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ceviche/ceviche quality fish in Baltimore

Never add all the ingredients to the ceviche at once...let the lime and fish sit alone for at least 10-20 mins...blend your yellow Peruvian peppers with garlic/salt/condensed milk and small any of celery...chop your red onion separate. Pour your blend in after the fish starts turning white...cover with onions and let it sit another 5-10 mins...then eat...with chips like gringos...I'm white and would never eat with it with boiled sweet potato slices and the juice when the fish is gone and pour into a glass...add beer or vodka=Leche de Tigre! And NEVER add contains vinegar and will ruin the taste! Ceviche is from Peru...not the bayou!

Simple Syrup

You can boil it if you want instant dissolution of the sugar molecules...but sugar will eventually dissolve in water if left long enough...but sugar boiled and sugar not-boiled is still sugar.

May 28, 2011
mrblue96 in Recipes