghai and we really didn't care by that point if we were eating authentic Cuban food - we just wanted good food

any good recommendations for Havana, Cuba? Please help, it looks bad.....

I can't find any recent discussions for Havana. Does anyone have recommendations for great places to eat? From everything I've read it sounds terrible, and we just can't handle bad food... Please help! We're leaving on April 2.