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285 Burger

I happened to be in the area on Saturday so we checked to see if they were open and they were. It was almost exactly noon at the time. A few people were there, no line. We got four cheeseburgers, two no tomato and one no teriyaki, and they did fine with accomodating the special order.

We walked down to the waterfront to eat it (there's tables and chairs there). Hit the spot. I agree with the others, not worth a special trip, but if you're craving a simple fast food style burger with processed cheese, and you're downtown, does it beat McD's, A&W etc in both price and flavor? I say absolutely. The meat is probably comparable but the toppings and bun and price are all better at the food truck.

May I know where I can get Aussie Style meat pie in Vancouver ??

If it is the frozen APG pies, then $7.50 for a pie and a pop is not a bad deal. If you buy direct from APG it's $26 for four frozen pies. I'll have to try it sometime too, I'm often darting around in that area and wanting a quick lunch.

May I know where I can get Aussie Style meat pie in Vancouver ??

I was walking by the Milk Bar (just north of 33rd on Main St) and they had a sign in the window advertising Australian meat pies, "100% authentic". Didn't go in but might be worth a try?

I've had a pie from the food truck and it was excellent, especially since it was a cold day.

Local restos - which ones make more in-house vs. sourcing out ?

Am I missing something? I watched the video and it seems like it's just a video recipe to make the dough from scratch, with suggestions about making in bulk and freezing/refrigerating. Does GFS sell the beef etc pre-made or something? Just based on this video, it doesn't seem nefarious...

Stinky Tofu

My guess would be that the problem with authentic stinky tofu is that it is not a smell that just stays in its dish. You can smell the stinky tofu stand from a good bit away at a night market in Taipei (I lived there). Any indoor restaurant serving the real thing would reek of it. I'm guessing even at the outdoor places like the Richmond and Chinatown night markets, they don't want to rent to anyone who would sell the real thing, because no one would want to rent the stalls nearby.

ISO american cheese

I am pretty sure Santa Barbara Market on the Drive has it. I can't recall what the name they use for it is. The white kind in a block which they slice for you.

American cheese in a block is one of my guilty pleasures too. (I'm also a transplant from the States.) It does taste better than the individually wrapped kind. Less plastic.

Sushi in Kits/Kerrisdale good for kids

I don't know if this is close enough to Kits for you, but I have taken my two year old to Shizen Ya on W. Broadway. They were super accommodating and we were not the only family with toddlers there.

Excelentes tortillas ..... from Manitoba ?!?

Well... it's a bit more complex than that. Nester's is owned by Buy-Low, which in turn is owned by Jimmy Pattison, who in turn owns lots of stuff, such as billboards and car dealerships and Overwaitea Food Group. Overwaitea owns Cooper's, Urban Fare, Overwaitea, PriceSmart, and Save-On. So both Nester's and Save-On are ultimately owned by the same guy, but AFAIK the companies themselves don't cooperate at all, whereas within Overwaitea, they do. (If you compare PriceSmart and Save-On flyers especially you'll often see they have many of the same items on sale.)

If anyone cares, Loblaw's owns RCSS, NoFrills, SuperValu, T&T, and Your Independent Grocer (lol. it's because they're franchised, not corporate-run). Safeway is now owned by Sobey's although the sale doesn't seem to have changed anything so far, and Sobey's also owns Thrifty's.

Fine dining with serious food restrictions
Dairy Egg Nut is a blogger with allergies to those three food groups, and she talks about how restaurants deal with her allergies in YVR. It's a good resource to see how accommodating/knowledgable various restaurants are; I used it as a source for ideas when we were entertaining out of town guests, one of whom was allergic to sesame.

Vancouver Essential Restaurants- Can anyone point me to a list?

Aha, didn't scroll down far enough to see you had already finished your trip. :)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Peaceful after all. The beef roll actually was one of my favorite dishes back pre-Food Network. Maybe I should give them a try again. (My other favorite was the cat's ear noodles.)

Vancouver Essential Restaurants- Can anyone point me to a list?

Word of warning, Peaceful is not what it used to be. It used to be a regular spot for me, being near my husband's work. Then it got featured on Food Network. Cue huge crowds. I believe the original owners, understandably, sold out, and the new owners are expanding at a rapid pace. I have not been back for a while, but a lot of the raves you will find about it date to before the major change.

Vancouver Essential Restaurants- Can anyone point me to a list?

I definitely agree. Vancouver diners are like theme park versions of the real thing. The most laughable part is the hours--all the Vancouver "diners" keep the most ridiculously brief hours. To me, long hours, ideally 24/7, is a quintessential part of the authentic diner experience. I grew up in Pennsylvania and that's how diners are there.

