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Hip, casual place for a small celebration in Oakland?

Mockingbird in Uptown. Super casual, very friendly, and had the best bread pudding I've perhaps ever eaten.

NEW: Crab Yard, Berkeley (Cajun-seafood restaurant) - any reports?

Any newer reports? Have they improved since some of the woes identified last year?

2014 SF Bay Area Michelin Stars

Has anyone eaten at Baume? I work quite close to it, and it's quite mysterious from the outside.

Woodward's Garden [San Francisco]

I haven't eaten here in a decade if longer. I remember enjoying it. But I haven't been in a while, and it's not a place you hear about much. I'm considering it for a 5th year anniversary dinner... Will it deliver?

Comal - Berkeley

My wife and I ate here last night on a rare date night.
It was: good. Not great, and definitely no better than other upscale Mex I've had.
Break it down:
The drinks we ordered, Del Rio and Joaquin Murrieta, were very tasty.
Chicharrones -- too dense, chewy. Doesn't hold a candle to 4505.
White bass ceviche -- good, in that way that all ceviche is, but not special.
Tripe guisado -- quite good, if you can stomach (ha!) tripe.
Lamb quesadilla -- very tasty, and made for a good leftover.
Pork enchilada -- good, but nothing special.
Oaxacan chocolate budin -- an average pudding.
Flan -- this is the one thing I would come back for in a heartbeat. Might have been the best flan I've ever had. Not at all eggy or rubbery. It held its shape on the plate, but the moment you put it in your mouth, it melted away. SO GOOD.

Tasty lunch for a group (~15) near DeYoung Museum?

We're planning a team outing to Golden Gate Park, and I'm looking for a tasty lunch option that can satisfy a decent-sized group (around 15 folks, maybe a little more). I'd like to get out of the park and into the Inner Richmond (preferable) or Inner Sunset.

I've seen other threads about lunch near here, but they tend to be for smaller parties, or supplying picnics. This lunch is part of a larger team-bonding day, so a place that's convivial would be great.

seek real malted in East Bay

Is a malted anything other than a malted milkshake? What makes for a real "malted", by your definition?

Yuet Lee [San Francisco]

I have been eating their salt and pepper prawns for something close to 25 years. Best I've ever had. Eat them whole, head and all, for the best experience.

Izakaya Yuzuki -- my favorite new Japanese restauarant in SF

To the original poster, or anyone else... How does this place compare to Ippuku in Berkeley?

tomasso's north beach

I'm a big fan of the coo-coo clams. The clams are tasty, and the broth is great for dipping bread.

Recommendation for restuarant for a dinner out to celebrate our 20 year anniversary

Gather or Revival in Berkeley satisfied all of your requirements. Gather even had outdoor seating.

2200 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Revival Bar & Kitchen
2102 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Report: Lin Jia Asian Kitchen

Bauer's take is in the paper today and will be online in a couple of days ( The short of it is: he really likes it.

Any 'hounds been there?

Starter Bakery in Oakland - Incredible Pasteries

So, we had the kouign amann (chocolate) today, and it is quite special. My wife even compared it favorably to the Bread Garden's pecan sticky bun, which is her high water mark of breakfast pastries.

The best almond croissant at the Temescal farmer's market comes from the bakers who sell next to Blue Bottle. I forget their name, but they've got piles of bread loaves, and bunches of breakfast pastries. Their almond croissant is only $2.50 and quite good. Not Butler And The Chef-good, but good all the same.

Bread Garden
2912 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

Food trucks: which ones are really good and which ones are just fads

Sampled quite a few new-to-me food trucks at Golden Gate Fields today. The only one that really stood out was board-favorite Chairman Bao. They are definitely doing something special.

I also had the chicken tikka masala fries from Curry it Up. Basically good, crazy spicy, but not all that special.

The savory beignets from Fins on the Hoof were good, but more like hush puppies than beignets, and a bit too doughy chewy inside.

Chairman Bao
San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Starter Bakery in Oakland - Incredible Pasteries

I've only had ther almond croissant, which was sadly ordinary and overpriced (compared to other Temescal bakers).

Food trucks: which ones are really good and which ones are just fads

Yes, but the line gets crazy long (like, 40-50 people deep, easy).

looking for hip cafe for morning coffee in Oakland

While Remedy is super hipster, I find it overpriced and too precious. My local coffeehouse is Cole Coffee on College and 63rd. Great mix of hipsters, motorcyclists, neighborhood folks, and more. And great coffee. And plenty of outside seating.

Cole Coffee
3179 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94705

Top 5 Bay Area Sandwiches?

I had the porchetta sandwich from Southie yesterday, and it was divine. I preferred it to the Spicy Hog.

6311 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Koream Bossam in Oakland?

