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Petit Fours

I am looking for traditional petit fours in the Boston area. Has anyone seen them?

Help Please! Clear plastic containers for a non-restaurant member!

Four Star Paper Products in Quincy.

Non-touristy Portsmouth

I am attending a wedding next weekend in Portsmouth, NH and need a positive dining experience for two on Friday night. After reading many reviews I can not seem to find anyplace that is welcoming, has good food, and ambiance. I don't mind spending as long as it is worth it. Is there anyone out there that has found a place that has at least 4 stars in all categories?

Dinner for one?

Oh! Thank you Kathryn. You never disappoint. I have followed your recommendations before and have found just what I was looking for. I looked around at your recs and now have some great direction. Again, I am very grateful.

Jun 06, 2013
Pomegranate Martini in Manhattan

Dinner for one?

I will be in NYC on business mid-week the middle of July. I expect to be alone two nights. I am staying in Washington Square and looking for recommendations for dining for one. I don’t mind sitting at a bar, probably easier for one. Mid-price is best. I am adventurous and I also like to try local places. I prefer places that are not raucous.

Jun 06, 2013
Pomegranate Martini in Manhattan

May 2013 Openings and Closings

I just heard DiNero's in Hull/Cohasset closed. Can anyone confirm this?


I have to admit I do not get what the Erbaluce hype is all about. I had just about one of the worst meals I have ever had out. (as did everyone else in my party) The service was good, but the food inedible. The space is lacking warmth. With all of the fantastic dining in Boston, I would not recommend you put this on your list.

Grape leaves?

Two suggestions.
There is a great Syrian Market in the South End on Shawmut Ave next door to Formaggio. It is very well stocked.

Also, I have seen grape leaves at To Dine For on Nantasket Ave in Hull. They have amazing Syrian food in addition to some grocery items. Maybe call ahead.

South Shore Sushi

La Dalat in Hull right on the beach has fabulous sushi. Try the Tuna Pizza, it is truly amazing. Don't be put off by the name. It is actually a sesame pancake with sushi grade tuna on top. Drizzled with some wonderful wasabi type sauce. They also have what they call a Sushi Sandwich. Again, pay no attention to the name. It is layers of sushi rice staked with a variety of perfectly fresh fish. Not far from Scituate.

South Shore Iced Coffee

Redeye Roaster is really the finest coffee, iced or otherwise I have had. It is directly across the street from Stars right on 3A in Hingham. You really must try it! Great atmosphere, fresh roasted coffee, warm and efficient service. Can't beat it. Opens at 6 week days.

Better than Stumptown

I am a coffee junky. When I travel I research the coffee houses in the area. I thought the paramount place for good coffee, comfort, and a fine vibe was in Stumptown NYC. Then Red Eye Roaster Hingham opened right in my world. Nirvana. It is hard to say what I like best about RE. As soon as I approach the door I am greeted with the wonderful aroma of roasting coffee so pleasant, even if it is lingering from the day before. The coffee pours like fine wine with a wonderful appearance, aroma, taste, balance, and finish. I take my first sip with my eyes closed so as not to miss any element of the flavor. The staff is consistently cheery and friendly. They are like good friends who always seem glad to see you. The ambiance is inviting; it’s hard to walk away when hitting it on the way to work. On weekends it is the best place to linger with a book or make new friends in the comfortable seating area. Went to Stumptown again recently and it just seemed blah after Red Eye.

Has anyone found coffee houses in the Boston area like it?

Smoked fish guy

There used to be a smoked fish guy at the Farmer's Market in Copley, then he moved to the Hingham Market. His smoked blue was the best I have ever tasted. He has not shown up yet this year. Has anyone seen him around or know what happened to him? The company name was Nantucket something.

Walking distance of Washington Square

I am coming into town for a long weekend and staying at the Washington Square Hotel. In the past I have found the restaurants in the area lackluster. Does anyone have suggestions for walking distance (not afraid of walking a distance) hidden gems. I would love easy and intimate after a day of museum and a matinee. But I really want good food. Preferably small and independently owned. Babo too frenetic. Just for a reference point. Thanks for your input. I love this board!

May 10, 2012
Pomegranate Martini in Manhattan

Breakfast near the Ace

I love Stumptown at the Ace. Any suggestions for a good breakfast place in the area?

May 10, 2012
Pomegranate Martini in Manhattan

Il Cantinori "like"

Has anyone eaten at Il Cantinori recently? I can not find a web-site. Are they still open? Also reviews are so mixed, but not current. I am looking for a restaurant of the same ilk. Thank you in advance.

Il Cantinori
32 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

Mar 15, 2012
Pomegranate Martini in Manhattan

Moksa Opening Soon

Pretty uncivilized language for a chowhound.


The Thinking Cup has wonderful scones! A good second is Appleton Bakery on the corner of Appleton St and Dartmouth in the South End.

Best Bolognese in town

Saporitos in Hull does a nice bolognese.

Christmas Manicotti

Thanks for your response. I am only doing one each as it is one of 5 courses.

Christmas Manicotti

I am making manicotti for 25 using crespelle. I have pre-made manicotti with pasta, but never with crespelle. Can I stuff the crespelle the day before? Sauce them last minute, or does it matter? Thank you all in advance. Merry Christmas!


Does anyone know a source in the Boston area that sells Flamigni Panettone?

An Elegant Christmas Dinner for a Crowd

I am hosting Christmas Dinner for 27 people this year. In spite of the crowd I still want elegance. I would love to do Tenderloin and Poached Salmon, but beef has been vetoed. I thought about a Fruited Stuffed Pork Loin, but I am having a hard time coming up with another entree that marries well with pork. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for all of your thoughts.

Cozy Coffee House

Are there any cozy coffee houses in the Copley Square area that sell good coffee? Maybe in hotels? A place to meet friends that is not loud and is comfortable.

experiences with Sofra catering? other good caterers with Middle Eastern menus?

Where are you located? To Dine For in Hull is wonderful. Funny name for Middle Eastern caterers, but the women who own it are terrific cooks.

Which one???

Lumiere gets my vote. Lovely room, excellent service, and superb food.

Lumiere Restaurant
1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

What's the scoop on Gaslight?

I haven't be able to find a thorough review on Gaslight in the South End. Anyone want to weigh-in?

Remember Franco's in Provincetown?

Remember Franco's in Provincetown? In all of their locations the food was extraordinary and the atmosphere was a beautiful marriage of romantic and old Cape Cod. During that time period there were wonderful choices in PTown. Proprietors were proud and friendly. A meal did not equal a mortgage payment. I have not had a good meal out there in at least 10 years. Anyone had a decent experience lately? Any of that old magic?

Okay, probably been done before, but "Guilty Pleasures"?

The Great American! So yummy. A real trip down memory lane. There is a Brigham's in Hingham Center. I am heading there to see if it is still on the menu. By the way, I do not think anyone makes Chocolate Chip ice cream as good as Brigham's.

Thinking Cup on Tremont Street - report

As previously stated, the pastry chef is fantastic. Try the Cherry Scones and take home some eclairs. You will be swooning.

Cocktails and dinner at the bar in Hull?

CocoDan, Have you been to La Dalat? Pretty good wine list for the beach.

La Dalat Restaurant
181 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA 02045