BC strawberries 2013

So today I got my first pound of local strawberries, and it's already half gone. :)

Any tips on where to go in Vancouver for best price/quality? My husband bought this pack at Save On Foods for $5/lb. I am 7 months pregnant and not in the condition to do U-Pick personally, but feel free to share tips on that front for others.

No. 1 Noodle House - pop up in Boneta space

My husband and I want to have a ramen lunch date and our plan was Kintaro. However Kintaro doesn't open until noon and we were hoping to eat a little earlier (like 11:30). Looking for an alternative, I stumbled across this new pop-up restaurant being run by Mark Brand in the old Boneta space on Cordova. They only opened last week, and they're supposed to start lunch service next week. Has anyone tried them?

New Fruiticana on Fraser is Open!

Happy Market? They have 10% off on Tuesday, which is usually when I go. Prices otherwise are like all the other places along there, but they have consistently good banana prices.

Sophisticated mocktails in YVR?

My SILs are coming to town soon and we're probably all going out together. I'm pregnant and have been missing getting to drink something fun. I usually order a tonic and lime when I'm out, but would love to know if there are any bars/pubs/restaurants that serve sophisticated mocktails, or where the staff will be accommodating to a request for same... through sad experience (not in Vancouver), I know that some places, shall we say, don't hide their dislike for non-alcoholic drinks that take the time of an alcoholic beverage but don't have the same kind of markup, which makes me hesitant to ask if there isn't anything on the menu.

Family friendliness is a plus as my toddler will probably be with us this time... :) But I wouldn't mind hearing about non-family friendly places too, for future date night reference.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I went "No way, there's ANOTHER deep dish pizza place on Fraser in S. Van???" and clicked. It's the same place as Slice of Chicago (same address and phone number) but a completely different website! The menu is different (no Indian pizzas) but the prices for what is there seem to be the same... how strange!

I can tell right away from the Hot Oven pictures that it's not authentic style either. That's a thick pan pizza.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I hate typing on my phone so I just used it to post the photos. :)

First things first: it's not authentic Chicago style. I knew it wouldn't be when the guy said it would be ready in 20 minutes. In authentic style, the cheese goes on first, then the other toppings, and finally the sauce, to protect the toppings during the long cooking (40 minutes or more).

It was basically their regular pizza only with a very thick pan-style crust. Think Pizza Hut only less greasy and a bit thicker.

It was definitely not worth the price differential because the amount of toppings was virtually the same. We ordered one super Hawaiian and one Shahi Paneer (no green peppers, no onions, extra mushrooms, half cilantro). I have gotten their Shahi Paneer pizza before so I am pretty sure the amount of toppings is the same. Yet the price was about $10 more. I don't think the increased amount of bread warrants that kind of price increase. Yes, it was very filling, but as I said to my husband, "If I just wanted filling, I could have had my pizza with a side of toast, and saved $9."

I still like them for their regular pizza and will patronize them rather than Camy's or other Indian pizza places for regular pizza, but I wouldn't recommend the deep dish.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

This reply is just to upload photos of the pizza.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

The former Scott Hill Pizza on Fraser is now called Slice of Chicago. I have not actually had their deep dish. Their regular pizza is competent Indian style pizza of the kind common in Sunset (Camy's etc). I was actually thinking of getting pizza this week. If I get tr deep dish I'll report back. I have actually had deep dish in Chicago before, but that was 15 years ago, so I don't know if I'll be any judge of authenticity.

Restaurants with Great views in Vancouver

I really liked the food, view and service we got at the Sandbar. But given your username I don't know if it would be a good choice. Are you requiring vegan food?

sashimi fish in YVR? Angel closed!

They still have their website up, it has advertisements for a closing sale in November. I called the number to check if this might be one of those "closing sales that drag on forever", but the phone number went to what sounded like someone's family voicemail, so I assume the number has been reassigned.

sashimi fish in YVR? Angel closed!

I want to buy some more sashimi fish to make chirashizushi for Hinamatsuri (March 3). I haven't been to Angel Seafoods for a while so I was looking up their hours. To my horror I discovered they have moved and their new location is wholesale only!

Where do I go now? Is Fujiya my only option? I much preferred Angel. Has anyone tried Seaborn on 73rd? It's much more conveniently located for me. I am extremely budget-conscious, with my only caveat being that of course I don't want all my guests to spend the evening being sick. I will be freezing anything I buy even if it comes fresh, so I would actually prefer to buy already frozen.

I never went to Sakanaya but when I was searching for a replacement for Angel, it came up... it's also closed... :(

I live in Sunset and can't drive, so transit-friendliness is a must. I do have cooler bags and ice packs for transport.

grocery store close to 12th ave and commercial

Do you mind travelling along Broadway? There are a lot of grocery stores between Cambie and Commercial on Broadway. At Cambie there's a Save On Foods and a Whole Foods. I think SOF is the best compromise between value and service in the retail market in Vancouver. And I'm not just saying that because my husband works there. :) Prices are definitely MUCH better than Safeway. And they pay their employees much better than RCSS, Wal-Mart etc, and that shows in the service you get.

