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Gaspar's Linguica or Chourico in Va?

Trying to find a store that sells Gaspar's Lingcuia or Chourico in Virginia. I've heard Harris Teeter's sometimes carries it, but haven't found it here. If you've come across it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 23, 2011
espressoJ in Mid-Atlantic

Zynodoa or Brix Wine Bar in Staunton Va?

Living Social has a nice week-end get-away at the Hummingbird Inn in Staunton VA. There is a choice of either dinner at Zynodoa or Brix, does anyone have a recommendation or suggestions of things to do in Staunton? I'm leaning towards catching a show at the Shakespeare theater too.

Thanks for your advice, and if you are interested in the promotion, you can see it here:

Zynodoa Restaurant
115 E Beverley St, Staunton, VA 24401

Mar 23, 2011
espressoJ in Mid-Atlantic