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What do you do with a store bought Rotisserie Chicken?

I shred it off the bone in large chunks (in place of roast turkey), toast a couple of thick brioche slices and make a Kentucky Hot Brown. Here's a recipe link

May 28, 2008
A Petit in Home Cooking

Looking for restaurant with really exotic/unusual offerings

Fellow Hounds, I seek your advice to assist me in finding a place to take my BIL who has a highly developed, adventurous palate. We're planning on taking him out this weekend anywhere in the 5 boroughs. The more exotic and unusual (i.e. edible insects, wild game, etc.) the better. All I could come up with was Galaxy Global Eatery on Irving and 15th for the grasshoppers on their menu. Any other places you know of? Thanks very much!

May 22, 2007
A Petit in Outer Boroughs

What to do with Canned Black Olives?

I usually add them to pasta with sauteed shallots and garlic, 1-inch bacon pieces, some brocolli and parmesan.

Apr 15, 2007
A Petit in Home Cooking

Park Slope Favorites Around 4th St. & 5th Ave.

I'd like to try El Pollo. I tried Googling but didn't find anything. Could you please post their telephone number and exact address? Thanks.

Apr 13, 2007
A Petit in Outer Boroughs

Please help! Question on dry cured Virginia Ham

Thanks very much for all your helpful advice. I did end up soaking in cold water (changing at least once a day) in a covered pot after scrubbing. The ham didn't look so bad when I peeled off the wrappings - there was very little mold. Will be boiling and roasting it this afternoon flavored with the spices Candy mentioned. Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Dec 24, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

Please help! Question on dry cured Virginia Ham

Instructions say "after washing ham, soak from 24 to 36 hours". What do I soak it in - hot, warm, tepid or cold water? Covered or uncovered stockpot? Please advise.

Dec 21, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

What to serve with Turducken and Country Ham

I've been asked to bring a vegetable side for Christmas day dinner at my sis-in-law's place. Their mains are Turducken and Smithfield Country Ham. Would greatly appreciate suggestions and recipes, please! Thanks!

Dec 18, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

10 lb Turkey Breast - sitting in fridge for 6 days - is it safe to roast?

Yep, prices have definitely gone down for frozen turkey. I just am not prepared to eat another batch of turkey in the next 30 days or so as my family and I had just scarfed down that huge turkey breast I roasted - and it was, still pretty good! No stomach upsets here. Thanks, all!

Nov 30, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

10 lb Turkey Breast - sitting in fridge for 6 days - is it safe to roast?

I totally agree with you, opinionatedchef - that is why when I read their advice, I felt much better because they are known to give expert advice and I respect their opinions.

Nov 29, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

10 lb Turkey Breast - sitting in fridge for 6 days - is it safe to roast?

Thank you both very much for your advice. Good to know that it's still good after sitting in the fridge that long!

Nov 27, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

10 lb Turkey Breast - sitting in fridge for 6 days - is it safe to roast?

Bought the turkey breast frozen on Tuesday (Nov 21) and left it in the fridge to thaw. Didn't get a chance to brine nor cook it because we spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws. I just found it in the bottom shelf this morning and thought I'd check to see if it still was safe to cook. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Nov 27, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

Are there any hounds in Bay Ridge?

Banana Leaf is long gone, replaced by Bamboo Stick. Sampled a few dishes on their menu and was disappointed - not the same old Banana Leaf.

Al Salaam - on 5th Avenue and 72nd Street - it's the store with a white bird on their sign. This is a middle eastern store also serves some cooked items. My family loves their spicy sojouk platter, and if you walk in all the way to the back, they have a fresh meat section, and you can purchase the spicy sojouk and other meats by the pound. Everytime I stop by, always get their kofta mix with parsley and onions which they prepare fresh for you. Their chicken tawouk (sp?) cubes are also good, I just skewer the cubes when I get home and store in the freezer or fridge (depending on how soon I wish to cook them).

Also like, Tanoreen, Sally and George's (on 3rd Ave and 78th/79th St), Kettle Black, Bay Leaf, and my daughter loves the pizza from Papa's Pizza on 5th Avenue and 83rd Street.

Oct 30, 2006
A Petit in Outer Boroughs

Crisp-Skin High-Roast Butterflied Turkey with Sausage Dressing

Thanks much for sharing. Your Dad's recipe sounds delish, although I'm looking for the one that America's test kitchen some time ago. It's in Cook's Illustrated website archive somewhere, but I'm just too cheap to get a paid subscription for something that I won't be using fairly often.

Sep 22, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

Crisp-Skin High-Roast Butterflied Turkey with Sausage Dressing

Can someone please post a paraphrased recipe for the above, or include a link that doesn't require a paid membership subscription? Many thanks!

Sep 20, 2006
A Petit in Home Cooking

Look to Elmhurst for great Thai

I used to live in Elmhurst 3 years ago, and My Thai was my all time favorite Thai place not only because it was walking distance to my home, but also for the good food we had there. Yam Wun Sen or glass noodle yum with shrimp, Beef Yam, Pad Thai, Pad See Yu with squid (sp?), whole fish in garlic sauce are some of the dishes I miss the most. Occasionally I would ask my DH to drive from Brooklyn to Queens so I could satisfy my My Thai, Taste Good and Pio Pio cravings.

Sep 03, 2006
A Petit in Outer Boroughs

Bay Leaf in Bayridge (Long)

I just wanted to share my new neighborhood restaurant find. Got the menu from my child's pediatrician earlier this week. The restaurant menu states they serve "Contemporary Asian Cuisine", and there is a limited time Grand Opening 25% discount for delivery orders over $20 (offer expires Aug 31). We've been ordering from them for the past 4 days testing their dishes, and so far, the only disappointment we had was the fresh roast duck roll starter. The roll itself tasted good - it's more like a duck version of the Vietnamese summer roll. However, IMO the sauce that came with it did nothing to complement the dish - it was neon orange in color and it left my mouth in shock from the high acid content, which also released a searing heat from the peppers that numbed my tastebuds. I had to take several gulps of ice cold water to recover.

So far, here's what we've tried off their delivery menu:

Wild Mushroom Dumplings - ginger soy dip
Crispy Calamari - spicy mango salsa
Salmon spring rolls - basil and mint sauce
Fresh roast duck roll - wrapped w/ rice paper and herbs
Crispy Crab and Pea Dumplings - sweet & sour indonesian sauce

Indonesian Mee Goreng (both my DH and son loved this - they've ordered it 2x already)
Singaporean Bee Hoon - not out of this world, but decent
Basil-Spiked noodles - broad rice noodle w/ beef or chicken and bokchoy - I enjoyed this dish as it was nothing like the greasy chinese stir-fry noodles from other places
Thai thin rice noodle soup - seafood in spicy lemongrass/kaffir broth - pretty good - the noodles were not boiled limp and soggy
Asian Style grilled chicken - red pepper and cilantro

Other items on the menu that we'll be trying soon:
Summer vegetables and tofu in coconut curry
Green Curry Shrimp cooked in casserole pot
Indian Curry Squid sauteed w/ veggies and herbs
Lemongrass Crusted Fillet of Snapper - coconut lime sauce
Spice-crusted Scallops - saffron coconut sauce
Whole Grilled Sea Bass - galanga flower and sweet shallot sauce

Not sure if they have a different dine-in menu as we haven't gone there in person yet. So far, we're enjoying their deliveries.

Bay Leaf
Delivery Hours: 11:30 am-3:30 pm, 4:30 pm - 10:30 PM
7109 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Jul 28, 2006
A Petit in Outer Boroughs