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Thai grocery near Palm Springs, CA?

Don't know of a Thai grocer, but Fil Am in Cathedral City is a small nice market that may have some things you seek.

Jul 15, 2013
sheldman in California

Palm Springs Sunday brunch for 15

Conceivable that Escena (restaurant at the golf course development) would be right for you. Not saying that it is "chowhound" food necessarily, but I had a perfectly good dinner there once, sitting outside and watching the sky. You should be able to get a good sense of it on the website,

Mar 09, 2013
sheldman in California

Palm Springs Area: Any Chow-worthy places???

I love Birba (sister restaurant to Cheeky's) - open only at dinnertime. It is an outdoor space (with heaters when necessary). Delicious food, of which you can get a sense by looking at the menu online (though there is also a menu of specials daily, which the website doesn't seem to show).

Feb 15, 2013
sheldman in California

Genuine restaurants to eat in the Palm Springs area

Not to be difficult - but you would probably find the info you need by doing a search on this board. There have been long threads with lots of discussion. As I type this, there is a box to the right called "Discussions You Might Also Like ..." that contains links.

Jan 02, 2013
sheldman in California

Palm Springs restaurants

Not to be difficult - but you would probably find the info you need by doing a search on this board. There have been long threads with lots of discussion. As I type this, there is a box to the right called "Discussions You Might Also Like ..." that contains links.

Jan 02, 2013
sheldman in California

Range - new Bryan Voltaggio place in Chevy Chase

On a menu that big, it surely wouldn't kill them to include ONE vegetarian main dish. (I guess technically a cheese pizza counts, but come on.)

Palm Springs Restaurant Good for Large Groups

Don't know your budget, of course, and not quite sure what skaters like to eat. Workshop Kitchen + Bar ( is a new restaurant that is apparently available to be rented out in its entirety (on good advance notice, I guess) and would hold that group. I had dinner at the bar there the other night and it was very good. "Hip" vibe as far as I am concerned - you can see pictures on the website to check my sense of hipness.

Oct 16, 2012
sheldman in California

Please help me decide where to go for elegant, yet fun foodie dinner Washington DC between these restaurants:

"like a place with lots of atmosphere"

Based on this, I would avoid Komi (even if I could get in). I haven't been for a couple of years so it is possible that something has changed there. But the times I have gone, every aspect of the restaurant other than the food on the plate has been deadly dull, morose or overserious.

I may be an outlier in feeling that way - I rarely hear other people say it. On the other hand I never hear people say "Oh Komi what a lovely/fun/interesting/pleasant experience." People like the food, and I understand that.

Montreal foodie visiting Palm Springs end of Sept - breakfast/lunch/dinner recommendations needed

Yes, the restaurant in the Ace Hotel is any good. Sometimes better than any good. Certainly a very nice pleasant place, worth going to when you are hanging around the pool and don't want to go farther.

The Cheeky/Birba/Jiao trio are fantastic, all of them.

New place called Workshop Kitchen+Bar is opening in late Sept. - maybe just barely open by the time you are there - available info suggests that it is aiming to be the kind of place you are looking for.

Sep 15, 2012
sheldman in California

Palm Springs -- open in August?

Darn, the Cheeky's family of restaurants (Cheeky, Birba, Jiao) are all the best but are all closed for the next couple of weeks. Places you might want to try include:

Taqueria Tlaquepaque (on Sunny Dunes) - not catering to tourists, very good and not very expensive, breakfast lunch and dinner

Kings Highway in Ace Hotel on E Palm Canyon - converted ex-Denny's in fun hipster hotel, pretty good food though not always awesome

Norma's at Parker Meridian - maybe overpriced, but nice outdoor space with very cool architecture and design, and I have had good food there

two restaurants at other hipster restaurant on E Palm Canyon, Saguaro - restaurants are Tinto (more expensive, tapas-ish) and El Jefe (tequila, tacos, etc., with very excellent chocolate dessert)

Palm Greens Cafe - organic, veg-friendly, not posh but certainly nice enough decor, really friendly and good food.

Aug 07, 2012
sheldman in California

Looking for a decent restaurant that isn't taking part in restaurant week

District Kitchen is a new restaurant in the Omni Shoreham neighborhood (Woodley Park), a very few minutes walk from the hotel, and it is excellent so far. If you want to stay in the neighborhood, go to District Kitchen or (somewhat higher end and very good) New Heights.

About to move to D.C. from Austin. Will need TexMex, Fajitas, and BBQ

I think you will be happier with the food in DC if you don't focus on looking for those things that you loved in Austin.

Of course I don't know you personally and don't know what makes you happy, I am just saying that there is not much Austin-like Tex-Mex, or Texas BBQ, in DC that will satisfy somebody who is homesick for Austin's best of those categories.

DC has other great things, though. It is very different from Austin in so many ways, including the food. There are many people who come here and say that they don't like it because it doesn't have the things they loved about where they came from (NY, Texas, California, etc.) That's fine, but it is not the path to enjoying life in DC.

What's the most expensive sandwich in DC?

Lobster burger at Central $32? If any sandwich can be worth that (and I think the answer is yes, again assuming that the eater is a very lucky prosperous person), this is.

What's the most expensive sandwich in DC?

$20 incl. tax and tip is what, $15 or $16 depending on your tip? I don't begrudge that to a very nice restaurant with huge overhead and good food, but maybe that means I'm too lucky or something.