I've been visiting Seoul on business, and have developed a love for bossam, the Korean cuisine featuring pork (often pork belly) and condiments that are wrapped in lettuce or cabbage.

Do any of Oakland's many Korean restaurants feature bossam?

Best sit down brunch/lunch near Ferry building for tomorrow

When my family eats lunch at the Ferry Building, we go to the San Francisco Fish Company. I usually get a soft shell crab po' boy. My mom loves their moules. I've never been disappointed. Seating is scarce, so we tend to sit at those tables just outside of Mijita.

I like La Mar (which others suggested), but it's fairly expensive.

San Francisco Fish Company
1 Ferry Building # 31, San Francisco, CA 94111-4230

Sandwiches in the East Bay

The famous tri-tip at Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe might be the best sandwich in the East Bay. (And you can get it in a more restaurant-like environment at Brazil Cafe.)

Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe
2161 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Brazil Café
1983 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Where can I buy affordable fresh local fish?

H&H Fresh Fish travel to farmers markets around the South and East Bay (we see them at Temescal in Oakland on Sundays). They have both local and sustainably caught stuff not too far. Always happy with the selection:

Best Coffee Shop in Oakland/Berkeley?

Agreed. Philz is for people who want to fool themselves into thinking they're getting better coffee by paying exorbitant prices.
FWIW, you can't get a better cup of coffee than at Cole Coffee on 63rd and College in Oakland. Brew by the cup (where they've been doing it that way since long before it was trendy). Great variety of beans and blends to choose from. And the best sidewalk seating of any coffeehouse in Berkeley or Oakland.

Cole Coffee
3179 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94705

Pecan Sticky Buns & Poppyseed Pastries

Oh. Easy. The best pecan sticky bun is at the Bread Garden Bakery on Domingo in Berkeley. Truly.

Bread Garden
2912 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

CHOW Tour Oakland, Your Thoughts On Where To Go?

Chai Thai Noodles is excellent across the board.

Cam Huong for Oakland's best Banh Mi.

Unicos de Cuernavaca Tamale Shop for the best tamales in Oakland. Super awesome Chowhound-type find.

And, yes, taco trucks along International Boulevard are a must.

Cam Huong Cafe
702 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

Chai Thai Noodles
545 B International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

Unicos de Cuernavaca
3831 International Blvd, Oakland, CA

UPDATE on BEST Coffee Beans, Pref. around Oakland/Berkeley

Agreed about Cole. They're not a fancy "3rd Wave" roaster. They've been turning out great coffee for decades. Delightful neighborhood local coffee spot, excellent selection of coffees for a wide range of palettes (I prefer Yemen Mocca and Flor de Cana, depending on mood). They were doing "drip by the cup" long before it was fashionable.

Cole Coffee - retail store
307 63rd St, Oakland, CA 94618

Recommendations for Casual Restaurants Near Market & 4th?

I think it's telling, yet sad, that every one of these recommendations is south of Market. Are there any decent eats closer to Union Square? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Visiting Hound seeks EV/LES Restaurant for eating alone, no reservation...tonight!

It's my last night in town. I'm thinking of heading to the Summit Bar for a cocktail. But I need something to eat. So I figured eating in the East Village or Lower East Side. I'm alone, so a place that's comfortable with a book. And, naturally, one that doesn't require reservations.

I will eat pretty much anything, as long as it's good. (pan-ethnic, mild to spicy, can even throw down a decent amount of cash.)

Oct 19, 2010
peterme in Manhattan

Coco Chicken (Korean Fried Chicken), Fremont

Anyone have a comparison with OB Chicken Town in Oakland? OBCT is the only Korean fried chicken I've had, so don't have much frame of reference.

Oliveto Whole Hog Dinner....

Went with friends last night. There were 6 of us, so we got to try a lot of stuff. Table favorites were:

Fried pork trotter with ancient Roman oenogarum

Carpaccio of salted pork loin with roasted beets, Gaeta olives, capers

The Sweet Meats platter

Butternut squash gnocchi with spiced pork ragù and aged aceto balsamico

Pappardelle nere with pork heart and wild mushroom ragu

Wild boar scaloppine alla Count Pavel Stroganov with Chanterelle mushrooms, caramelized onions, sour cream, and riso nero

Candy Cap mushroom flan with Derrie date confetti and bacon-covered chocolate honeycomb candy

Potatoes fried in pork renderings

Things we tried that were not great, so probably worth skipping in favor of something else:

Spit-roasted acorn-fed porchetta with Sicilian nero d’avola gelatina, chestnut honey, Castelvetrano olives, and almonds

Fresh-milled Red Flint corn polenta

Duomo of blood orange and pig gelée with Three Sisters Farm kiwis

Warm beignets fried in lard with California bay laurel crème anglaise

It was an amazing meal, and you'll have trouble not enjoying yourself!