A lot of people don't know this, but SOF also delivers groceries for a flat fee, $10, no matter how much you get. You have to do the shopping yourself in store (they don't have online ordering or anything like that). They don't advertise this because they break even at best and frequently take a loss because of how hard it is to find good delivery service. If you drive they have free parking for the first hour, $4 for the second hour.

There is also a Whole Foods across the street, you will definitely get sticker shock even worse than Safeway, but at least it tends to be more specialty stuff. Also close by is a NoFrills. I don't really like NoFrills, because it seems like every time I go in for some item on their flyer, they are out of it. And there is also a Buy-Low at Main and Broadway. I never go to that location because I live closer to another one, and Buy-Low's everyday prices for many things aren't that great, but I have found their meat prices very good. The one near me has terrible produce, don't know if it's the same for that one.

Walking distance I think there's a PriceSmart at Knight and King Ed. That should be roughly 15 minutes walk. It's in the Buy-Low, NoFrills category of ostensibly low prices and minimal service. T&T at Renfrew and 1st might also be walkable. It's an Asian supermarket, and I find its produce pretty good usually, they also tend to have good meat and fish specials, and the in-store prepared food is pretty good for a snack. It's a good one-stop shop if you like to cook Asian food.

However there are some things I almost never buy at supermarkets and Commercial is a great place to buy those things. Number one, produce. You can almost always get a better price at the small produce markets. However, you have to watch the quality. They aren't like the big supermarkets where bruised and molding stuff gets thrown out and you never even see it--they put it out and mark it down. Just the other day I saw a great price at a local market for baby mandarins... opened up the box, saw they were all moldy! Fortunately I was savvy enough to check before I bought.

The other thing that I almost never buy at supermarkets is deli meat and cheese. The best deli in the city is on Commercial, I don't remember the cross street but it's north of 1st avenue, it's called Santa Barbara market. They also sell some grocery items like Italian dried pastas, some produce, etc, but the meat and cheese is where it's at. However that translates into it getting VERY busy, especially in early evenings. The staff can be pretty no-nonsense but very professional.

You also have some excellent bakeries on the Drive. Your fishmonger would probably be the Daily Catch, I've been in but never bought because it's a bit pricey/high-end. I'm impatiently waiting for my local fishmonger Fraser Seafood to reopen, where I buy boneless halibut scraps for like $3-4/lb sometimes for cioppino. Yum.

Sorry if I went on for too long, I have ~opinions~ about groceries! :) Welcome to YVR.

Coronation Grapes - sightings?

I don't usually buy grapes but I'm pretty sure I noticed some green ones at Osoyoos Market at Victoria and 41st. I think $2/lb? Something like that. Maybe I should try them.

Weekend festivals

I went to TaiwanFest tonight. The prices weren't bad at all by Vancouver street food standards. The English translations of the foods were kind of weird. For example, instead of salt and pepper chicken (the standard translation) they called them chicken nuggets.

Fulfilling Vancouver's No Fun City reputation, some booths were closing by 7, and many more were closed/closing when we left at 7:40.

I particularly enjoyed the 大雞排 chicken cutlet, I forget what they called it in English, and the 大腸包小腸 which they called "Taiwanese hot dog". I believe this latter dish was responsible for the enormous line in front of that booth. Both of these dishes were $6.

Recommendations between Vancouver - Kelowna (Road Trip)

I don't think so? From what I remember, it was all classic diner food. I think our table had a burger, a club sandwich, and turkey with stuffing (it was Thanksgiving weekend).

Recommendations between Vancouver - Kelowna (Road Trip)

For future reference, I really enjoyed the East Gate diner by Manning Park. It's tiny and friendly, with excellent food. Very home style.

Alibi Room or other kidless recs

We are getting a babysitter for our toddler (a rare occurrence) and want to go out for our anniversary to someplace that is: 1. Not so fancy, relaxed. 2. Great food, great drinks. 3. Toddler unfriendly (someplace we couldn't go with her along, since we can go to kid friendly places anytime).

We were thinking of trying Alibi. We both love beer.

Opinions? Other recs?

Asian Bender this Weekend in YVR and Richmond

So you now have an 18 mo old, right?

For dim sum with a toddler I really recommend Kings Chinese on Main. I have been with my 11 mo old and they are very family friendly, and the dim sum is excellent.

Kintaro is very small and I can't imagine having a high chair in there. Also you would need to bring food for the toddler as I don't think anything on their limited menu would be 18 mo old friendly.

Guu with Garlic might be overstimulating for a toddler. Even if you go right when they open, the waitstaff like to rev things up and get everything loud and pumped. I think Kingyo would be more toddler friendly.