Anyway, I have never been to BLT Steak, but googled it upon seeing your question, and they'll sell you a steak/foie sandwich for $28, and no sammich is below $16. Warning - the web site plays music that won't turn off. Lunch menu at

Non-tourist eats

Grab a sandwich (to go) at Cowgirl Creamery cheese store, 919 F St NW. Mmmmmm.

Cowgirl Creamery East
919 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two Under $100 in DC

I notice on the website of Ardeo (in Cleveland Park) that they are doing a $45 per person 3-course T'giving dinner that looks nice. I mention this because I had a really extremely good dinner there tonight.

Ardeo - Bardeo
3311 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

Washington DC Friday after Thanksgiving Museum and Meal

I don't know that you'll find any other museum in town with a really good restaurant in it. The National Gallery of Art (on the Mall) has a substantial cafeteria in it, and I've always been able to find something good to eat there over the years.

My best suggestion - depending of course on exactly what your grandsons are into - is the National Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art. It's a totally great museum. There's a little cafeteria in the building, and a very nice internal courtyard with a glass roof where you can eat. But if I were you, I would hang out at the museum, then walk half a block to the Cowgirl Creamery cheese store and get a sandwich and a soda. The Building Museum isn't far from there (c. 4 blocks), and you could include that in your day too.

5 Days in DC. Where MUST I go eat?

Nothing mentioned so far, in my opinion, amounts to "fine dining," especially not in a "money is no object" sense.

Eatonville (mentioned above) is fun, though I would call it pretending-to-be-rural-Southern rather than "urban vibe."

The problem you may find is that you are trying to put together two incompatible things - "best/money is no object" and "I'm coming in a week and don't have reservations." I would suggest going through the Washingtonian magazine 100-best list ( and seeing which places (a) sound good to you and (b) you can get into on this little notice (through or by calling).

I think that most "best DC has to offer"/"money is no object" people would probably steer you towards Komi, Cityzen, and a few others if you can get in.

farmers markets / seafood places

Georgetown Law (GULC): various buidlings centered around 2nd and F NW, see

Farmer's market a few blocks away (8th and E) on Thursday afternoons for most of the year - - there may be a closer one but I don't know of it.

If you're trying to pick among the law schools in DC based on quality of school and proximity to a farmer's market, it's a good choice.

Haribo and the Case of the Randy Lime

I don't think it's a lime - it's some green cartoony guy. But sexy!

Sep 03, 2009
sheldman in Features

Columbia Heights Delivery Options?

I have no idea whether they deliver, but Pho 14, a Vietnamese restaurant at 14-something Park, is a very nice place that has served me good food every time I've eaten there. Pho, other soup, banh mi, noodle dishes, etc.

local, freshly ground flour

This morning at Dupont he had wheatberries, as well as whole wheat and rye flour.

Just moved to Logan Circle and need tips!

I love Bar Pilar on 14th St. - mostly small plates, mostly simple in terms of not a zillion ingredients, but very well thought out and well cooked. And a good bar, and nice staff, and in general a very friendly place to eat and drink.

1st Anniversary - need knock out restaurant in DC

I recognize that I may be the only person who feels this way, since I see so many raves for Komi and haven't seen anybody else write that they feel as I do - but with that preface, I would not recommend Komi for a special occasion for most people. The reason is that, the two times I've been there, the vibe has been joyless. It is a long parade of extraordinarily well-cooked food, and if you're someone for whom that is the goal, then by all means go - but if you are looking for a sense of pleasure in the people working there, and a sense of some vibrant energy in the room, I would look elsewhere.

Lunch tomorrow near Capitol

Yes! I too am so glad to learn I'm not alone in believing that the Indian Museum cafeteria is bad. The building is awesome. But the cafeteria has been mind-blowingly crowded every time I've ever been - so crowded that it's really time-consuming and unpleasant - and the food has been lukewarm, expensive, and bland.

I had a perfectly good salad in the Rayburn (House Office Bldg) cafeteria yesterday.

Is Palena still good?

Palena is still fabulous.

If you want something else just to have something else, Dino is good.

Trouble finding good indian food

I really like Indian Ocean in Van Ness (DC). Not high-end like Rasika, but very pleasant place with fresh, well-spiced and carefully-prepared food.

Arisu - Korean/Japanese Restaurant in G-Town/Glover Park

Just went for the first time. I want to like it and will return. Nice (small, 2nd floor) interior. Friendly staff. Nearly empty at dinnertime. They say they are in "soft opening" still, after some weeks. Some things on the menu are scratched out, not available yet. What is available is mostly some small plates, a reasonable standard sushi menu, some bibimbap varieties, some noodle dishes, and a few other options. The agedashi tofu (if I spelled that first word right) was nice, the sushi perfectly fine, the bibimbap good but not noticeably better than a non-expert could have made after a trip to an appropriate grocery store. As I said at the outset, a good place and one I'll go back to, and will hope for more variety and flair after a few weeks. I think that it will be a place worth going to, and is worth trying now.

seafood store/market

I think that your best bet - which is not bad by any means, just not "local" and not cheap - is Whole Foods, of which the closest to Adams Morgan is not far, at P and 15th.

Favorite sit-down Vietnamese in DC/VA/MD?

Another vote for Minh's on Clarendon. Last I had heard, the Four Sisters was moving right about this week, so that may be in flux.